Best Kiss

A collection of short stories about friends, crushes and that memorable kiss everyone wishes for. Not to mention random facts about music, movies, chocolate and the occasional mention of ice cream.

01. The Chocolate Candies
Davin was used to always being second best when compared to his cousin, the Brad Pitt look-alike, but things seem to change when Noelle comes around.

02. The Music Store
Zoey was just trying to keep her workplace open – and herself from jumping on the new, incredibly cute co-worker that made any kind of outfit look hot. Even animal beanies.

03. The Long Neck
Tessa and Stephen were friends with benefits, at least until her mother got engaged to his uncle and the girl decided to break it off. She thought it was the best decision, even though things didn't stop going downhill from there.

04. The Empty Hallway
At a sleepover where girls couldn't do more than talk about celebrities and watch romantic movies that made people cry their eyes out, Camilla decided to spend her time in the kitchen making milkshakes. That was how she nearly hit the hostess' brother with a pan. His luck he had nice reflexes – and she had a lousy aim.

05. The Tip Toes
Wendy was the good girl that would never be caught dead wearing as much makeup as her best friends. Keith was the ultimate bad boy that had a different band t-shirt for every day of the week. Who would've thought they had the same taste in movies?

06. The Volleyball Match
Playing volleyball at the beach was just usual, except for the catch that the loser would have to share his or her deepest secret. Lauren had no idea what she was into when she agreed to Danté's idea.

07. The Sunset Lake
Alexander casually kidnapped Jody with the help of the girl's sister to spend a most romantic weekend at his wealthy family's country house. But, when some of his relatives showed up with no warning, the romance seemed to go straight out the door.

08. The Red Convertible
Rei was the odd girl out that never fitted in. Mike was the popular guy that everyone loved. When she decided to leave it all behind in search of new adventures, he didn't take her seriously. At least until Mike finally realized that she was actually leaving and Rei had to decide if she wanted to give them a try or if LA would win.

09. The Rainy Day
Victor's barbecue plans were ruined when it suddenly started raining. Thanks to Blair, who showed up soaking wet on his doorstep carrying DVD's, the two still managed to have a great evening.

10. The Almost Breakup
Yvonne loved her boyfriend and knew how sweet Taylor was. That was why she got so jealous after accidentally listening to a mostly compromising message featuring the voice of an unknown girl and a secret they supposedly shared. Answering machines were never so misleading.