Summary:Everyone has a past. Some pasts are just better left that way- closed up, never to be opened again. But what happens when itlooms uponyou? Rachel dreads hers but unfortunately with the odds being stacked against her, it shows up uncalled-for.

Author: Gulistanlik (ME!)

A/N: Hi all! This is a plotless drabble, and I am not thinking of continuing this on. However, if months later I were to come back and take a look at this, a plotline may just appear then. 'Nostalgic Love' has been put on temporary hiatus, I'm really sorry about that. For further info on that, refer to my profile. This was the best title I could come up with- I don't like it. :S

Enjoy! (Criticism and ideas forthis or myother stories etc. is wanted- not justappreciated- wanted!)

'-'-'The Past Impends'-'-'

"Don't worry, he's not like Brad in highschool. He's not disturbed or a dark person or anything. So mum and dad won't chuck a psyche when they come back. Relax, Rache." My older brother, Peter, punched me playfully in the arm.

"Good to hear, because I doubt you'd want the baby photos to come out." I grinned at his frown, but then Peter's face lit up.

"Oh I don't care. You can go ahead and show him." He stuck his tongue out, then licked my nose.

"Ergh, yuck!" I wiped his saliva off with the bottom of my t-shirt, then added. "Woah. He must be a real close friend if you don't mind him seeing a younger version of you in a diaper and rattle."

"Too right you are."

I grinned then feeling luck on my side, I put in "So...can I take the boat down the lake for a spin-by myself?"

"Oh no you don't. I don't trust you."

"I know how to use it! I can steer it better than I can drive, and my driving skills are excellent."

"Of course they are. That pole had a grudge against you and deliberately dented the car." Peter put in sarcastically.

"Look I promise nothing will happen and even if it does, I'll send flares up or I'll oar back. And I know how to swim. I'm eighteen! I can't crash into anything either. Please?"

"I'm still not convinced." Peter, replied in a tone of authority.

I sighed. I was going to regret this in the future but I had no other choice. I bent down onto my knees and begged him. "Please?"

He grinned. "I was joking you dolt! You can go." The idiot was joking?

"You serious?YES! I love you!" I pounced onto him and made sure I cut off his air supply as I proceeded with my bear hug.

"Geroffme!" I did as he said, but I couldn't stop myself from beaming at him.

Just then, the doorbell rang. "That's most probably him. I'll say 'Hi' then I'm going."

"Fine with me. Better that way, then you don't you have an excuse forreturning after curfew." Peter made his way to the door when I spotted a couple pieces of fluff stuck to my shirt. I started picking them off as I heard my brother and his friend talk. "Hey Trav. Come in, mate. Let me introduce youto my little brat."

That was my cue. I began to say as I lifted my head up to meet Travis. "That so called little brat is your little sister. Hi I'm-" I couldn't bring myself to continue. Instead my mouth dropped open to gape at the person standing in front of me. "Travis?" Oh no. I could feel my head begin to spin.

"Ra-Rachel?" Travis said in return, I could tell he was shocked.

Anger and tears began welling up in my eyes. My ex-boyfriend, the much avoided ex-boyfriend, was 'The' Travis, Peter's best friend at Uni. I held my tears in, not wanting to show that I was as weak as the last time he had seen me.

"Uhm...Travis, this is Rachel. Rache, this is Travis."

"Hi...Rachel. Nice to- meet you?" It sounded more like a question than a statement, but luckily Peter was oblivious to this.

Travis weakly smiled and stuck out his hand to shake. Some nerve he had.

I just stared at it as if it was on fire. I didn't take it. Instead, I told my brother, "Er...Peter, I've -I've got a great big headache. I- I think the migraines-", I just walked off up the stairs, into my room and locked the door behind me, as I finally collapsed onto my bed and cried, trying to make sense of what just happened.

Peter just smiled brotherly at his little sister's discomfort and led Travis in to get started on their assignment. "Yeah, she gets migraines often. She needs a rest. Come on, we have got a lot of work to do."

"Yeah, we do." Travis followed behind him, but not before gazing towards Rachel's room with a frown.