In California, here we tread

Bloods and Crips, ghettos and suburbs

Dramatic difference between blue and red

Tumbleweeds of people drifiting along

Raindrops and puddles of litter upon the streets

And forgotten is the sound of a bluebirds song

Delight we find in our mindless lust

Sexual intercourse is the golden key

Thats turned much value into dust

Because the screens that preach and teach would tell us sex sells

And the imperfect children that dwell here

Can't help but be ashamed of themselves

In such desperation to be the dasmal on the screen

They play out such a dramatic scene

When moments are fairly simple once you read the lines inbetween

And the drug addicts who are also desperate, but only to get away

Lost in uplifting, he feels invincible,

But he can't do much bbut run and hide when pills fail to keep his world at bay

I see our granfathers and grandmothers just watching it all go to waste

The country they fought for so long and hard

Only to get to this corruption, to save the world now its far too late

Like a boy who tried so hard,

He tried to turn the world around,

A boy who came from a past thats left him scarred,

Yet one of the few left who can truly tell wrong from right,

And hes saved himself from misery if nothing else,

Through lifes greatest battle, he has already conqured this fight,

There are very little souls in the world like his,

Though almost everyone is convinced of their sheer unique

And really, the desperation to be special is all it is,

Because what is it that we honestly seek?

To be the princess or the model on tv,

With her chest so large, her frame skinny, and her hair so blonde and sleek?

To be like 50 Cent all buff and tough,

Cheating on the love of your life,

Because for a big roller like you, one girl would never be enough!

People thinking their the star of this world, when their just another weed smoker on probation,

Ignoring the fact that thousands of people have it so much harder,

And until this bluebirds song is realized, then your just another desperation