Hello kids. )

It's been a long time since I updated. Whee.

So… I'm going to be posting up this intended "novella" (haha) that hasn't quite been finished yet (as of this date) but I'll work on it. It's actually a bit of (well, quite) a spin-off on the Aloof story (see somewhere way down on the list) and I admit that in crafting this one, I did take one or two scenes out of Aloof almost directly. I was trying to get a totally different perspective on Denise and gang, and bring the story further on. I don't know if it quite worked… anyway, here's to the opening. Enjoy. ) Maybe one of these days I'll combine the two. And make it one big long story. Then again, it may not work. Heh.

Part One: Casey

Ivory tower silence
Faces carved in stone
I am here, but you are there
I am here alone

Ivory tower blindness
Eyes that bleed with tears
I stay within, but you're without
I stay within my fears

Ivory tower deafness
Stone ears hold out the din
I hold my thoughts, but you do not
I hold my thoughts within

Ivory tower weakness
A tower all alone
I am one, but you are many
I am one forlorn