Everytime I fall in love

I always seem to hurt and run

Its no secret that I'm a whore

But why am I always wanting more

Always hurting them so much

Why is it burning, when I am touched

These issues running through my veins

Are causing us so much pain

I never meant for things to get out of hand

So here I am, stuck in this quick sand

I'm sinking farther, faster than you knew

Wishing and longing to make it up to you

I can't make up my mind

But yet I know I'm so blind

But nothing is gonna change me today

I'm to caught up in the Hollywood ways

I love the attention of being a flirt

Sorry baby never meant it to hurt

But baby now I don't care what you say

And I don't care about what you think

Cuz the more that you love me

The faster that I walk away

Its no longer about whats true

No more kisses and I love you's

Baby get it through your head

This relationship has met its end

But we can still be friends I know

But baby I've got to go

Stop how you always call me

Saying how you miss me so

You're quite smothering

And I think you should know

That I've moved on

Its been so long

There was never an "us"

So baby stop your fuss

Baby I don't care about what you want

And I don't care what you say

The truth is the more you love me

The farther I walk away

So give me my space

And stop yelling at my beau

You've become such a disgrace

Guess what...I never loved you!

So love is just not what I'm looking for

You can call me a bitch and you can call me a whore

But fun is what's keeping me around

Sorry baby, I didn't mean to push you down

You'll always be my friend its true

But I just can't see myself ever loving you