All our love

Forget about trying to make me happy

Forget about all the bad times

Forget about trying to win me back

All I ever wanted was your love

Just hug me without a reason

Have fun don't worry about repercussions

Live in the moment

But mostly live in the moment with me

All I'll ever want is your love

I know I'm not everything you ever wanted

But I want to try for you

I can't give you much but myself

And that you have forever

This is something that can never be broken

All I have for you is love

Morning is only sweet with you

You're the theme song of my day

And without you everything seems darker

We need to reinvent this love

Again and again and again

Until our kisses never end

All I'll ever have for you is love

Together Mountains seem smaller

Streams seem so much sweeter

And the sun shines only on us

I need you to stay strong

I need you to keep swimming

You my one and only baby

Dance the rest of your days with me

All We'll ever know is love