Will I grasp that wispy edge

of cloud that dangles so

tantalizingly out of reach?

For when I stretch my hand

toward it, my fingers only

just brush the smallest cloying tendril,

before falling back to me.

Or, for that matter,

shall I ever wrap my hand around

those twinkling arms of a star?

Will I ever reach out, and catch

one of those flying sparks of light

that shoot so confidently through the night air

into blackness?

And after obtaining this glittering treasure,

will I ever be able to hold it

between the folds of my fabric,

caress it, and marvel at

its facets of kaleidoscopic shine?

And will I ever find that fantastic

great pearl at the very darkest

bottom in the depths of

that boundary-bereft sea?

And will I, will I ever

find that most beautiful flower

that bursts forth, out to me

with all its color, all of its delicate petals

and all its spectacular life?

And, shall it reveal

to me all of its sacred secrets

of glorious life and beauty?

Will I...