Lucky Heart was the unluckiest boy there ever was. It was a known fact that Lucky did not deserve his name. Then again, his real name was Lucas, it was his mom who coined the nickname for him and it just stuck. Lucky's mom is where Lucky stopped being all that lucky.

When Lucky was a kid, you'd just take one look at him and agree that if there was anyone to be named Lucky it might as well be him. He had the fluffy blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Plus the great, big grin with the right cheek dimple and everything.

You couldn't help but smile when you saw Lucky and his mom walking around, hand in hand. Mrs. Heart was the spitting image of her son right down to the dimple. Most people would say that it was the other way around: Lucky was the spitting image of his mom. It made sense. But Mom said that no one ever noticed how Mrs. Heart's hair glowed in the sun or how her eyes matched the sky on a sunny day until Lucky was born. And Mom said Mrs. Heart never smiled as much so no one ever realized she had that dimple.

Lucky and his mom were a fixture in our neighbourhood. They'd take a walk every afternoon and they always said hi to everyone who happened to be in their yards. Some people made it a point to be out just to get that hi from the golden duo.

Mrs. Heart died when Lucky was eleven. She was on her way home from doing the grocery shopping when the car slid on an icy patch and she crashed. We were told it was quick but then they said it in front of Lucky. It's the kind of thing people say to soften the blowso I guess we'll never really know.

At the funeral reception I went over to where Lucky was sitting on the stairs, staring at nothing.

"Hey," I said, sitting down beside him.

"Hey," he answered.

"You okay?"

He was silent for a while. "No," he said, finally.

Fair enough. "You wanna talk about it?"

Silence again. "No."

"Okay." When he didn't say anything, I asked, "How old are you?"


"Me too." Again he relapsed into silence. "I'm Anakin."

He finally looked at me. "Like Skywalker? In Star Wars?"

I smiled big. "Yeah. Like that. My mom and dad are big fans."

"But he's evil."

My smile faded a bit. "No, Anakin was good. Darth Vader is evil."

He paused but he was still studying me. "You don't look like Anakin."

I shrugged. "No," I agreed. My parents both have black hair and dark eyes so I never even had a chance of looking like Anakin. Not that it stopped them from naming me that anyway.

"I'm Lucky."

"I know."

He smiled at me then and I noticed then that his eyes seemed darker and his dimple was barely there.