No Way Out

I keep running
Keep hiding
Trying to find an exit
That is never there

"It will appear someday," I always tell myself
"It has to."
But, no, it never was
And I fear, never will

So trapped, in the deepest, darkest jungle of creation
Or the coldest, cruelest prison on the planet
Everywhere I turn, walls close in around me
Suffocating, choking, just trying to keep afloat

Air is at once both desired and feared
The need for a repast is just too great to ignore
Yet what is a brief surface above the pain
Than another push back into misery?

"Who am I?" I ask myself
They say that everybody is unique on this earth
Even identical twins do not have identical fingerprints
And the world is made as such so we could, each of us, make a difference

Born unique, yet conformed into clones
With no other purpose than to serve as another's toy
When the strong prey on the weak, even in our birth families
We are left to wonder when we will be set free

– Finis –