I Do

In the stars at night

I see your face

In the clouds in the sky

I draw your smile

With the beating of my heart

I create your music

And with your hand in mine

I long to move

My perpetual desire

To stay in your embrace

I seek your fire

And steal your kiss

My love, you see

I will always be yours

Darling, dear, all you need,

Just come back to me

What tomorrow brings

We will be whole again soon

As I verbalize my deepest emotions

Into simple traditional vows

I wish to marry you someday

Even though I don't know when or how

I, your love, take the wed

To have and to hold

In sickness and in health

'till death do us part

As you, my love, can take me wed

And continue to be

The man you are to me.

I love you... and I DO.