There is a legend of the frosted lands in the north region of Woodsole that suggests that when the full moon rises a part of the population raise their heads to the sky and howl in conversation.

They are the werewolves of Woodsole, who strike fear in the hearts of all who gaze upon them. It is said that there is only one thing that can kill them, and this is a silver blade owned by the blood wolves' most hated enemy, Lord Verum, ruler of the vampires.

War has raged between the two great races for centuries. Each race has called humans to their clans with the fate of a bite.

Now in the year 2006 a portal to this land has been created and four teens have been sucked into its voids, finding themselves in a race to stop the growing threat of Woodsole entering into their world.

With little to no experience in fighting and of the new land that they now live, the teens seek the help of the people in the village of Sirenvell, gateway to the land of Woodsole.

This is where their quest to save their own world and the fate of Woodsole, along with their lives begins. Will you join them in a world of uncertainty, perilous creatures, and unfound treasure laying in wait for the brace to find?