A Childlike Proposal

In all the irrationality

And in all my childlike thoughts,

I think of you to be mine.

For every tear drop

And rain drop shed,

I long for your heart.

With every fiber

And morsel of my being,

I give into your love.

Every letter I receive

To all the ones I write,

My love for you grows even stronger.

Until my heart

And even the workings of my inner soul,

I can't help but overflow.

The Sailor and his All American Girl

Living in splendor,

And a love so beautiful and exciting.

Emotions that can't be tamed

And words that should always be spoken,

In short, I love you.

As I wait for you

To come back to me,

I allow my mind to define.

This love so pure

And untarnished,

It waits for your sweet embrace.

Standing this test of time

To truly understand what our relationship is worth,

I give it to the hands of God.

But deep in my mind

And within my childlike heart,

You are the one I seek.

This is for you

My sailor,

I give you my heart and my love.

I give to you

Everything that I can,

In hopes of one day.

That day isthe day

That you take me,

And there together be wed.