TAD: o.o Another STORY?!

Mar: Apparently.

Rath: And she's only done with five stories, Nightmare World, Shadowed Lands, Dark Rains, Meeting the Darkness and Jumping through Hell... Working on three, no scratch that four updated others and a sequel... and 53 other stories she hasn't gotten to posting.

TAD: -glare-

Tyler: Who's starring? Am I?

TAD: -reads script- yuppers. You, Mar, Rath, Melek, Derek, David, and Raisa.

Mar: The pain.

Melek: Great!

Rath: The agony. I'd be happier to be not included.

Tyler: -smirks-

Derek: -crashes into wall- x.x Ow...

David: Stop taking Melek's role.

Raisa: What's going on?

TAD: everyone's talking all at once.

Raisa: oh.

TAD: yup

Tyler: Sad.

TAD: Sad?

Tyler: yup.

TAD: and you're not?

Tyler: -cracks knuckles... on with the stupid story mind?-

TAD: Thanks for ruining my fun. And to all it will take a while to get this up because frankly I have been kicked off the computer for the whole summer. Sorry folks. And I have to worry about all my other pathetic stories. –Sigh- On with it then...


The Tip of an Iceberg


Chapter One: A Startling Awakening


"Wait, what?!"

"Yes, they are."

"Not a chance."

"You will."


"You live under this roof, you will do what I say."

"Who says?"

"You have no choice."

"No way in the bottom pits of hell."

A dagger hit a target board at the dead center. It was accompanied by another that also hit its mark. The two daggers caused metallic sparks as they collided.

"Once again, they are."


"Bec...I have my reasons... AND they do not concern you."

Glares flew across the room, will against power. The teenager sat down on a couch after shooting another dagger at the target board. "So my long lost brother... no I correct myself. Twin and his two friends are coming to live with us?"


"Hell no."

"If you don't stop and shut up, they'll take your room," the elder man angrily snapped at the teenager.


"Consider your options carefully."

"But there are a million other rooms!"


"Fine..." the teen muttered. "Doesn't mean I'll make it pleasant for them..." the teen muttered behind the elder man's back.


"If this is my ever unfortunate twin and his even more sadly unfortunate friends, you have reached the right mansion amazingly, um, also the only mansion in this area if I may say. Due to this recording I can say I am either away, unavailable, ignoring you, watching you, eating or sleeping, and/or running tracking device scans or background checks. To enter, which you may be, for the better or for the worse, be shot at, attacked with 'friendly' wolves, you judge, or fed to them, attacked with chainsaws and flamethrowers, dropped into a never-ending pit, tossed back out, tortured till you untimely deaths, or possibly left alone but there's a slim chance of that, but keep your hopes alive guys, assuming you're all guys..., I still said there was a slim chance of being left alone, and anyway to enter please list your name, age, and social security number. Thank you for you time. Please enjoy your time outside or inside, depending on the outcome of your decision."

I smirked at the recording. I mean, really, if you could see these guys just standing there as if someone had just walked right through them you would have a good kick out of it too.

There were only two pretty well-built men there, opposed to the three I was told were coming. One blonde and a brunette. Both standing around like idiots gapping like a couple of goldfish.

I wonder which of the goldfish my twin is. See, I haven't even seen a picture of him before. Okay, we are fraternal twins, meaning we are not identical. Identical means you look exactly alike and are the same gender. Oh did I forget to mention, we're not the same gender, me being a girl. And anyway, I would kill myself if I had ended with blonde, for I'd hate to be referred to with 'blonde moments', or some other weird color, like a purplish frankly, for hair...

I sighed stretching, turning off my laptop with the words well... 'A13 power off'? It was sequencing to say A13 before it because if I said A12, it'd... I think that's for the heater... or the air conditioning. Ah well, can't be to sure. That's why you experiment. I just might end up blowing this place up accidentally.

I looked around my room, kind of expecting the room to suddenly erupt in a shower of sparks. I shrugged again, tossing a leather-bound Russian novel onto my desk. Getting up was pretty difficult but someone has to let them in and the old man, namely the butler, is out doing errands. Might as well let them in. Don't quite want my grandfather to have another reason to think of me as a complete idiot and unfit to be alive. Seriously I like my life, don't take me wrong, just the old man scares me and I just want to be as precautious as I can be.

I decided that the banister would be quicker than walking down all the flights of stairs. Wouldn't you to if you had to do it ever day of your life? That's usually my exercise... walking up them that one time a day... which is about 11 every night. Trust me, it's quite tiring.


Um, that nearly tossed me off the banister. That would have been a long drop.

After a few minutes of listening to the two trying to call people as such, mind me I had gotten off the banister and was sitting on a dark leather couch next to the huge doors, I murmured the words to open the huge, unnecessarily huge, doors.

The mechanisms on the inside triggered and the bars began opening. The cover ups on my side began twisting and finally fully unlocked, slowly opening to let the two males in. The two just stared at the door.

"You could have checked your passports probably," I commented motioning for them to come in, but they were still playing with their cell phones and didn't notice me mostly but probably thought it was another recording. They didn't seem to register I was there either but both checked their passports anyway which they must have needed to get to southern Russia.

Seconds later... "OH THERE IT IS!"

I sighed exasperatedly. "And have you noticed that you can come in and that it is negative 20 degrees outside?" I said while the brown haired guy wearing khaki pants and a black T-shirt with a thick leather jacket shook his head as he entered and stood awkwardly for a moment before also pulling in the other guy.

I shrugged and blinked at them, gathering my own thick jacket. "You can dump your stuff on the couches and the butler will get it... in the next month or so."

The brown haired blinked. "Oh, hi. Was that you on the recording?"

"In fact it was, whoever you are," I easily replied with a small grin. At least they were easy to talk to. One plus for them. No flamethrowers or being fed to wolves. How unfortunate, don't you agree?

"Micket, you?"

"The younger resident. You see, I think I forgot my name..."

"So you're a Mackintosho?"

"I could be a butler... or a girlfriend..." I shouldn't have said that. I just made myself sick to my stomach.

"True, but you don't look like it."

"Then you're right, Mickey, I am a Mackintosho."

He grimaced at his new-fangled nickname. I silently laughed at his facial expression and zipped up my jacket fully, debating between my motorcycle keys and my Porsche. In this weather I decided with the Porsche, motorcycle would probably land me in the hospital with some type of injury in this blizzard, despite trying to be careful and the helmet.

You know how they have blizzards in summer here right?

"So you're my twin..."

I adverted my eyes to the blonde and met his cerulean blue eyes. Apparently we were both lucky with our looks. Can't say that much for our grandfather though.


Mickey looked at me curiously, looking me over. Man, and I thought he was different for a moment. Boys will be boys. "So you're uh... Mar."

"Right on. Yo, blonde, Derek right?"


"Well... You two here for good?"

Derek smirked with a relaxed stance, keeping my gaze. He seemed reasonable, but sure they look right at home already. "As opposed to evil?"

I laughed at this. It's nice to laugh for once. It's hard to laugh with a computer. I answered just as easily, "I suppose so."

"Then it really depends. Also probably being joined by another. If he ever gets here, eh Micket?"

The information flashed through my mind and I pondered on it for a quick moment. There were three guys then, as my grandfather had told me. Micket shrugged with a smirk. "In this weather... Let's hope he still has his head on by the end of this."


Mickey seemed too hesitant for a second. He hesitantly asked, "Is there a chance for food?"

I shrugged. "Yeah."



"Food doesn't drive."

"This kind does. They are on their way."

Derek pointed to each of us. "What the?"

"What kind could be that exactly?"

I smirked. "The kind that come in rectangular boxes from East of Chicago, where little men shorter than us drop them off and expect a tip."

"And who's paying?"

"You're eating it, you pay."

"You ordered it obviously."

"No the squirrel did."

Derek looked confused. "Um, there aren't any squirrels here."

"Exactly, it was sarcastic, twin."

"So how are we paying?"

"Let's see, leave me alone, I'll give you the money."

"Quite a dealmaker, aren't you?"

"Try to be."


With that I reached in my back pocket and pulled out my wallet, chucking him two twenty's and waved with two fingers, actually manually shoving my way out. And then the blizzard hit my full on, fully feeling the gigantic temperature drop.

I heard the door click shut. So much for the pizza.


TAD: That was amazing... did I actually just finish a chapter about, partially, pizza?

Derek: Why did you make me look like a total idiot?

TAD: Because you are one, why?

Derek: Thought so, and because.

TAD: Such a great reason.

Micket: Um, why am...


All: Sorry!

Mar: -talking to some random kid outside the open door- so the girl is Rei-Rei and the guy's is Ta-Ki. –She glanced with wide eyes at them all-

Kid: Yup.

Mar: And they live on a floating island of Moaki. –She stares-

Kid: Yeah, they lost their virginity.

Mar: -chokes but manages to collapse back into the mansion- what happened to innocent adolescents? Let's just hope I don't have dreams about this...

Derek: about the kid's imagination and lost... yeah, or the story...

Mar: I hope neither, twin.

Derek: -sets alarm- for stalkers... and if you want to get out you have about eight seconds...

All: -nobody moves-

Derek: Um okay.

Mar: Derek, you realize that we could just set the alarm off?

Derek: Uh...

Mar: Thought so.

Derek: TAD, any more comments before closing up?

TAD: Yuppers. I have this poem that a best friend wrote for me when we were smaller, literally. It's just cute, so I'm sharing it.

I'm sorry for the past things I've done,
When you tried to talk to me I'd run.
I just wanted to keep all of my friends,
even through the twists and bends.
You have come with me everywhere I've been,
and we'll always be friends through thick and thin.
And even if our ends don't meet,
you, as my friend, I'd like to keep.
I really hope you're on my side next year;
we'll help each other through our fear.
We'll be by each other's side when we're sad,
but we'll try to keep our distance when one of us is mad.
I really, really hope we can stay together,
I really, really hope we can be friends forever.

By: K.D.

TAD: Hmmmmmm... So later everyone. Please review!

Derek: What she said.