Standing in the doorway of her loft, Benny rubbed her eyes, and glared at Emika bitterly. "It's five thirty, the freaking sun's still out! I should be asleep, you twit," she groaned, stretching her arms in the air, and yawning. Emika smiled brightly. Generally people like Benny, vampires, don't wake until at least eight thirty, but Emika had made a special stop by her loft, and awoken her in a rather unwanted way (I.e.: slamming her fist on the door, and screaming death threats in Italian, in which Benny was fluent, along with Russian, Spanish, and English.)

"Don't be such a prude!" Benny, rolled her gold eyes, and cracked her neck. She was tall and slender, not unlike a cat, but, to be blunt, she was basically flat as a board. Her layered black hair rest at her chin, and her shoulders, occasionally falling in her eyes.

"What is it that you have me up at this god forsaken hour for?" she snapped, looking at the perky, pink haired witch, who smiled wide, almost too wide to believe.

"C'mon, let's go annoy the slayers! I hear that the Burgundy clan is planning on invading your hunting grounds." The witch raised a brow, knowing that Benny got pissed off at any little thing the slayers did. As the witch had guessed, Benny set her jaw, and covered her face in an emotionless mask, meaning that she was writhing with fuming rage underneath her skin.

"I'll be back," she said between clenched teeth. She turned around, and searched through the drawers on either side of her bed for some clothes. She settled on her usual attire, which was a black top, black jeans, and black combat boots. Because nobody ever guessed that a vampire wore black, she thought acidly. Benny was famous for her sarcasm, but she was even more famous for her calm-violence; she could have the demeanor of a corpse, and kill people in a horrifying way, not even batting a lash.

She returned to the door of her loft, and saw Emika looking at a painting on the wall. It was of a tall, silver haired man, with cold blue eyes, and a high collared white coat. Emika smiled at him. "He's hot." Benny rolled her eyes.

"That's Dante, he founded my line." The witch looked startled, then looked like it made sense, and nodded.

"He's still hot," she mumbled, as she pulled her silver flight jacket around her tight. Benny smiled.

"He's still alive, if you want to try your chances with him," she chuckled. Emika shivered, then shook her head.

"Uh, no. He is hot, but he's psycho, I don't dig that in guys." Benny rolled her eyes.

"You're wondering if he wears tight pants, or eyeliner," she said, brushing past the witch, who had once more went into examining the painting. Emika frowned at her.

"You seriously have to stop doing that," she mumbled. Benny gave her a slight glance, then shrugged, shoving her hands in her pockets, and continued walking. She was pissed, and wanted the slayers out of her hunting grounds.


Benny, tall, and dark, stalked around the site of the rookie slayers. The were mostly hooligans that wanted to take a crack at vampire slaying because it would be fun, and a way to "make mum proud". Those kind of people disgusted Benny, but she didn't show it, she rarely showed anything, except only to Emika, who had been her only faithful friend for nearly three hundred years. Two-hundred sixty-four, to be precise.

When Benny saw humans, she only saw a meal, or a chance to kid their faces in for a little entertainment. Yes, people frequently accuse her of being a sadist, if you were wondering; if you were also wondering where you could find one of them to discuss your apparent agreement on their opinion, have fun, because all of them have gone missing.

Benny licked her fangs, and cracked her neck, loud enough for the slayers to hear it. Her liquid gold eyes glowed in the dark, setting her out from the trees. She was famous for those eyes. There was a rumor that went around for some time that she had driven people insane just by looking them in the eye (once again the person who started that rumor went missing).

One slayer, a tall, salt-and-peppered hair man, stood up, brandishing a slick silver magnum. The bullets, no doubt, were filled with a lethal substance developed by the scientists at the Burgundy clan H.Q. called something insanely long in latin, but translated out to the slang name: 'Liquid UV'

Benny would sincerely enjoy kicking his teeth in, before he got a chance to pull that trigger. Emika, who didn't really enjoy watching Benny kick the living crap out of the "poor, defenseless slayers", had wandered away to smoke a cigarette.

The man came closer, only several feet from Benny. She could smell the blood pumping through his veins. He was older, so something crackling in the bushes didn't scare him, but the other rookie hooligans' hearts were racing. Mum would be so proud, she thought sarcastically.

The man took the barrel of his gun, and pushed some branches aside, only to look at Benny's pale, calm face. A slight smile curved her lips, making her look mischievous, or like poison. The man nearly leapt out of his skin, but composed himself quickly with what could only be described as skill.

The barrel of the gun became pointed at Benny's forehead. She cocked a brow, and the smile fled from her ghostly features. "Don't move, vampire," the man snapped. Benny rolled her eyes, of course she was going to obey some inferior human! She took her pinky finger, and started itching her ear, completely ignoring the man, whose face was turning red from annoyance.

"I said 'don't move'!" he snapped. Benny's face contorted sourly.

"I said 'don't move!'" she mocked. Yes, Benny also had an immature side, she's a complex person. The slayer smirked, baring his teeth, and held the gun up.

"Prepare to die, bitch," he growled. Out of nowhere, Emika appeared beside him, looking intensely casual.

"Oh, bubba, you just gone and done the stupidest thing of your life," she said, expelling a puff of smoke with every word. The man jumped two feet in the air, and hesitated. Benny took her chance, and jumped on the man's back, and snapped his neck by twisting it violently quick. She turned to the other slayers, who were looking terrified. She strolled near them, all the while smirking casually.

"Rule number one: hesitation means death. Never forget that." An acid smile replaced her smirk. "But that probably won't help you when handling me." And just like a shadow had a pink haired baby, Emika stood beside Benny, nodding.

"Y'all boys better listen to this one, she be serious," she said, then she randomly picked out a stand of hair and started braiding it. Benny flashed them her fangs, and they all fled, screaming, and crying like little babies.

Benny smirked again, while Emika took the situation in, bit by bit, then clutched her sides, and fell on the ground, laughing and rolling. The fallen leaves crunched under her body, and her light laughter echoed through the cold autumn air.

Benny turned to the dying man on the ground, and sighed. No point in letting good blood go to waste. She walked past Emika, her boots making hallow thuds on the soft ground, leaving prints in the still green grass, until she stood above the man. Benny looked at Emika over her shoulder.

"Go away. I'll find you later." Was all she said. The witch knew that the vampire liked to feed alone, so she nodded, snapped her fingers, and was gone. Benny sat down in front of his head, and crossed her legs. When she had first been turned the thought of sinking pearly white fangs into something's neck disturbed her, and made her gag, now it was only a mere afterthought.

She picked up his head, and he gave a gasping choke noise. She didn't much sympathize with slayers, and this one was no different. She licked the palm of her hand, and pressed it against the man's neck, numbing him, and shutting him up; she liked to feed alone, and she liked to feed in silence.

She bent her head down, elongated her fangs, and sinking them into his neck, into the main artery. The warm blood lapped onto her tongue, down her throat, and into her body. The metallic taste was once bitter, now it was welcomed, and the rush it gave her; pure adrenaline. Her heart raced, and her breathing quickened. Then the part she despised the most happened; receiving their memories.

Memories were the worst part, seeing what they were leaving, seeing what they loved, what they hated, how they felt about something, what the last thing they ate was. When the blood stopped coming, Benny licked the two pinprick holes for more, but nothing more came. She sat up, realizing she couldn't go anywhere without hiding her eyes. If any vampire drank too much, too quickly, they got what was called sclera, where her eyes were all black, even the whites.

She sighed, and rummaged around in the man's pockets, looking for anything to cover her eyes. She didn't find anything.

"Damn!" she spat. She sighed, and looked around for anything, and found nothing. She growled, stood up, and walked into the shadows. Her body melded into the shadows, shifting with them, and then she felt cold, and like she was falling. The sounds of infants crying, and women and children screaming filled her ears. She was once scared of it, but it was now an everyday thing.

She thought of Emika, and where she might be. Benny sighed, and thought of Starbucks. Ground appeared under her feet, meaning she was there. She walked into the inky black shadows, and out of an alley, to see Emika sitting at a table, drinking a coffee outside of a Starbucks. A cigarette was perched in her fingers.

"What the hell happened to you?" she asked. Benny rolled her eyes, but it didn't look like she did.

"Got shades?" Emika squinted her eyes, then nodded. She snapped her fingers, and a pair of glasses appeared in her hand. She gave them to Benny, who put them on her face quickly, hiding her eyes. "Only cool people wear sunglasses at night." Emika rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, sure, whatever." She sipped her coffee, then spat it out all over the table. "Too sweet!" Benny rolled her eyes, again, and took a sip, but she, too, spat it out.

"Ew, you're right!" she fretted, rubbing her tongue off. After a minute, the overly sweet taste disappeared from her mouth, and Emika had gotten a black coffee. Benny plucked it from her hand, and took a long gulp, then gave it back, sucking in air between her teeth.

"Got to love that rush," she muttered. Emika nodded.

"Yep." She looked around for a minute, then at her shoes, then at Benny, who was already dreading the words yet to come out of Emika's mouth. "I'm bored." Benny sighed, and told herself she couldn't have escaped them if she tried. Emika sighed, and opened her mouth to say the words again.

"Benny, I'm-" Benny held up a hand.

"I know; you're bored." She grumbled, trying to think of something to amuse the witch that possibly had a severe case of A.D.H.D. Emika smiled brightly.

"Oh, you could help me train for the Poltergeist Trials!" Benny shivered. She hated the poltergeist trails, it was all any with or warlock, or wizard ever talked about. And this year, Emika had been one of the fifty to get in., along with her brother Silk (who also had pink hair).

"Uh, how's about no?" Benny said flatly. Emika frowned, and sighed heavily, then leaned back in her chair to where it was only balanced on two legs out of four. Benny kept thinking until-

"Hey, wanna be a model for my photos again?" she asked. In her spare time, Benny was a photographer, professional. It was either that, or dancing. She wasn't really coordinated enough for it. Emika smiled that same insanely wide smile, and nodded, then stopped.

"Do I have to dress up in that bunny suit again?" she asked cautiously. Benny laughed to herself, she still had the photo in an album amongst countless others, and she memorized which one it was.



Benny chewed the end of the pencil in her mouth, and loaded film into her Nikon camera. She was standing in an empty room of the studio which was one of her frequent haunts. Everyone there knew her, if only as 'the chick in black that doesn't talk much'. The only person that knew her much more than that was Dakota, a tall, white haired man who dealt with all her film, and thought she was an amazing photographer.

Benny growled at how long it was taking Emika and the male model to get changed. She sighed, and looked over the parts of the camera. She hadn't much tolerance for learning about the latest technology; the only things she needed to know about were the things that were necessary, like lights, and her camera. She didn't need to eat because she was a vampire.

Emika and the tall, gaunt boy walked out of a dressing room, dressed in ratty, torn clothes, just like Benny had instructed. She nodded, and pointed at the huge, empty white wall on the side of the room, and pulled her hair into a ponytail behind her head.

She looked at them through the camera, and decided she wanted the film in black and white. She took the Nikon off the tripod, and changed the film, making Emika jittery and hyper.

She smiled, and put it back on, then barked some orders to them, putting them into certain poses. After a forty minutes, she had taken a good amount of photos, and used up two rolls of film. She dismissed them, and decided to make Dakota develop the photos. Dakota, as always, was sitting in the front of the lobby, smoking a cigarette in a very feminine way. Benny smiled.

"Hey, Kodak," she said, calling him her nickname. He turned around, and raised a brow (he didn't much like the nickname). A greedy smile spread across his lips as Benny held up two canisters of film.

"Wanna develop these for me?" He rolled his eyes.

"No, I don't. What do you think? Of course I do!" Benny nodded slowly, handed them to him.

"Have them developed by tomorrow, then send them to my P.O. box." Dakota frowned.

"You always stick me on such tight deadlines," he grumbled. Benny nodded.

"Only 'cause I love ya'." Dakota scoffed.

"Yeah, if you loved me, you'd go out on that dinner I keep offering you." Benny sighed. If I really loved you, you'd be dead by now because I'm a death magnet. She shrugged her shoulders, and walked back into the room with the white wall. Emika was in her old, brightly colored clothes, charming the pants of the gaunt boy.

"Yo, c'mon." Benny gave a shrill whistle with two of her fingers. Emika clamped her hands over her ears, then turned around, glaring at her. Benny pointed at her watch, it was almost sunrise. Emika nodded, and turned to the boy, who she gave a small excuse, and walked back to Benny.

"You ruin everything," Emika said sourly, crossing her arms. Benny nodded.

"It's my job."