A Flicker
You built this house on a proud cliff face.

Prominent, assured, a hamlet amongst the palatial beaches

Like a castle. Warm open fires, laughter that echoed from fortified walls.

The world spun, the beaches grew, laughter spread itself amongst the air.

No more echoes, no playful jostles to aging halls.

Silence covers the fortification.

The mortar does not break. Deep wells of gregariousness trapped in its being.

Coldness confides itself in the shell, chilling the aberrations

Cultivated by aspiration. A deviant of expectations.

Preserved and wilted. Curious winds whistle in concern.

Waves wash itself up to lick the rock face, once fresh and welcome

Now an affliction. The familiarity keeps you safe, and you let it.

Become integral to your marrow. A poison now a precedent.

The wind beckons, but the toxicity is too potent.

Concern fades as the breeze spins the world along.

And we watch it disintegrate. Bit by painful bit.

Omniscience. Is it enough to stop it?

Your rhythm refuses to change.

Choice cows you, a blanket of misery

The only comfort you know.

Freedom and fear; a stalemate.

As time displays its indifference.