Being a Princess is an honor.

Yeah, right.

Being a Princess is actually way more complicated then it seems.

So, we all know the legends of the famous Princess' from all over the world. The Princess of the Sea, Ariel. The Princess of Sleeping, Aurora. The Princess of Beauty, Snow White. The Princess of Intelligence, Belle. The Princess of Adventure, Jasmine. The Princess of Kindness, Cinderella.

All the great Queens of my world. All the remodels of the next generations to come.

And you know those songs that they always sing?

Yeah, by the way, you're taught those. Yep, you go to lessons to learn songs.

How lame is that? You'd think it's some spontaneous act of love and poetics, then learn its all fake from the start.

Princesses are taught songs, words, lines to say to your own Prince Charming. (Who, by the way, is destined by birth, apparently.) You never really get a chance to pick your own love, it's always chosen for you.

Us Princesses have some trade secrets, I'll tell you.

Then again, royal families are bred for beauty.

How do you think that all Princes are handsome? And all Princesses are beautiful? Because they're bred that way. It's supposed to run in genetics. I mean, you'll never see an ugly, old King. Because at one point, he was Prince Charming. He was the Queen's Prince Charming.

However, just because they're beautiful, doesn't mean that they have sweet, caring personalities.

Most royals are so vain, that they only care about themselves and their reputations.

And you know, once every other generation, there's a Great King, or Great Queen. This basically means that he or she is beautiful and smart.

Me? My father is…

Well, I come from Queen Aurora's bloodline. Long, blonde hair and green eyes. (From King Phillip's family).

My mother's side comes from an unknown Queen. One of the many Queen's of old that's story never was quite told. (Rhyming...)

My Prince?

He comes from the Snow White lineage. Dark, almost black hair, and bright blue eyes. And, the trade mark for all the Snow White's, red rosy lips.

He's handsome, all right.

Too bad I'm not in love with him.

I'm kind of…a disappointment, I guess.

Not that I'm going to say I'm not beautiful. (Because, if I want to be honest with myself, I'm not ugly. In fact, the Royal families are so vain to make sure that their beauty continues with the family, they have seers, or physics show the future of the beauty. And if the child turns out to be normal looking, or, god-forbid, ugly, they have the child sent away.)

Just my personality is not up to par. I'm supposed to be this vain, self-deprecating, shallow Princess.

But I'm not.

People say I was born into the wrong family lineage. I should be apart of Queen Belle's family, because I love to read. I love to read, and write, and paint.

Oh, I guess I should mention the talents, then?

Each family line has a certain talent that represents the Queen's of old.

Such as, Queen Ariel's family has a talent for swimming, and all things concerning water, seas, or rivers.

Queen Belle's family has a talent for all things artistic. You know, reading, writing, painting…you know the deal.

And so on with each family.

My family (taking after Queen Aurora) was always the singing talent. Not that I have a hideous voice (God forbid something was wrong with me), just, I…don't sing. I just was never into singing as much as I was into reading.

Thus, a big disappointment to the family.

My eldest sister, Claudia, was the shining star of the family. An amazing singer, she married to a Prince Charles.

Who, by the way, was not from any Queen's family. At least, that we know of.

My older brother, Henry, married to a girl from Queen Jasmine's lineage. This girl, to say the least, was amazing. She wasn't vain, or shallow, or fake, like the girls of our court, she was…exotic. And interesting. My brother, was, to say lightly, in love at first sight.

My name? Serenity Liliana Courtette, of the Queen Aurora lineage.

Yes, my whole name is quite a mouthful.

But, I've accepted it.

My beloved? My betrothed? His name?

Gabriel Tristan Hector, of the Queen Snow White lineage.

At least he has a cool name.

If you couldn't tell, I wasn't quite into my future hubby.

Oh, no, I wasn't.

In fact, I was quite dreading the marriage.

This was supposed to happen on my seventeenth birthday, contrary to most Princesses. However, my seventeenth was only a month away, and the whole castle is buzzing about it.

I had met dear Gabriel at the tender age of…well, three. He was two years older then me, still is (well, of course), and I had hated him.

He had hated me.

Now? He still isn't too fond of me, and I'm not too fond of him either.

He isn't vain, or anything. I mean, not as bad as most Princes. Not that he isn't arrogant, he's just…

Not for me.

And the fact that he has a secret girlfriend.

I had walked in on them a month ago, making out in the broom closet. The girl, much to my amusement, was a girl working in the kitchens of his palace.

Everyone was taught at a young age never to discriminate against those that have less then us (ie, kitchen maids), because like the Cinderella story, she or he could become a very powerful ruler.

And since it's determined at birth who you're going to end up with (seers, I tell you, the bane of my existence), you can't rule out the less fortunate. It really all depends.

So, as you can see, I was at a predicament.

I had already decided not to tell anyone, but since our wedding was two months away, I thought we had hit a snag on what to do.

This is where the fairy God mother's come in.

I mean, not all fairies are a) women, and b) mother's. But ever since the whole Queen Cinderella deal, no one had been able to kick the habit of saying it.

The fairy line has been loyal to Royals (rhyming, for the second time) since time had begun. Some sort of debt, or something, causes all magical creatures to be bound to Royals in any time of need.

Time of need?

Yep, that was me.

A spitting image of my great-great-great-great-grandmother, who was not in love with her Prince Charming.

Oh brother.

Hi! This is a new story that I kind of thought up while watching Snow White...

And...I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to write this, but I've already decided most of the plot. So, it's not just a one shot or anything.

But, any suggestions? Or any thing? Title may change!