.Angels, I have been.

It is nearly time, they say, so don't dawdle.

He would be coming soon, and work half complete wouldn't please him much.

And you know, they said…

You know how unforgiving he is to those not loyal to him?

His anger cannot ebb away like ours,

It grows stronger with each passing minute.

So don't dawdle, fool!

Climb off that filthy cherub rock, no one goes there now.

Cleanse yourself of honesty and truth,

You know how much he despises those!

Don't try and justify your actions, for against him there is no justice in your favor.

Wipe that inane innocence off your face, before he wipes it off with torment and pain.

Take off those disgusting wings; they cannot get you far from this fiery abyss.

What of that ridiculous halo hanging above your head?

Of course! Take it off, quick now, before he wrings your neck with it.

Now step in with us, into this pot of molten flame,

Brand yourself with his mark; and be branded sane.