Maenad Seafarer and injustices

Don't know a good title. A maenad is a mythological creature. I got the idea while reading Charlaine harris Sookie mysteries. They are ruthless and have no remorse for their actions. Just wanted to highlight their abilities here. It's a Lost file, so I posted this separately. I'm trying to find my own style, but not there yet. Copyright not intended, I don't benefit from this.

Snatches of this in his journal. The toy this time happened to be Gladys Seafarer Tiffany, a beauty from the playgroup in town. Lestat'd had gone to watch it thrice and insisted we accompany him too. He praised her acting skills. "Normally they can't amount to much. We have lots in common. Yay! Want me to introduce you both later?" he piped up enthusiastically. We said okay.

Lestat easily got past the bodyguards at the backstage and saw the alluring creature. "Call me Tiffany." She said, besotted with the dark haired one instantly. Red hair to her shoulders, blooming with inhuman character. My goose pimples were out.

"I like your acting! You fit the role exquisitely, perfecto. Someday let's exchange tips," the blond kept up the chatter. I could see she was fast ignoring him and pressed close to Louis. Her mind was a great psyche. A missing hole in there, because mortals have entire memories. But this one's head was seriously messed up.

"Tiffany. Are you free before you guys leave? Let's go out." Lestat invited. He was so happy that he didn't detect her strangeness.

"No. I'm too busy."

And we were so happy for him—that someone wanted to go out with Lestat! He's charming, but unfortunately suffers from unrequited love. He gives so much, yet doesn't receive back….. Thus he would know but he chose to be positive anyway.

His smile was strained, added persuasion. "Tiffany. You haven't given me a chance yet. Just once." She declined, fixing him with huge grey eyes. The Shining beacon guy refused to accept this. No one will resist me. It resounded. So eager his heartbeat, when vampires are in lust, their undead hearts move.Lestat laughed.

The maenid smiled back, and hypnotized Louis. Louis didn't like her, but she sang softly to him.

Lestat left us. I went after him, smelling his odor of blood sweat and human perfume. Finally he stopped at the beach and sat down, trembling with rage and sobbing at the same time. How dare she! No one resists me! No one. I do not get why she's quick to… I didn't tell her what race I am yet. It can't be disgust. Or is it?

I wondered why he cared for her. Didn't he learn from all the unrequited love so far? His high strung emotions played—red fury, blue pain and hurt, purple seduction. If any human woman came along she'd be snared.

Tiffany was definitely a maenad. In folklore they were an ancient kind that had their roots in elf. Strongest telepathy of all the mythical animals and whoever resisted them were doomed. They drank blood too and appreciated the fine arts of doing so. Just like vampirism. Only, maenids were strictly female and always claimed males as her prize. Sometimes they just flirted, but they did have the moments of wanting an entire bloodfeast of a town!

"Lestat," I landed on a branch close to him. He sniffed and took out a handkerchief to blot out his tears.

"Yes? You ought to go home. Come."

I told him about the maenad. Then added I was sorry. "We were so glad you'd found a new girlfriend."

Lestat frowned. "So my instincts were right. No wonder we got along so well! My par'amor is gone again ." I nuzzled his throat, he wore a choker. He reached up and scratched me on the back. "Go spy, for me. Louis is afraid of her eh? I'll be coming up." A fang bared in mischief.

I sensed her signature in the dance fest. Rose and pink hues. Louis was sickened and pushed her away, but she constantly came close. I didn't want to give my position away so I was quiet. I heard them.

"Miss. I wish to find my friends, my family. (Lestat would be heartened) goodbye." Louis told her when he finally got the chance to butt in. "You refused my friend. We are not so alike." Polite he was, still.

"Ahh."she opened her mouth, exposed little teeth like a croc's. The vampire sidestepped immediately.

"Definitely I Have to go. I have to go to the Gents." Louis vanished. The maenad followed just as swiftly. Louis stayed inside.

I updated Lestat, who was right beside me, hiding our signatures pretty well.

Tiffany spoke in a singsong voice, but oh it was horrible. It was full of grating hoarseness. She can't sing. "Why do you pine for your family still, Louieee. They're dead. Don't hold onto them. I can give you what you yearn for." She had probed and found the memories of his life before 1791.

Louis grimaced and showed her his ring. "I Will Never forget them. I am dead. You don't want me." Thrown in desperation, he teleported.

Lestat gasped- Louis has gotten better. Bianca, where's he now?

I took off to seek Louis, smelling him. Lestat disguised my trail. Maenads normally sniff out prey and unless they have to, they do not resort to scanning. "We must go to a populated area. She won't strike at her target in the open."

Lestat and I drew up at the same time. Louis looked up from where he crouched, green eyes large and dilated. He was panting. It was exhausting to teleport. "Guys. Did I give her the slip? Thanks, cherie."

"Welcome. But we've to move. This manner of creature won't give up." Her poison would fester her victims' wounds.

Lestat was back! Both my friends set off at a pace faster than usual. I was able to sense her, since maenads are like Shapers and connected with Artemis. The goddess banished maenads for thirsting blood. Once they were a respected people, but Artemis punished them for taking lives vehemently.

Guys, she's still coming. Head for the fair crowds, she's less apt to go there. I glared pointedly at her until her unnatural brutal face tilted up.

Where is the cute boy? Tiffany probed me. Why associate with them? Help your kind, help me. I need a date.

I didn't care. What irony. If I didn't answer she couldn't hurt me. I was under sacred protection.

Cherie are you alright? I can't send you where we are, or she'll find us. Escape as soon as you can! - Louis cried out.

I told them I was fine then cut off the transmission. Could not afford for her to trace where the source was. The woman was angry now, at her most furious peak. "Alright. I will kill the men, one by one. Until you come out. You Christians cannot bear this merciless deed. But I Can."

The monstress had her muscles bulging. Veins throbbed. She drank from a drunkard. He screamed until he could no longer breathe. Blood spilled everywhere in huge floods. The way she slew people was not like vampires who believed in gentle sips until seductive death. Maenads' murder was pagan and grotesque, the fierce tearing out of the jugular vein and then the heart was chomped on like a mouthful of bread. I was sickened.

One more guy went down, whimpering. He lay with his stomach torn out. The monster kissed his mouth. He went still.

Lestat showed himself. I couldn't sense Louis. "Go to hell!" he shouted, a wave of energy sent her into the wall. Tiffany smashed through, the bricks scattering. They clashed, it was so quick, 2 creatures of great skill, agility. Flashes, leaps and snarling. Lestat tossed her with a mind shield when she ran at him the third time. She charged again and again.

You pretty European boy child! Where is your mummy? Just go home to her, she mocked.

"Lestat. Don't listen to weakens your resolve."

He deflected the kick that she was doing and would have fallen if she'd succeeded with the mental torture. "I can't go home! But I'll escort you if you want to," he replied in dark humor. The maenad screamed and whirled. Lestat was scratched on the neck and face. Sailed through the air. He somersaulted and landed on his feet. Wounds closed up.

The monster tore her hair. She was horrified he had such an uncanny ability. The vampire attacked with precision. How long would her stamina carry on? Lestat'd not fed yet.

I guessed he was beyond pain now. They stopped for a while, both panting. Lestat concentrated and flames encircled her. Tiffany puffed out a cloud. The flames dissipated. She howled, leapt on Lestat. He grasped for her throat. Couldn't reach. The maenad rode him and laughed. One elongated arm with claws extended.

She leaned down to kiss him. He glared defiantly.

I threw myself into her mind and cut into the dark void. Tiffany the rejected, the exiled. Artemis in regal gold, pointed out to the deep sea. All of your kind! What are you waiting for? Go to the depths of the earth. No mortal will ever love you! I can't have evil things. Zeus should not have mad you…. All I reached before Tiffany the Conscious- being tossed me out. She covered her ears and began to shake. I came out from her mind.

Lestat got up, panting. "Bianca, run for a safe place. I must finish her." His entire body tensing at the maenad's recovery.

The woman was swaying, cursing in Greek. Her eyes were silver, revealing the fullness of her inhumanity. Now she began to laugh, to cackle.

"Where is Louis?" I asked, hovering.

Safe. Don't seek him out till you get further from here. Now go! The Rage was full now in Lestat, prince of the made vampires. He was gonna give it his all, avenge the innocent tripped and ran screaming. I shuddered at the deaths. An old man was trying to find his glasses. I Changed to a girl and led him to the other side.

"What is going on? Why're they running?" he quavered. I couldn't tell him supernatural beings were fighting, one out for men's blood, one defending us. I beseeched him to get home.

A shack. Some mortals were still making merry. Louis held his head, trying to clear the nightmares the demon had opened up. It circled around like moths around a light: you killed her. Frightening her with your power. Louis cried No no, Janine. I didn't. I loved her. Janine dying of a miscarriage. The baby stillborn. Louis couldn't get up and attend the funeral. He kissed his ring, sobbing. He gaped at the amount of blood smearing his cheeks and his whole shirt was wet with it.

I came closer. He watched me as a child would do and whimpered.

"Louis, you didn't, that didn't happen. The monster used your memories and distort your emotions."

"Bianca. I'm scared." I hugged the vampire close. Oh no, how was Lestat? I pulled Louis along. My owl friends were in the main office in this western region and let me see the mirror. It was able to scan out what was happening. Louis and I held hands, praying….

Lestat leapt up when she made a lowblow. Now she ran on all fours. Pitched by the rage she felt at the loss. "Surrender. You can't win me!" she roared, slamming into the vampire. He lay still. Then grabbed a pole that'd fallen and attempted to stab her. She avoided it. Stat cursed, immolating the pole. The maenad slid through the ground, bringing up mud. Lestat got up, tense and alert, swinging the pole.

'Omaga. Help him,"I begged. Omaga shook his head and told me to watch. Before the maenad could touch Lestat, she bashed into a barrier! All right!

Next, a mob of people rushed up front and held her back. Armand was in there! Must be his men.

Lestat roared and threw the pole. It pierced her. Tiffany didn't die. All the vampires held her down, and the flames were searing her abdomen.

She laughed. "Never kill me. I am doomed. So you love me? All lies!"

"Shutup!" Armand yelled, grabbing her head.

"Men are bastards. He loved me not. I will slaughter all of them! I am damned." struggled anew. No pain, no remorse a Steel will. But no one had any trouble holding her down.

"Then die now. I can bring death to you. I didn't lie," Lestat whispered. I marveled he could still stand, all his energies spent.

"The blood maddens you. We understand the pain. That is why you stop before the heart stops." Now he fell to his knees. Armand whispered something.

The flames died. A maenad cannot die by fire. But the immortal Fire is different. Can't it banish her into hell? Louis looked at me. He wanted to go there. I nodded.

When we reached the devastated place, they were debating what to do, since she couldn't die. "You're exhausted. Don't do it. It'll haunt your conscience," another smaller vamp said. They wanted to strip the maenad of all dignity for hurting one of their kind as well as hunting on their territory. She just cackled.

Lestat. I read of your accounts. Made by Magnus. Your mother let you down. Why do you try to be good? It's fruitless. Evil is more enticing….

Armand blasted her. She went limp. Good move! The people with me cheered.

Tiffany would be sentenced according to Shapers; law, to die. Unrepentant and merciless. But only one of her kind left.

Lestat was already in bed when we got home. He hadn't even washed up, all bloody and bruised. I took his hand. I thanked him mentally for all he'd risked.

Louis came in. "Stat. I was… I was seeing all the memories. I couldn't forget them."

"Me neither Lo. Hey guys." He sat up a little. Juno showed them a potion.

"Drink." Followed the orders. Felt drowsy. Juno gave my sensei a new set of pajamas and made him change before he totally sank down. I said I loved him.

Sweetie. See ya tomorrow. Want to sleep with me? He said gently. I nodded and cuddled close. He snored into my Sleep was invigorating. Within minutes, the exhaustion and pain drifted. He looked like 21 again.

Juno what was the potion for?

To reduce all the immense mind blasting you got. I've erased the unpleasantness from their minds so they will be better. Make sure they both feed tomorrow night. Do you need me to erase your memory?

Nah. Later. He didn't erase it so I've found this entry by accident when I was digging through my files. I thought I'd lost it. Lestat has forgotten, but I won't let it fade away.

Shapeshifter Bianca

October 12th 2004, midnight