Where is this going?

I don't know anymore

I need to know your feelings

How much more can I endure?

I think you never listen

That you just pretend to care

Look at me you idiot

I'm here not other there

You say I'm what you want

Which is all I've ever wished for

And yet the magic's gone and faded

You don't like me anymore

Oh you say you do

And I'm tempted to believe

In everything you've ever told me

Yet still I get up and leave

Everything you do

All the signs telling me so

The little things that whisper

You stopped caring long ago

I should have seen it sooner

And yet blinded by my love

I let you lead me on

I hate that it wasn't enough

'Sorry' you slowly say

Whilst tearing my world apart

It's for the best anyway

For that, you rip out my heart

This pain that I am feeling

All the hurt that you have caused

I now have to live with

And all because you love her more

How long has this been going on for?

How long have you truly known?

Finally certain that she's the one

How fast your love for me has flown

Why did you do this to me?

You said you were happy too

We gave each other everything

Now I can't believe I fell for you

And now look at what you've gone and done

See all the hurt, the pain you have caused

For now you leave me broken and alone

Making me pity the other you've lured

I miss you and I'm sure you feel the same

You regret your decision, deep underneath it all

Regretful vibes, all round us, but don't try to talk to me

Because for once in my life, I will not be the first to call

I will not pick up that phone

And no I wont forgive

No second chances

For without you, I can live

Escaping from all you did

Of that, I am finally free

Free of the hurt and the pain and

Your synthetic feelings for me

Don't you understand?

You did me a favour

By leaving you made me realise

You really do deserve her

I loved you and for a while you returned that

Yet when given a challenge for you and your greed

You went after her instead, thus leaving me free

Now you want a piece of my new life that I lead

Access I grant you not for now and not for ever

Happy I finally can be, for I am glad you left me

It seems so long ago; as such a time has passed

Since you were the only one to hand me that glee

But I am over it now, all feelings have left

And for that I am very glad

I want to thank you for setting me free

So no, don't worry, I am not mad