Promise Me the Same Thing

Is it all in my head…the way I feel?

How sometimes things seem so unreal I fear if I touch them it will shatter

What does my love bring for people?

Pain, hurt, regrets…tears that never cease

Fallen angel lying on my bed

Broken and bleeding, you cannot fly

I cry each night knowing how it's my fault since I created so much trouble for you

A sin so heavy, how can we bear it?

A promise so fragile, it was meant to be broken

Waves of hurt roll through my body, never ceasing the torment

I plead for help…beg, cry and wonder why

Pray to God, why…please don't make me hurt anymore

So many fears arise and it's a big deal for me

Don't leave, is what I want to scream

How can I stop you, I'm holding you back everytime

They all leave me…promising me the same thing

So desperate I cry out for love…

For anyone to take this pain away

I hate this fuckin feeling!

A gap I hate seeing is developing between you and me