The story of Kain hart

Kain hart is and always will be an eighteen year old. He was turned into a vampire when he was thrown out of a Goth nightclub when Damien his master turned him.

Damien was walking the night filled with the awful tormenting need for blood. The thirst was pulsing through his almost empty veins when he heard a loud banging noise in front of him.

Damien went forward when he heard a beating pulse in his sensitive ears he started walking fast when he came upon Kain who was just kicked out of the third Goth nightclub that night. Kain got up and started walking down the street towards his house giving up on trying to get into more clubs then he heard the foot steps hitting the ground after his did he didn't think anything of it then six blocks later he started to get freaked out. When he started to run and the foot steps behind him ran. Right when Kain turned to see who was fallowing him the foot steps stopped and no one was behind him he let out a low almost inaudible sigh

Of relief he thought someone from the club he'd just been thrown out of was fallowing him to jump him you see Kain is a misfit he doesn't know what kind of group he belonged to he really wanted to be a goth though. Earlier in the club he had gotten into a fight at the club. he thought the person and his friends might jump him on the way home. He was unsure if he was imagining that the people were fallowing him or not. Kain ran to his front door his fingers fumbling he pulled out his key and unlocked the door. Kain was freaked out when he had gotten home he had locked all the doors and windows. He had double checked all the locks in case someone had fallowed him. He got into bed and remembered what happened in the club. He walked into the club all he heard was Aiden blaring out the clubs speakers . He took a breath the smell of sweat, smoke, perfume, cologne seductively played with his senses. He had somehow gotten high off the mix of scents. Kain wondered through the middle of the dance floor bumping into people. When he had made it to the bar the goth bartender glared at him sneering he said "and what would the over night goth like to drink?" grinning at Kain's embarrassed and hurt look. Kain just looked down and mumbled "red wine". His high had gone the instant the bar tender had made fun of him. Kain looked around at the other clubbers he was stunned by the reaction he had gotten all of them were glaring at him even the hot nineteen year old goth guy who was flirting with him earlier that night on the dance floor glared into his fiery blood red eyes. Kain just turned and drank his wine as he drank someone punched him in the lower back. Kain fell off the stool and grimaced in pain. Kain shaking with blind rage slowly got off of the floor and looking around to see who thru the low punch to his back. he turned his blood red eyes on the now cheering crowd he spotted the puncher it was the nineteen year old Kain just slowly walked up to him and started pounding on the nineteen year old Kain just picked the nineteen year old up with one hand and threw him to the floor when he hit the floor he groaned painfully. The nineteen year old and the cheerers were surprised how strong he was .everyone was always surprised by how strong he was. Kain now standing over the nineteen year old with his boot on his throat Kain looked down at him grinning and spit on him. he slowly applied pressure on his throat. The nineteen year old whose name was Devan while panicking looked into Kain's eyes as he applied pressure to his throat. What Devan saw in Kain's eyes was an evil glint that made him go white and panic even harder that evil glint meant that Kain would kill him in an instant if he pissed him off anymore. Kain still applying pressure to his throat was ignoring Devans plea's to stop and let him up didn't notice three huge bouncers behind him one of the bouncers touched Kain on the arm ….. I gotta think !