Mengal Manor

The dog's feet sprinted across the path

As the woman followed behind

Her bed robe trailing behind her

"Francis! Francis!"

The woman calls as the dog-

Still sprinting

Shoots across the lawn

The woman's body hits the door

Her weight-

While not much-

Bursts through the wooden paneling

Francis sits in his stuffed armchair

His face draw back

In a look of disgust

His tea and his mug

Smashed on the floor

A letter sits on the table

And the woman's shaky hands

Grow more and more shaky

As she reads almost unreadable words

A confession-

And an apology

For the death of her son

No two new headstones

In Mengal graveyards

One for the son-

Who died in pain

And one for the killer-

Who shouldn't have died