suddenly rapturous

you were all that i knew tenderly
you, my melodic sanguis
my life–and precious stone found
tumbling over the earth, a buried treasure
in a garbage heap
unexpected, you, a daughter of sinister
dreams, chose me to be
to be your eternal companion (eternal companion
those were your words, and soft
entrancing they were)
believe you forever, i would

saved from an anguish unbearable
i gave myself over to you to keep
to hold to gather to worship
to admire requitedly (all alone you
gave me this
no prompting) and i let it go
let go every transgression
untruth and burden (it was the nature
of my feelings that i never bore it ill)
savagely i loved you loved you loved you
and i held you when you wept
dammit, i held you, and i couldn't
getenough, ever
i turned from rock-cut art to flesh
to grasp you, comfort you
to let you grasp me, comfort me

because i loved you (or was
overcome with rampant infatuation)
sweet one, until the day
you decided that a walk in the park
sounded more appealing
than the touch of my trailing fingers

1 August 2006