My life is in shambles

My future has crumbled

There is no celebration in my future

There is no praising in my past

Nothing will come save for the long string of condolance letters

The ones that say, "I'm sorry for your loss."

So bold as to speak of my loss of sanity

My loss of control

If once I was heading towards a prosperous life

One with love and happiness

All of that has changed

But to hear your voice is all it would take

To understand how you feel

Would be the end of my troubles

Some say to never love is the worst punishment

Some say for love to be non-mutual is

But what do they know?

The worst punishment is to not understand

The difference between love and hate

To be able to decide who you love and be set would be bliss beyond comprehension

But I have not been granted this

I have been punished, for some ungodly sin

One I do not remember committing, one that I do not understand

And I have been sent on a battle, one that will not end

To attempt to understand love, when such a thing is not possible

When such a thing is unreachable

I get to ponder, to believe, then to retract

Could you ever wish for such a thing?