Run Away to Find My Place

I'm standing here facing you, watching you from where I stand

What good have I done, but make it harder on the both of us?

Stepping back from you, I want to get away

I want to get away from you…me…and us

Thoughts swirl around like angry bees inside my head

They work tirelessly bringing everything to a boil

My heart screams how I still love you…

And I'm noticing a side of me that is shrinking away

One that grows cold and in the dead of the night my breathing is only barely a whisper

I'm lost in a haze and no one is reaching out to help me

Backing away from you, I wonder if you would notice I had gone

Would I be a fleeting memory, just a random picture you barely look at?

I turn away, unable to meet your gaze

My feet want to carry me away, somewhere far from this place

If I disappeared before your eyes, would I still be true?

Would I be only a figment of your imagination?

I'm running…with all my might down a road where all paths blur together

My heart pounding so fast I can barely breathe

Smiling sadly up at a lone sky, a single tear drops from my eye

I'm in a fog, blindly searching for you…but at the same time running from you

Where do I go from here?

What dirt road do I take to get where I wanna go?

But life's like that, never any explanations

If I proved my self worth, would I be good enough to stay

Here I am again facing you, unable to meet your gaze

With so many thoughts tumbling through my head, I fear I may explode