Prologue: Gosh I remember when I was just starting out as a singer. I was in a band with all my friends. It started out GREAT but then…it went down hill…way down hill…down hill to tragedy…Here is my story…
CH 1
"God where is this house! I mean they put us threw hell and back during the audition, the least they could do is to give us a easy house to find!" I yell trying to drive my white mustang around one of those complexes where you cant find the house your looking for, let alone get out after your done!

"Hey Brandi, Calm down chick! I think this is the house!" My friend Amy said.

"Thank God…Are you sure?" I ask skeptically

"Have I ever let you down Brandi!?" She said…There was a long pause…"Don't answer that." She said. I just laughed.

"Ok Let's go inside!" I say. Hi I am Brandi; I am with the band called "Snow." It consists of me, Brandi, My friends Amy and Jenny. We are all 18 going on 19. We have just been signed a contract to a new record Label named DEATH…I know I know what your thinking. Weird Label name huh. But hey we were happy to just get our group signed! We were desperate…

"BRANDI! Help me with this bag! You're the one with the muscles around here gosh! Now give me a hand!" I heard Jennie yell. I laughed at her.

"Yea, yea, yea, I am comin'. Gosh you can't do anything on your own you little weakling."

"Oh shut up Brandi and just get your butt over here now! This bag of mine is so heavy! I think it is like weighs 100lbs!" She yelled as she tried to drag her back out of the trunk.

I walked over to Jenny and helped her carry her bag inside. I dropped in the front of the door and looked around. Damn it was a big house…It was a little creepy…It gave me the creeps…it sent real cold chills up my spine just thinking about how weird it looked. Just then Amy running upstairs yelling, "I get first dibs on rooms" interrupted my thoughts. I yelled "Don't you wish you little whore!" I said laughing as I raced past her and into the best room in the house. It had a chandelier hanging in the middle of the room and the sheets on the bed were white velvet. It was gorgeous. I walked back downstairs and got all my stuff and carried it up to my room. After we all finish unpacking we meet in my room just to talk.

Just then we heard voices…familiar voices

"Damn this is a huge house! Shit there must be at least 10 rooms in this damned house!" A guy's voice said loudly

"Yea No shit, I mean damn…Hey whose bag is this…"Another voice said

"HELL NO THAT IS MY BAG HE TOUCHES IT I WILL KILL HIM!" I yell as I run downstairs and to where the 3 guys where standing. "Don't you touch that bag!" I say as I pick it up and throw it over my back. "Oh my gosh…What are you guys doing here!" The 3 guys standing in the living room were our friends, Justin, Josh, and Jared. They are also in a group together.

"Umm…ok…Nice to meet you too." Justin said

"Yea…sorry…Hi, I guess. It is just this bag is private." I say blushing.

"Hey it is ok," he says back. "I know girls have their "personal" things. I am not offended. Just one question…What are you doing here!?"

"I was going to ask you the same question! I mean we are here cause we got signed a record deal by the label DEATH. What about you." It took him a while to answer me. Then he piped up…

"Same here…" He said quietly. "We are her for the record deal DEATH…"

"Are you serious! I mean we have been trying to compete our whole Career and the first time I think we have out done you it turns out were still tied! Oh I can't stand this!" I scream at him as I run upstairs and slam my door shut. I hear Amy and Jennie talk to the guys and whisper. I knew they were talking about me, but I didn't care. I was just so upset that Justin could do such a thing to me! Oh her knew how much the record deal was to me! My thoughts were interrupted by the soft knocking at my door.

"Come in…" I say quietly. The door slowly opened and Justin walked in.

"Hi…Can I sit…"

"Yea I guess…As long as you promise not to steal anything of any importance to me like you did last time…"

"Brandi you can't blame this on me! I didn't know you were signed on that Label! I mean if I knew you were signed to that deal I wouldn't have signed! I wouldn't do anything to purposely hurt you Brandi…If you haven't figured out yet. I have had a crush on u since I laid eyes on u…" He said quietly as he looked at the floor.

I was speechless. That caught me totally off guard…To tell you the truth…I kind of have a crush on him too…but after what he did to be I don't think I would want to go out with him…"Justin…" I said quietly. He looked up and I could see the fear in his eyes. The fear of rejection…I didn't want to hurt him at all. He was too sweet…Let alone he was hot! "Justin…I like you too. It is just you hurt me when you told me that you were signed to the exact label I was." I said to him, nudging closer to him.

"I know Brandi, I didn't mean too. I am so sorry…Of your wanting us to go home, just tell us…"

"Hey it is ok. This is a nice house, might as well make it a vacation for all of us. A weekend of resting for all of us. What do you say?"

"Sure…I need a vacation anyway."
CH 2

"When is dinner Amy!" Jenny yells.

"Gosh. Hold on Jenny! Geese Jared and I are working as fast as we can! Give us a break!" Amy yells.

"Ok, Ok, Ok…Just I am starving! We haven't eating in how long? About 23 hrs!" She yells back at Amy.

"Hey, Jenny chill out girl." I say "Just we will get food soon, just be patient. Patience is a Virtue. OK now Jenny chill." I say trying not to laugh.

"Hey look who is talking you stupid Hoe! I mean shit you can't even wait 2 hrs until getting a boyfriend. Now look who needs patience!" She yelled at me.

I just sat there…Dumb founded. I didn't know what to say! I mean I didn't do anything to her…did I? I just told her how I felt. I didn't even say it in a mean voice…What was she thinking. Calling me a Hoe. She is just jealous! I know she is. Ugh she has always tried to outdo me. This time it isn't happening!

"Look who is talking! I mean god u just need to calm your ass down before you get hurt!" I said standing up. Oh I was so close to hitting her that instant! Oh that girl was extremely lucky that Justin didn't step in at the moment!

"Girls stop it now! Jenny sit your fat ass down right now!" Justin yelled.

"Oh yea of course your on that whores side! Damn both of you suck butt! Fine save your little hoe! You guys will pay later, I promise!" Jenny yells

Oh I got so mad. I was trying to break free of Justin's grip to go and strangle that little bitches neck so she couldn't breath another breath!

"Yo! Jenny you better shut up before I let Brandi go and watch her kick your ass!" Justin yelled at her.
"Yea you little bitch! So back away and go to your room. Or away from ME!" I yell still trying to get out of Justin's grip.

"Fine…whatever…bye…" Jenny says quietly as she starts her walk upstairs. Justin waits till she is all the way upstairs before he releases me…Smart guy. He slowly lets me go. I yank away and pace back and forth yelling

"God what did I do to deserve that outburst from her! I didn't do anything to her!" I yell

"Shhh, it is ok Brandi. I know I don't know what got over her. I really don't think I want to know. Just let her cool down. She will get over it."

I sigh…"Yea I guess so. I am going up to my room…I'm not all that hungry any more…" I say as I start to walk upstairs while Amy, Jared, and Josh sit in the living room and watch TV. Just then Justin grabs my arm and pulls me back to him.

"No…don't go…" he says so innocently.

"I am only going upstairs No big deal," I say as I giggle.

"Please, stay down here with me. We can all just sit and play games." He told me.

"Well, ok." I walk in the living room and sit on the couch next to Amy and Justin. We all decided to play a board game. We sat down to play monopoly. Well about 10 minutes into playing the game (which Josh was winning and we all were getting robbed of our money) we heard a scream from upstairs. We all jumped up, but the first one to jump up was Jared. He rushed upstairs and into jenny's room to find her not there.

"Jenny! Jenny! Are you here! Jenny!" Jared kept yelling as we were running in.

"Help! Help someone help me! I am in the wall. Help! Please help!" She was yelling…practically crying as I recall. "Please someone help me!"

"Jenny! Jenny are you ok? Where are you!?" Jared yells as he enters Jenny's room and looks around.

Jared! I am in the wall help me I am in the wall! Something is in the wall it is going to get me!" Jenny said crying

"Jenny! Oh My God Jenny! Please some one help me! You have to help me someone!" Jared yelled

"Oh god he is getting me! Oh god Help me! Oh god…" Jenny tried to yell as her voice was interrupted but cutting sounds…then her voice faded. Just as that happened blood started silently poured out of the crack of the bottom of the wall. Like a quiet stream coming from an unknown source. Jared just stood there…Like a statue. I didn't know what to do. I just ran to my room and sat on my bed…stunned. Justin came into my room and sat next to me on my bed.

"I am so scared me Justin…I want to leave…Please let me leave. I am tired of this vacation." I say shaking. " I don't know what to do anymore! I mean Jenny is dead! Dead! I mean this is to much to swallow." I say as I run into the bathroom and throw up. I couldn't handle all that. It was just too much…Justin came in and picked me up in his arms and carried me into my bed and laid me there and covered me up. He bent down and kisses my forehead.

"There, There, It is ok now. Just go to sleep, we will leave tomorrow morning, OK?" He said gently.

"Ok…Tomorrow morning…ok…" I say half asleep. I slowly close my eyes and fall fast asleep…until another scream broke into my dreams…

CH 3

I woke up suddenly and looked around. I say to my self 'Oh no, not another death…please I cant take seeing another one…' I jumped up and ran in the hallway where I meet Justin, and Josh…No Jared or Amy…

"Shit! Jared! Oh no!" Justin yelled and ran into Jared's room to see both Jared and Amy hung from the ceiling and there stomachs slit open and there guts and blood all over the floor…Justin stopped and almost fainted…I walked in the room and turned around and cried. I want to leave… now…I ran downstairs and ran to the door and pulled at it…"Locked…" Hell no I am not staying in this house any longer. I banged on the door "Let me out damn you!" I scream as I bang harder on the door. You can't keep me in here! You just cant! I say to myself. This is fucking impossible! I felt a hand on my shoulder and it was Justin.

"What is it? Is something wrong Brandi…"

"What is wrong!" I yell at him. "What is wrong! Jenny, Amy and Jared are dead! The fucking door is locked and we are trapped! Now is that isn't anything to be worried about I have no idea what is!"

"T-The door is locked…W-Where trapped…SHIT! You didn't tell me that! Oh my God what are we going to do! Oh god we are all going to die!" He yelled. I slapped him.

"Shut Up! Were not going to die if I have anything to do with it! No you have to help me get us out of here!" I hate being the heroine but hey…someone's gotta do it, and I guess it had to be me.

I tried everything to open that door! I kicked it, I ran into it. I did everything to try to open that door, but it just wouldn't open! I mean damn! I stopped banging on the door and put my back against the wall and slid down it to sit on the floor, Exhausted. Justin, who was also helping me, sat down next to me.

"Damnit…Why are we trapped…Why are some people doing this to us…" He said quietly to me.

"If I knew…I wouldn't be here in the first place. I just want to go home! Please Please let me go home!" I yell. Just then a loud voice came from up above.

"Well you really want to know why you're here everyone! Well listen the hell up or you may be the next to die! Now you all are here cause…you have been assholes and I FELT LIE IT DAMN IT! Now you all better be have…or u may be the next to die…"

"What the Fuck! You will let me out damn you!" Josh yelled as he kicked the door. He gave up and walked upstairs and I sat on the couch and cried. Justin came and sat down next to me and put his arm around me and held me close. I leaned on him and cried on his shoulder.

"What are we going to do Justin…I am so scared." I say between sobs. Before Justin could answer Josh yelled…

"Shit! Josh!" Justin says as he darts upstairs. I am to stunned to move…I already know he is probably dead…Just thin something falls on the floor in front of me. I look down and it is red...It is blood…I look up and see it is dripping from the ceiling.

"Ahhhh!" I yell as I run upstairs to Justin. I see Justin in Joshes room.

"Where is he? I can't find him. I can't find where he is. Dear God where in the hell did the stupid motherfucker put him!" He yelled. I looked at the floor and I see blood behind the door I push the door closed and I couldn't believe what I saw next. There was Josh…hung on the back of the door with knifes in this hands and feet he was gagged. But his mouth and nose was covered. So he suffocated before he was hung on the door. There was blood trickling down his arm and legs onto the floor. 'At least' I thought 'He didn't feel much when he died…Just then a thud on the floor interrupted my thoughts. Justin had fainted. I didn't know what to do…I drug him to his room and some how got him on his bed…I went into his bathroom and got a cold washcloth to put on his head.

"I have no idea what I am going to do…" I say to myself.


"Huh…What…What happened…Oh god Brandi..."He said as he sat up and hugged me. I held him tight.

"I don't know what we are going to do either…well whatever happens…I will always love u…ok? Don't forget me…" I say almost crying.

"No! No! No! Brandi don't talk like that! We will get out of here! You hear me! Please don't talk like that. OK?" Justin tells me as he holds me close.

"Awww isn't that touching! TO BAD IT ISNT TRUE!" A voice yelled from behind us. We turned around to find some one we wouldn't expect to see…

"J-Jenny…" I say…half of me is not believing she is standing right there.

"Ohh Your good Brandi. Damn I am so happy I don't have to hide in those walls anymore! It feels so good not to breathe in installation!"

"I thought…You-You were dead…We saw you die…Kinda…"

"Nope, it was all a set up…You know the little note saying we were signed to a record deal, FAKE! You know Justin, the note that you got, also, FAKE! Oh and my death…FAKE! Now I bet you 2 feel EXTREAMLY stupid! Oh but Amy, Josh, and Jared's death, NOT FAKE! HaHaHa! And you know what…your death won't be fake either, so no need to be jealous."

"You stupid bitch!" Justin Yells as he holds me to him closer. "You will not touch us!"

"Oh, don't you wish." Jenny said as she pulled a knife out from behind her back.

"Oh shit! Brandi, run I will take care of her!" Justin says as I jump from the bed and dodge the knife Justin in time to turn around and see him being stabbed in the arm.

"No! Justin!" I yell as I run to him and jump on Jenny and tackle her to the floor. Then she stabs me in my arm. "Damn you bitch!" I yell as I grab the knife and stand up pointing it at her. "Get up now!" I yell as she slowly gets up. "Now tell me why in the hell have you killed and tried to kill everyone!?" I scream at her while I help Justin up to his feet. I tie a towel around his arm to stop the bleeding.

"Here, don't wrap this around me, here I will wrap it around you." Justin said as he started to tie it around me.

"No damn you put it back on you! Now Jenny why are you doing this!" I yell as I inch closer to her w/ the knife. She slowly backs away.

"Cause I hate you! You were always the one getting the guys! So was Amy! I mean no one liked me!" She yelled almost crying.

"What! Are you stupid Jenny! Are you fucking blind! Jared liked you a lot! But guess what, not any more! Cause guess what? You killed him you stupid bitch!"

"He…He did…Oh My God what have I done…" She said crying.

"I don't know…but you will regret it…Bitch…" I say to her as I lower the knife to her throat and cut it open. "I hope you're happy…Revenge is a bitch isn't it…" I say as I take Justin's hands and walk downstairs.