Free in the end

It's hard to think of
That way you used to smile
I'm on the brink of
Crying just for a while
At just the thought of
Having lost you from a child
I remember late that night
Under the covers
That were kept so tight
You wanted to play lovers
It wasn't right
But I never told anyone
About that night
Years past before
You went away
I remember the quick
Hug I gave
I can't believe
That was our last day
I'd never again
Get to see that face
I wish I would have said
I loved you so
Now that your dead
I fell like I've been blown
To bits with bits of led
And torn where sewn
This scattered red
On my night gown
So please rest well
My lovely friend
My meaning to tell
This tale again
Is to set free
What whims I've held in
I hope you can be
Free in the end