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Rath: And improved.

Mar: Just like now.

Fang: Kinda liked the old banner though. It's still okay.

TAD: I've had so many things to post over the weekend.

Mar: She thought it was gone forever.

TAD: I did! I was devastated... not really. I need to update everything… I need to do that!

Mar: And here we're now.

Rath: She's updating.

Mar: Indeed.

Fang: And I am introduced. Aren't you all so happy?

Kris: So am I, yes I am. And I'm enjoying the break from being trapped without being remembered in a computer's hard drive...

TAD: But now you're out in the World Wide Web... is that any better?


The Tip of an Iceberg


Chapter Seven: Keeping the Distance


Mar's POV


So basically these chains stretch to six feet.

A max of six feet.

Brilliant, am I not?

Sitting across from each other with two laptops running... and the chain dumped over the table.

We were brilliant enough to figure out it would be rather annoying to have just one... so I hooked up his laptop in my room as well.

Every time you shift, the chain literally shrieks... The only alternative was to find headphones and blast music. Most people after a half hour of shrieking would too really.

So... so... what to do...

And you know how if you have messenger, or some sort of IM, messages pop up to tell you that you got email. Well that's what happened. "You have received an email from Dekka Zalem." Who picks a name of catastrophic Dekka Zalem? Rebecca Salimic that's who, my bud from... what was it... Japan?

I see her once every two months in a party of some sort.

I know someone from nearly every country in this world, I swear! It's all good though. Usually I see each of them at least twice a year if not more, like some are daily, come on I'm currently living with the implied, or others that I see about once a month or so...

So guess I should reply...

Subject: RE: Come on, reply!
Mar Mackintosho Rebecca Salimic ( )
3 September 2007 6:37p.m.

Dekka Zalem says:

- Did you die? Is that why you never reply?

Uh no, but your email just reminded me that I have an email account.

MaR mAcKiNtOsHo

And with that I discovered that my email box was pretty much near full... hey there's the girl I know from Thailand... and Britain, Spain, the dude from Greece, and the other from Canada, a chick from the Netherlands and so on so forth.

I skimmed all the emails and I gave reasonably long answer to all of them, though they were all along the lines of 'you have all the time in the world and you can't even check your email?'

Yeah, along that line of things.

They were almost all from today and knowing the people that sent these emails, I'll be getting another to reply to sometime soon.

I finally got to an email that I actually wanted to read.

But for your convenience I'll just show you my reply eh?

Subject: RE: How's my best girl doing?
Mar Mackintosho
Fang Trelvillan
3 September 2007 6:59 p.m.

Fangster says:

- How's my best girl doing? Don't tell me she's lost it already.

If you wanna believe I'm gone, then believe I'm gone. I'm great though for being your best girl. The twin and his friends are here. They're not all that bad, but you don't have to show up here and transfer schools and all that to make sure they don't rape me or anything.

I am actually tied... chained... fettered to one of them right now. I know, big words eh? But a psycho teacher chained everyone to the person next to them... even when the group has more boys in it than girls.

You know what that means.

Poor dude, one's gay though so... so nasty...

So you're not dying without me are you, Fang boy? Your best bud Jay is still randomly popping up and checking up on me.

But don't worry. You just have to wait 3 days (I won't be chained then), and then well, dance away eh?

Well, all the love I can give through an email.

Miss you enough to make me lose it.

-Your girl, Mar

Uh, hey look at that. Who keep's emailing me?

Oh wait... that's Jay's email... Can't ignore my best bud now can I? Well I could, but that would be mean.

Subject: RE: Fang's going insane over you
Mar Mackintosho
Jay Lackrvense (Torment.
3 September 2007 7:03 p.m.

- I really hate seeing my best friend going insane... can you do something? He's
- loosing it over you, you know?

Really? Why's that? Well even so, here's my message if you see him in the next three days. THREE DAYS. (Add a dance too if you want.)

M. Mac

Aha, this is so the last email I'm responding to... the lucky one that just popped up... and I figured out I didn't have much to respond to it, which was rather ironic...

I didn't even know Derek knew my email...

Guess he does.

Subject: Just to keep our sanity
Derek Mackintosho (d.
Mar Mackintosho Jay Lackrvense (Torment. Rath Thrathbar Tyler Amitkand Micket Rantiva Ramiela Sentac 3 September 2007 7:05 p.m.

Everyone get on IM for my sanity. Sometime around 7:08 ish.

To all that can.

-D. M.-

I checked my laptop's clock. 7:07.

Might as well switch my msn messenger from "appear offline" to online... Geez I'm brilliant.

Instantly, someone added me to their conversation.

As of current, Derek is adding people like crazy and no one was saying anything. Then the adding stopped and it was quiet.

Everyone Derek asked to get on messenger was online... and added to the conversation.

I glanced at Rath across the table.

He grinned, and ushered for me to go ahead.

And so guess what I said... or rather wrote...

Organized Chaos says: Uh... hi?

For a second I didn't get a reply.

But then... You just really have to wait a second.

I might as well not add my side comments in... You'll be able to tell when it's me and not the computer.

Did I lose you somewhere... like near the beginning?

.dreaming says: HEYYYY! Mar... Right?

Organized Chaos says: Uh... I think that's what my people call me.

Better than You Think says: Uh... Hi Mar, Micket here... You're "Red" right?

.dreaming says: That's what Derek calls me.

Blackest Blonde Death says: Come on, you know you love it.

Organized Chaos says: I love the screen name Derek. How dark can you get eh, hardcore?

Blackest Blonde Death says: Really depends on the situation.

Revenge against thee Heart says: Gothic...

Organized Chaos says: Rath... why do the first letters of your screen name... spell out your name?

Revenge against thee Heart says: Because it can.

Organized Chaos says: Jay, Tyler?

Once in a Lifetime says: Here Mar... Jay?

Risen Demon says: Huh, yeah?

Organized Chaos says: Um... what's with YOUR screen name?

Risen Demon says: Dunno. What do you think?

Organized Chaos says: You're actually in one place long enough to join an IM conversation...? Wow.

I sighed, kicking back. I heard the chains screech loudly on the table, and Rath winced, also hearing through whatever he was blasting into his ears.

Ha-ha, Panic at the Disco "I Write Sins, Not Tragedies" is a good song... I have a few of their songs on my iPod but that is my favorite.

Another screen popped up with a different conversation. As I finally realized who was IM-ing me, I nearly jumped out of my chair in excitement.

But before I did, I plainly realized that Rath was still chained to me and by doing that it would send him over the table... and that wouldn't end with a very happy Rath... at least if I were him and that happened I wouldn't be.

I let out a long sigh, all while Rath was sending me very questionable glares.

I rolled my eyes at him and he went back to the laptop and me to mine. I grinned. You know how much I love messenger at this second?

Fight for me says: Heya.

Organized Chaos says: HI FANG!

Fight for me says: Jay just told me your message, and so I decided I may as well get online at noon here and talk to my favorite girl.

Organized Chaos says: How about you meet some of my friends? You'll for real meet them in 3 days but... why not?

Fight for me says: Sure... Will I not like this?

Organized Chaos says: You'll be fine, just don't mention anything.

Fight for me says: ... you haven't told them?

Organized Chaos says: No, and I plan to keep it that way as long as humanly possible.

I closed out of the conversation, and went to the other.

Apparently I really am the life of the party because they haven't sent anything since I talked to Fang.

Organized Chaos says: I'm inviting a friend!

Fight for me has been added to the conversation.

Revenge Against thee Heart says: She gave us a real choice didn't she.

Organized Chaos says: It's never complete without Fang.

Fight for me says: Course not... So who are you all?

Organized Chaos says: Huh, you don't know me? That's depressing.

Fight for me says: ... You know what I meant Mar.

Organized Chaos says: .dreaming is "Red", Better than You Think is Micket, one of my twin's friends; Blackest Blonde Death is my twin... Revenge against thee Heart is Rath, the other twin's friends, Once in a Lifetime is Tyler, Risen Demon is Jay... if you didn't know already.

Fight for me says: Uh, Mar...? That was truly insanely fast. Exactly how fast do you type?

Organized Chaos says: Dunno...?

Blackest Blonde Death says: Okay, what now?

Better than you Think says: If this slut touches me again...

.dreaming says: EW, please do not tell me... Or anyone else for that matter.

Blackest Blonde Death says: Feel sorry for you Micket, Tyler. You got chained to sluts while Rath and I got hot girls. XD

Organized Chaos says: You know Derek, the so to say 'hot girls' are actually in this conversation and one's your twin so... where does that take you?

Blackest Blonde Death says: ...

I closed my eyes for a second, yawning tiredly and the next thing I know there's this huge icon, a different conversation, in the dead center of my screen. Don't you love it when computers do that?

Oh it's my best friend that's a girl, Kris Rakilo. Can't ignore her...

I could...

Nah, she'd kill me in three days and that'd be such a sad death.

I basically have four best friends, Jay who randomly pops up, Fang who I see once a month, though I believe he said he was moving here sometime, Kris as I said already, and lovely Tyler who makes out with my cousins.

Kris's on vacation in Greece. Lucky, I'd go too but I'm in school. Her school starts weeks after mine.

Brown Puppy Dog Eyes says: HEY!

Brown Puppy Dog Eyes says: COME ONE ANSWER!

Brown Puppy Dog Eyes says: PLZ?!

Organized Chaos says: Ugh, do you ever quit? How's it going with everything in your vacation in... What was it...? Greece? So what now?

Brown Puppy Dog Eyes says: Boy trouble?

Organized Chaos says: Damien?

Brown Puppy Dog Eyes says: -sigh- Always and forever.

Damien is the guy that is her boyfriend... and yet he isn't exactly... She called him her boyfriend–to-be. She had liked him the moment she had set foot in Moscow, where she lives, and had never truthfully given up on him.

She had gone out with some guy later on, and hadn't realized that Damien himself was madly in love with her. That was until the guy that she was going out with, who was Damien's, and Fang's that I'm thinking about it, best friend, kinda broke up with her because he knew about Damien and he also knew that she was in love with Damien. Big round never-ending circle there.

By that time Damien had went to a year long trip to Italy, which was pretty sweet despite the fact that Kris had wanted to tell him before he left, but never got a chance to. She had planned to tell him when she got back but... he came back with a girlfriend.

The girl, Cassie, Clare, something like that, thought Damien liked her, though Damien, as I told you, likes Kris. You can see it whenever the three are together. Kris is standing there, Damien shooting her glances every five seconds, and Cassie (I decided it was Cassie) is always hugging his arm or trying to make out with him. I think those are the only times I've ever seen Damien grit his teeth like that.

If he had done it more, he may just have had stubs for teeth.

He had ever told her, quote, "I want you to fight for me. Fight for us, Kris. Fight hard and don't give up..." unquote. Sigh, yeah, but you know how these things end up. Disaster or finally the girlfriend (again... sorta) will go away. Tada, happy ending.

Damien... he's impossible to irritate. Well at least Kris and I can't severely infuriate him... We've tried so many times with little things to make him snap... but no...

Well I haven't seen Damien mad.

Fang gets mad sometimes, but never at me... or Kris...

But Damien's not the guy to two-time someone. He's really loyal and his morals would make him the guiltiest person in the world for a few centuries for dumping the girl.

So sad.

Did you like me telling you about the complete romantic life of Kris? Yes I bet you love me for it.

And the fact that it did indeed sound like a soap opera.

I agree personally and hope my life doesn't sound like that. I really don't feel like being cast for the next soap opera. No thanks, thank you.

Organized Chaos says: Be careful, little one. Damien's a good guy and I don't want him torn apart because of this... or losing it entirely. Then only the asylum will want him. But please, he's in a bad place right now, Damien is, and I, along with Fang I'm sure, don't want you to make it worse, even though we all know you mean good.

Brown Puppy Dog Eyes says: -sigh- I know you're right. I don't know what to do... I'd die for him... but that doesn't help anyone does it?

Organized Chaos says: How about you talk to Fang?

Brown Puppy Dog Eyes says: Fang? Um... alright.

I closed that conversation, and reopened the other.

I really am beginning to hate switching to and fro conversations...

Basically no one had said anything important since I left the other conversation oh so briefly ago.

Better Than Me says: Did Mar vanish? It's so quiet without her.

Organized Chaos says: Nah, I'm here. I'm adding someone else.

Revenge Against thee Heart says: Again Mar?

Brown Puppy Dog Eyes has been added to the conversation.

Fight for me says: How did I see this coming?

Brown Puppy Dog Eyes says: Just Fang? You didn't mention there were tons of other people here.

Organized Chaos says: What do you expect me to do?

Brown Puppy Dog Eyes says: Maybe tell me beforehand?

.dreaming says: So who's the guy?

Brown Puppy Dog Eyes says: What guy?

Organized Chaos says: Yeah, exactly what guy Red?

.dreaming says: The one that has 'the brown puppy dog eyes'.

Brown Puppy Dog Eyes says: The guy that I like... How'd you know?

.dreaming says: What are the chances you're talking about a dog really?

Blackest Blonde Death says: Okay... Really enough said.

Organized Chaos says: Err... okay Derek.

Blackest Blonde Death says: Come on, you know you love me.

Revenge against thee Heart says: She's your twin, what do you expect her to do Derek?

Organized Chaos says: Thank you Rath. That was greatly appreciated. But I just wanted to point out that I can speak for myself.

Revenge against thee Heart says: Write... kinda.

Organized Chaos says: Shut up. You know what I meant.

Once in a Lifetime says: That was unexpected.

Risen Demon says: Couldn't agree more.

Organized Chaos says: Thank you for the support you two. And you two never said hi to Kris?

Once in a Lifetime says: Hi...

Risen Demon says: Hi?

Organized Chaos says: There you go...

Brown Puppy Dog Eyes says: Um... Who is everyone?

Brown Puppy Dog Eyes says: I'm so CONFUSED!



Nearly tomorrow.

Eleven minutes. Do you believe I'm counting down? Well you better believe it because I am.

Rath looked asleep, his eyes closed and his breaths even, but I knew he wasn't. No one can sleep with Tyler and Micket yelling at the top of their lungs somewhere down the hall. Why...?

The chain rested between us. I swear, these chains are what are causing this. I can not sleep with this racket. Maybe I should go crash in the basement. But then I would have to drag Rath along.

I twisted onto my side, deciding it was about time to focus on something rather than stare at the clock, waiting for the night to pass.

"So Rath?"

"Hmm...?" He asked, not moving at all, his muscular arms stretched behind his head. I swear I love his hair. There is no hair here in Russia that beats it. Okay that sounded really weird.

2 days left everyone!

"Do you like anyone? Like really like?"

Rath opened a blazing eye, the core seemingly a thousand hues of red. He sighed, his face unchanging.


I grinned. "Okay now you got me interested. Come on, who is it...?"

"Why the hell would I tell you?"


"I don't like anybody!"


This is going to be such a long month for him.


TAD: OMG! I have SO many ideas for next chapter!

Mar: None including me breathing my last breath right?

Rath: I like my sucky life.

Mar: Rath you're so über fabu rich! How can you call it sucky?

Rath: -blinks- über... fabu?

Mar: Yes! Über fabu!

Tyler: So do I kill the slut?

TAD: -blinks once- ummm... –blinks twice- I can add that to the list of things to think about.

Rath: So...?

TAD: For sure you'll meet the über fabu Fang next chapter...

Kris: -tears in eyes- what about me?

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You've got to excuse my excitement there.

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