Chapter 1- A Wandering Amongst the Wild

September 11th, 2011

The mid-afternoon air possessed a chill unlike any other familiar to him, just as the sun, setting at its leisurely pace, had never before seemed so grand in her farewell wishes of lilac, rose, daisy and chrysanthemum hues. The scent, clean, yet heavy with numerous elements unknown, wafted past his upturned and slack face on the gentle winds of an autumn newly born of dying summer. All things of the Earth that the inexperienced eye could see were of golden hues accompanied by dripping crimsons and blazing oranges; nature seeming to him most spectacular at the season of her glorious deathbed. The town streets never offered loveliness such as the kind they peered over at that moment; never as boundless nor as brilliant. He savored every morsel that was granted to his vision's beastly appetite and more so cherished the experience with the boy whose father was denied the chance.

"I never knew a world like this." He turned to smile down at the wide-eyed, winged boy. "Open fields of wild grasses and wheat. Plains with endless reaches. Grünland was the world up until a bit before your birth, as it was for you father as well. Were it our choice we'd have spent all our days amongst the world as she really is. The Earth is too wide a place to only be aware of one's village, Thaddeus." He paused to suck in another gallon of the fall air through his anticipating nose. "You see, Thaddeus, we were all raised in the ways of a race that was never near to what our own truly is. We were barred from our true identities. We are Earthly creatures, my boy, natural in our spirits, pure in our hearts. Our roots aren't embedded into the deep stretches of soil, but left free to roam and enjoy all mother creation has crafted with her busy hands, though our skin is still of the bark on the trees, our hair as the tall grass that sways under the tug of a friendly breeze. We are not apart from the world as the humans believe they are, and as we once believed we were…with her, mother nature, we are one."

Thaddeus nodded, the ember of sun reflecting in his eyes, but no smile sought his lips.

"Your father loved you, and all of us, so very much that he gave us this gift. The gift of our true souls."

"Garreth," the boy choked on un-surfaced tears, "If my father loved me so much, why didn't he live for me?"

The question slammed into Garreth's breast without warning. He only pondered it for a moment before the answer came to his tongue, his muse awakened by the beauty of a wide twilight coming over the world. "He loved you more than that. He loved you enough to die for you."