She heard the words
But didn't listen

She read the pages of facts and faces
But her eyes were some other place

Where hope wages
A war against forfeit

And no one could tell the difference from face to face
Starved for meaning

Her hands helpless to help them
She stares at them full of regret

The cry strangled in her throat
She lifted a finger

To wipe away the imagined tear on his sun-burnt dirt-smudged cheek
But it crumpled; her heart was so weak

She cried the tears
He dared to dream of

He turned his face away to shovel and shovel
He could no longer think or dream

About what being meant to be
And she was thinking of that pain

That she could not take away
While she sat in her seat

The distance more than miles and miles
Painful memories opening new wounds in her chest

Safe but vulnerable

She wonders if love had so much power
Why couldn't it keep it from her from hurting so much?