Miracle Makers: International Edition(trailer)

Coming to a theater near you 3rd quarter 2006.

On bridge towering high above the ocean on a sunny day in Viareggio, Italy...

"Polizia!" a man with a thick Italian accent shouted angrily as he chased a figure wearing a large, form-concealing, poncho-like, dirty rag and a large rubber mask resembling a big yellow smiley face to hide her identity.

"L'arresto o io sparerà!(Stop, or I'll shoot)" said the character, which the recently gathered crowd could now tell was a woman from her voice.

She stepped onto the side railing of the stone bridge. She then pointed her gun to her head and then to the ocean. Suddenly, a newcomer, after revving his engine for the purposes of making a dramatic entrance, wove skillfully through the crowd on an extremely expensive looking motorcycle, stopping in front of the woman. This person, who was apparently a negotiator, was wearing black leather pants and a blue, leather racing top and helmet, both with the word "Italia" printed on them. The visor on the helmet was heavily shaded and one could only imagine how he planned to negotiate through it without lifting it up, first.

He took off his helmet with his back to the crowd, letting them see only the blue and white design on the matching bandana he was wearing beneath it.

"Hey, if you're gonna jump, just do it, Lady," he said, unexpectedly, to say the least, "But first, you might wanna give that stuff back."

"Good, you speak English," she said, "I don't speak Italian, I just learned a few useful phrases."

The awful negotiator now chuckled, puzzling the crowd behind him. He then broke into outright laughter for about five seconds and abruptly stopped, showing that he was being sarcastic the whole time.

"Look, punk," he said, keeping his cool, "I know there's money under that rag you're wearing. Give it back."

"Over my dead body," she said back to him.

"Suit yourself," he said.

With unbelievable speed, he snatched the heavy bag filled with one billion Euros and put it on the ground next to him. Unfortunately for the woman, the bag was shackled to her leg and when he grabbed it, she stumbled backwards and fell, dangling by one bare foot off of the bridge.

The negotiator, calm as if he had just woken up from a nap, which may very well be what had just happened, put on his helmet and picked up the bulging sack of money with just one hand. With his free hand, he grabbed the foot of the woman. She was most likely homeless, and judging by the amount of money that was in the bag, she had probably robbed something else big-time. Rather than pulling her up to safety, he jumped off the side of the bridge along with her.

By the time the first of the townspeople had leaned over the side of the bridge to watch the deaths of these two strange people, all they saw was a splash. They concluded that the two had fallen to their deaths with a sack containing what everyone other than the select few in the crowd that could speak English thought was an unknown amount of money. Many people lost interest soon afterwards; others were more concerned and stayed to wait for the police.

In a hole under the bridge, Genkage, who had just taken off his bandana and revealed his even spikier blond hair, now at least seven inches long per spike, was sitting down and smiling to himself about a job well done. Across from him, Kaori, wearing the same large, dirty rag was looking bored. They had dropped their masks and helmets into the water to make a splash and swung from a very thin but strong piece of wire, using a handle Kaori was holding, then leapt from the wire into the hole, carrying the money. Waiting for them inside the hole was a snack, a change of clothes, and two large duffel bags.

Now wearing ultra-chic Italian fashion- Kaori in a tight business suit and Genkage in a black and white pinstripe suit with a matching hat and a black cane, the thieving team walked down the streets of Viareggio, holding two duffel bags each. They turned a corner and put on their heavily tinted designer sunglasses in an almost synchronized fashion. After a few more steps, they stopped walking and by the time they turned towards the street, a white stretch limousine pulled up in front of them.

Before getting in and riding off in style, Genkage looked back at the town and winked, saying, "Till' next time, Italia… Till' next time, arrivaderci."

(Authors comments: Season one of on speed is about to end, before season two I wanna make a movie that bridges the plots. This is it. Remember, I say movie because MM is a showfic and written to look like a TV program. I wanted you to ask or say, "Why are they in Italy? Why are they speaking English? Why are they stealing? Why are they so rich? Where are Keiji and No-Name? I thought Kaori wasn't 'in' on everything!" and you're not gonna find out the answers until I write the whole thing.