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Chapter Nineteen

The cot fucking hates me. That is the only excuse for it to decide to let out its loudest squeal of the night when Ihad decided to just give in. Now it had me staring wide-eyed at Salem who had sat back away from me, his hand half out of my pants.

Goddamn cot.

"How about we move over to my bed?" he was sliding off of me and the cot, with the later letting out another wheezing squeal.

What now? Go with him, give in and enjoy it with a whole lot of regret in the morning or say no and not go down that road? Why the hell was that road even an option? Was this just turning into another form of torture for him?

"No," I buried my face in my pillow and swore at the squeak of the bed.


"Go away."

The idiot poked me. Tomorrow I would kill him. Tonight I would think about old women in spandex and plot the murder. If he pushed it, the schedule might change.

"You enjoyed it," he intoned and ran that damn finger down my neck. I shivered.

"Of course I enjoyed it! I'm a sexually frustrated teenage vir-" Oh shit. "Boy!" That switch wasn't noticeable, was it?

"Vir-boy?" Salem let out a hiss of breath in my ear. "Oh, Jeremy my boy is there something I should know?"

I groaned into the pillow. I hate him, he was going to die. Now he was making the blood invade my face rather than my dick. Yay.

I'm not sure which makes me want to kill him more.

"Go away."


"Go away or die."

Blankets rustled and he muttered something I couldn't make out. Whatever. He was away from me now and that was all that mattered. I had been crazy to even think about letting that happen.

Still, goddamn squealing cot.


Salem's floor smells like feet. Which I guess is understandable. It's a floor after all. But when it's a floor you're sleeping on and you head happened to fall off of the pillow during the night? Then the floor should damn well smell like daisies.

I sat up and glared at it. Then again it wasn't the floor's fault. I turned to glare at the bed beside me but the curved foot board blocked most of my view. I threw the useless pillow at it. Not even a nice thump. If it had been a normal room there would have been something else around to throw. Something nice and hard. A shoe or a book would have been great, but of course he had to be the freak with the clean room.

Wait, I decided to kill him today. Wonder if I can do it without waking the house. What time was it anyway?

He had a clock beside his bed, I remembered that. I crawled to the side to look at it. 8:42 and what the fuck was I doing up so early on a Saturday? Even one more hour would have been better.

It did mean there could be a chance of escape though. Except that it meant being rude and leaving their house unlocked. And I needed more sleep if I found it funny that a thief might walk into their house at nine in the morning to rob them. A damn early bird on the job. I tried to collapse back towards my pillow to cover up my laugh and missed.

Dear God, feet. Didn't he wash them?

I pushed to my feet and kicked the pillow before looking towards the bed. The empty bed. Looks like there would be no killing him in his sleep.

But ah…Where was he?

…Had he done something to me while I was asleep? I very much wanted to find a mirror. If I had been in his place I'd have found a convenient sharpie. Not a bad second option to killing him. It wouldn't have ended with everyone chasing me around screaming. Er…except for Salem.

Well, the mirror would be with the bathroom I suddenly needed very badly.

Out in the hall I could hear the rest of the house. Or half of it. Amy was screeching something and the other girl, I was never going to remember her name, laughing.

I ducked into the bathroom.

My face was clear of sharpie marks and, really it was pitiful to be so fucking thankful for it, my neck was clear of any marks left by Salem. Nothing to be added to the list of reasons of why I need to beat his ass.

Hey, I can dream.

Aza was standing out in the hall when I opened the door. He stared at me, shifting from foot to foot, frowning.

"Good morning?" Fuck, did he blame his nightmare on me?

"I'm sorry." He tugged on the string hanging from his sweatpants' waistband. "For last night."

"Totally not your fault."


"Is there food?"

He didn't look like he wanted to give up on trying to apologize at first. "Jeremy."

"Shut it, brat." I started for the stairs without him. "I'm hungry, it's too damn early, and your dreams aren't your fault."

I looked back from the top of the steps. He smiled. "Thanks."

It was messed up that he thought he had to thank me or say sorry. I really should have gone home. Awkward messes? So not fun. It would also mean not facing Salem.

I stopped at the bottom of the steps. "I think maybe I should just head home."

"Nuh-uh." He set a finger between my shoulder blades and used it to steer me. "Kitchen, shorty."

"You better have waffles." It was the only thing I could think of. Running away sounded like a bad idea. Not to mention I'd seem like a chicken shit for not facing Salem. Though Aza would probably just think I was insane.

Let's face it: He already does.

I pushed the door to the kitchen open before he used my nose to do it. The room was full. Amy and her friend leaned against the island on one side, her parents sat at the table from the night before, and Salem was taking up the space between the island and the counter.

He glared at me when I walked in though no one else bothered to notice. I stuck my tongue out at him. The hell did he have to grump over?

Ah, never mind.

Asshole started it.

I was left at the edge of the island while Aza began to dig into the freezer. Looking for my waffles I hoped. It was a moment before he pulled them out with a happy, "Aha!" and threw the mostly empty box at me. I plucked the wrapped up bag out and looked for their toaster while Aza began to poke in the cupboards.

"We don't have any syrup." Mrs. Nighte frowned at her son.

"That's fine, I don't use it."

Aza glared at me over his shoulder. "Could've told me that."

"Sorry?" Well, I hadn't known he was looking for syrup.

I ignored his mother's look and searched for the toaster again. I wondered if she had decided his nightmare was my fault. Salem shifted to the side and jerked his thumb to the space behind him. Oh, god damn.

A few inches of space was all he gave me to make my waffles. Well, I hadn't run because I didn't want to seem a chicken. I was chickening out on this, not with my damn stomach shouting for food. I pushed into the space he had given up.

How loud did he have to chomp on that cereal? And why the fuck was he so warm?

I shoved a waffle into the toaster and returned the glare he was giving me.

The bastard shoved his elbow into my ribs and the yelp (okay it was manly yelp, shut up) was only covered by Amy and her friend breaking out laughing. Still, he was grinning afterwards as he chomped on his cereal. Seriously, was he eating rocks?

His grunt and the cereal he spewed out wasn't even half as pleasing as it should have been. Though, gripping my hot waffle, I found out it had gotten someone's attention. Namely…His dad's.


He wasn't glaring like Salem or anything. Just watching but the guy thought we were dating. Who knew what the hell he'd interpret an elbow fight?

I slid a few steps away…and ran into the fridge door that Aza was opening to put a jug of milk back inside. A bottle of BBQ fell out of the overfull door, I dropped my waffle, he juggled to keep the milk in hand. It was a goddamn mess and Salem was laughing at us while Amy and the other girl stared.

I looked at my waffle. "Damn." Which, you know, wasn't worst thing I could have said in front of their parents but I was just feeling all kinds of smart. "Oh sh…Sorry!" If they weren't looking at me, with Mrs. Nighte looking like she'd caught me pissing on her flowers and Mr. Nighte looking ready to laugh himself, I'd have killed Salem. He was finding all to fucking hilarious for my taste.

Aza of course wasn't really helping matters. He was laughing when he picked up my waffle and tried to hand it to me. I took it, holding it out and just looking at him until he pointed me towards the trashcan. I wasn't exactly feeling all that trustworthy towards my mouth.

"I think I'll head home now."

"Shorty!" Was that supposed to make me want to stay? "But I thought we could play more video games."

"You beat me at all of them already." I inched towards the door.

Salem was watching me, frowning though his glare was gone. Small blessing? Not sure, as long as he stayed over there. I refused to see whatever expression was on their parents face.

They were probably fucking praying that it was the truth and I wasn't dating either of their sons.


"Bye!" Sticking around to let him argue me into staying really wasn't a good idea. How much more time did I want to spend in the Nighte house?

Exactly none. Especially when I had a feeling Salem would find a way to, I don't know, lock me in a closet to get back at me for stopping whatever he was planning on doing to me the night before. And since he was Salem after all the bastard would probably lock himself in with me.

I'd made it to the door with Aza yelling bye before Salem caught up to me.

"Running away Links?" He'd hooked a finger into my shirt and pulled me back. "Afraid of something?"

"Sharks." I tilted my head back to look at him. The top of my head knocked against his chest and I tried to step forward. No go, he just pulled me back again. "And nuclear explosions. Though that could be cool, get some super powers beat up a few bad guys."

"You'd be the bad guy."

I thought about that for a moment. "Maybe. Depends on the pay." Still no go on the being able to walk away thing. "You're parents probably think you're kissing me good bye or some shit."

He smiled and you know what, a fucking tiger has a sweeter smile. "You asking?"

"Hell no."

"Ah, well." He pushed my head back down so I wasn't looking back at him. Metal chimed in his hand. "Damn."

"Damn?" I tried to twist around.

"Damn. Now come on, I'm giving your dumbass a ride home."

"No thanks." He was pushing me towards the door with a hand on my shoulder. Did I have a sign saying I needed a driver? Or was it just some odd damn habit of the Nighte brothers that I hadn't noticed before? "It's only a street away, a very short walk you know."

"But you have really short legs."

"Fuck. You." He was laughing as he steered me towards his car. "You change moods on me? One minute you're glaring, the next laughing at me." I stopped outside the car door. "Next you'll be…Doing something I don't want."

He leaned on the car. "Let's test that theory."

"No, bye." I didn't even make it to the end of the driveway before he was pulling me back to the car by the collar of my shirt.

"In the car Links."

"Pushy asshole."


Salem pushed me into the car before I could try another escape. I mean, it's not like he locked the door but why keep trying when half of his goal had already been reached? Besides, a ride even that short distance? Not that bad an idea. Who the hell wants to walk when there's a car ride being offered?

Yes, I'm lazy. Don't you love that about me?

"You should let me drive." I told him as he settled into the driver's seat.

"I'd like to live and keep my car in one piece."

"I'm a great driver." He raised an eyebrow at me. One day I will master that move and then he will be like, whoa he lifted one eyebrow! Until that day, I will be jealous. "Okay, I've only ever had the wheel like once and well…yeah, not so great."

"Which is why I drive."

We were already pulling in front of my house before I could think of another argument. Him and Danny were too damn protective of their cars. At least Salem had a reason to be, his was nice.

"Waste of time to drive me. Took all of two minutes and I'd have taken five at most." I already had my hand on the door but it wasn't opening.

"I have to go to the store anyway, I've got project in chem that I need to pick stuff up for. Oh, the kid's lock is on."

"I hate you."

"Wouldn't have been able to keep you in the car otherwise." I refused to look at him even though I could feel him breathing on my neck. "Why'd you turn into a jerk last night?"

"I was a jerk?" Oh, that bastard. He got me to turn to face him. "You were the one molesting me!"

Children's locks are on my list of things to destroy. "First off, I warned you. You kept provoking me and making that damn cot squeak. Second, you made me stop."

"You expected me to let you continue? On a squeaky cot, in a house full of your family?" I poked him. "Are you an idiot? No way! It went too far anyway." Okay, why was he grinning at me like that? Oh, fuck. What did I say? "It ah, wasn't going to happen." I finished lamely while he kept grinning.

"So…if the cot hadn't been squeaky and the house empty we could have gone on with it?" His nose brushed against mine and I pulled back, smacking my head against the window. Ow, goddamnit.

"That is not what I said!"

He was slipping his fingers between my head and the glass, not even bothering to act like it hurt when I tried to grind them back against the glass. "It's what I heard."

"I said…"

Really, his lips were beginning to feel way too familiar.

I shoved a little at his shoulders but all he did was press forward more. Breaking my window was sort of the only escape and uh…I didn't want to be a vandal…I guess? So, I sort of didn't fight too much.

His teeth scraped over my lip, biting until I opened my mouth for him. It flicked against mine and then it was gone, as was his mouth. Salem shifted, his hand in my hair rubbing at my scalp the other one gripping the wrist of the hand I had set against his chest. He was smiling again as he leaned down to trace a line down my neck with his tongue and then slip back up.

Dear god. That tongue was evil. And no, that noise I made was not a moan.

"Hmm." He hummed in my ear as he flicked his tongue along the lobe. "Now, will an empty car work?"

It really shouldn't be that hard to say no.

"Not in front of my house." Him stopping to talk had let me remember a few things. Like the fact that I didn't want to be kissing him. No, no I really didn't.

"We can go somewhere else."

"No," I clawed at the door handle even though I already knew it wasn't going to budge. I hit the button on the window. "I'm going inside to eat my own waffles." He was tugging at my arms to turn me back around.


"See you at school Monday!" I stuck my arm out the window once it was down and opened my door. Salem pulled me back before I could make my escape.

With my back pressed against his chest and one of his hands holding me back while the other tipped up my head, it was an awkward kiss. Slightly off center, he sucked on the corner of my mouth before I pulled away.

He smirked at me. "Bye then."


I had totally forgotten that I'd told Danny I'd do something with him. How was I reminded? With him showing up in the afternoon, telling me I had five minutes to get ready. Apparently we were going somewhere. The where was, of course, not explained.

He only yelled what to wear through my door at me. I think he was afraid of walking into my room.

I ended up in old clothes, the pants a little too big (when had I lost weight?) and the shirt stained in odd places. The stains were thankfully hard to see on the dark green.

"So where are we going?"

"I talked to Raquel last night." He was bouncing down the steps. I could see my dad and sister, her broken leg up on the table, sitting in the living room.

"And we're going to see her? Which is why you told me what to wear?"

"We are going to see her but that's only because she invited us along."

"Along on what?" I kicked him as he hopped off the last step and he stumbled. "Where the hell are we going?"

"To war!" He posed one hand on his hip, the other pointing at the ceiling. I hit him on the head and he rubbed at the spot, grinning. "Hector is having a paintball gun party."

"Oh, I fucking hate you."

"Mooooommm," Rebecca yelled suddenly. She was looking straight at me. "Jeremy just said fucking."

Oh, goddamn little sisters. Being shot with paint or yelled at by my mom? I knew which one I preferred. I ran out the door.

Danny was laughing when he climbed into the car with me. "Coward."

"Smart." Yes, running away from mom and towards paintball guns equals smart.


He was in a good mood. A much better one than I had seen of him in a few days. Well, he hadn't spent the night and morning being attacked. "Why are you so happy?"

Danny grinned and began pushing buttons on the radio. "I was promised a cute blonde to shoot."

"You sound psychotic."

"Fuck you."

"No really, a cute blonde to shoot? How does that sound good?"

He sighed at me as though it were a stupid question. Really, if I were in her place and I'd found out some random red headed dumb butt thought I was a cute person to shoot I'd be running for the hills. Much like with the screaming and the sadists and all that. You avoid the freaks. Danny was, apparently, a freak.

"Who all is going to be there?"

"Hector, Raquel, Lynn," Oh damn. I was so shooting her. "That guy Jean, you remember him? The one who was with Hector when he got us drunk. Um, some guys whose names I don't remember and my blonde."

"Your blonde." I echoed. Damn, psycho for a girl without even meeting her. All time new low for my friend. Poor idiot. "I'll have to warn her to aim for your balls man. Scare you off before you jump her or something."

"Jer! You asshole! Go to hell."

I laughed into my hand and dodged into the car door to miss the punch he aimed at my arm. He swerved towards a mailbox and I shrieked. Normally I'd be all for ruining a mailbox or two but it was coming right at me and I mean…what? You would have sat there calmly and let him smash into it with your side of the car?

He decided it was a game, seeing how much he could make me scream before we got to the paintball field. Such a nice best friend. Screw telling the girl where to aim. I was going to get him everywhere.

Oh, damn. I wish I could cart one of the paintball guns off. No need to beat Salem's ass when I could shoot it.

The paintball field had a rather rickety looking fence keeping the people inside it from running into the parking lot and using the cars as shields. A parking lot that wasn't very full. Three cars sat closest to the front with a small group around them. Our small group.

Everyone was there that he had said. Raquel who was chatting with Lynn and two other girls, one with a smooth bob of blonde hair and the other with a wild mess of dark hair that might as well be called a mane, and then Hector and three others, one of which was Jean.

Who was hot enough that he had been the one to cause the argument I had with myself while I was drunk. To jump him or not to jump him. That, alas, had been the questions. He was very sadly straight.

He, along with Hector, also looked ready for war. They had streaks of black on their cheeks and Hector had even gone all out camouflage pants and shirt. I snorted. They looked like idiots. Not that I was going to tell them that. Like being alive and all that jazz. I like to save the antagonism for Salem and Will.

Maybe that's the problem.

"If you shoot me, I'll kill you." I told Danny as he pulled rather crookedly into a parking place close to the others.

"Today, you don't exist." Well, it sounded like agreement.

I followed him to the group only to be pulled into a hug by Lynn before I could even say hi. Maybe I need to roll around on the floor in my room. I should be immune, right? I mean, I sleep on top of a bed that has…stuff growing under it. Either I'm immune or I'm Spiderman and I haven't figured it out yet.

"Chico!" Raquel recued me, pulling me away from Lynn and her Death Balloons to lean against her side. "I didn't think Danny would get you to go anywhere. ¿Con qué sobornó usted nuestro chico?" The last was directed at Danny. I think. Hell if I could answer her.

"Didn't have to, he had to flee or be lynched by an angry mom." He made to stick his tongue out at me and sucked it back in when he saw the new girl was looking at him. "Hi, I'm Danny."

I was so tempted to scream at her to run. It'd be really awesome payback. Much better than setting him up with someone.

"Caitlin." She wriggled her fingers at him in a wave and smiled.

Good sign? Er, no. She was looking over her shoulder at Hector and Jean who seemed to be demonstrating…well, it looked like something rather pornographic but I think it was actually supposed to have something to do with how to grip a gun to the other two with them.

Need I say who didn't notice the direction of her eyes? My friend, he is hopeless. At least I was pretty sure I wouldn't be walking in on Caitlin and Jean fucking in a closet. If it was Jean she was looking at. Better not be Hector, Raquel would kill her. Who cares about the other two?

But maybe I should avoid all closets at Raquel's just in case.

"These are my amigos," Raquel was still keeping me away from Lynn. I'd be holding her of with the gun. I could totally imagine her going octopus on my head while I tried to fend of Hector. God, I was going to die. "Danny and Jeremy."

"Do you go to college with us?" Caitlin was barely giving us half of her attention. Not to say that all of mine was exactly on them, but I didn't have boy kidnapping his best friend to come shoot me with paint. I can see how that might not entice her.

"Still in high school." Lynn dug a hand into her hair and sighed. Her eyes flicked to me. "Pity."

Oh, fuck no that did not mean what I was worried it meant. Fuck no, fuck no, fuck no!

(Did Danny see that?)

"The last of us are here!" Hector skirted around the group to set his arm over Raquel's shoulders on the side opposite of where I stood. He dug his fingers into my hair roughly and I swatted at him. Raquel hit the back of his head. "Fine, fine. Yo sólo interfería con él." He kissed he quickly and turned back to the people crowding around.

Danny was trying to end up next to Caitlin, who was trying to end up beside Jean…who was beside Lynn. Holy wacky love triangle…thingy batman! Er…if Lynn had looked at me then I was in there somewhere too. Oh, goddamnit. My life's fucked up enough thanks. I've got one molester already, let's keep it at a nice low number, yeah? Let her go molest Jean. And just to make my day better send Salem to molest anyone who is named Jeremy Links.

It's wonderful to dream, isn't it?

"They've got most stuff set up for us already." He towed me and Raquel along with him.


You know that oh shit feeling you get sometimes? Well…Oh, shit.

Insanity said that I was the kind of guy to love paintball war games. Not the getting shot part, but the shooting. I mean come on! Hitting people square where ever and winning? And you get to hide? Sounds fucking wonderful.

Except for the small fact that I freaking hate it. Okay, I did like the shooting the one time I managed a damn hit.

It had nothing to do with the freaky mask they had us all wearing with the big bug eyes and the full on face cover even if it was a little odd. The vests were heavy but I could deal with that. I even liked the sky blue the girls had picked, I'd seen it painted on trees every time I took a shot. Being on the girls' team was even all that bad. Even if I was pissed at Danny for playing fifth wheel for the boy's team (thought that was sort of Raquel's fault for insisting no matter how many men they had on their team we'd when) (I did notice she didn't classify me as man though, got to figure out how to get back at her for that).

Hell even having my legs ache from being hit with a few of the bloody red paint of the other team wasn't bad.

My problem was that Lynn and Caitlin were stalking me.

Er, strike that.

Lynn was stalking me, Caitlin was stalking her and Raquel was out there being soldier enough to make G.I. Joe feel like he needed to grow a pair. She was responsible for our one take out, one of the guys whose name I hadn't learned and for hitting Hector in the ass. I'd only seen the result of that but oh, the money I'd have paid.

I banged my head on the tree behind me and glared at Caitlin and Lynn. Caitlin was hissing something to Lynn, loud but not loud enough for me to hear even if I wanted to, and Lynn was doing an odd dance looking between the trees and to me and back again.

I knew exactly what she was planning and I was freaking glad that Jean and Hector were close enough to catch any movement. Not that that would stop her for long or Caitlin might give us away with her "Oooosh-wo-wo-sshoooo," hissing. I gripped the gun, glared at her and peered out at the two men.

Who were now three.

Fucking Danny.

He was probably looking for his blonde. Seriously, if he shot me he was dead.

I snuck away from my tree a little, edging in the direction of another, away from the trampled area where they were coming from. Lynn was glaring at the other girl while I did it. Perfect chance for me to RUN LIKE HELL.

But no. She turned, saw me, and took that stupid step into the open area.

It was like those scenes where the Seriously Important Person That Was Put Here for Us to Kill in a movie, gets (duh) killed but without the stupid music and the slow motion. Three blasts hit her in the side, catching the sleeve of her sweater and the hitting her chest where the vest mostly protected her. Based on the rules of the game she was dead.

Not that it stopped her from shooting at them or anything. Ah, chaos. My very evil friend.

I could see them jogging up with Hector laughing when she let loose on them. Jean went down on his butt in surprise, Caitlin popped out from behind the tree to be hit in the shoulder with red paint by Danny who didn't seem to have been aiming for her. Hector was going Rambo on everyone's ass, his own drooping and blue spotted.

What could I do but join in? I aimed for Danny. And what did I hit?

A tree that looked nothing like Danny. Fucking tree.

That was of course when Jean shot me from the ground. And you know what? I thought being shot in the legs hurt. When he shot me and got me right where the vest didn't cover my chest, in the space right under my chin. I sat down.


I blamed Lynn for the nasty purple bruise spread out over to my chest. She had rushed to me, Jean had glared and petted his gun. Yep, it was her fault. He shot me because she was following me. It was Danny's too. Not that he cared. He was pouting over Caitlin, who'd rushed to Jean.

You know what? Freaky roundabout love-whatevers suck.

But it was a school day, one bonus was I didn't have to listen to him pout and I couldn't be blamed. Jean wasn't my friend. I think he was blaming Hector. Silently of course and they didn't exactly spend loads of time together for Hector to notice the snub.

I touched the tips of my fingers to the bruise under my shirt and sighed. It hurt but at least I could hide it from my mom. Even if it might have gotten me a tiny bit of sympathy rather than a chewing out for bad language and questions about what the heck had happened to my poor pants.

It might not have helped that I kept pointing out that dad had said the f-word and worse a hundred-thousand times in front of her. Loudly. Sometimes directed at mom or me. She'd just done that mom glare they all seem to have and jiggled her leg a bit until I gave in and apologized to her.

Shouting made me look up from where I sat against the shed that I had decided was Mine. It was no one who had anything to do with me. Some vaguely familiar boy facing off against another who was either a stranger or very forgettable. They disappeared towards the football field and I shrugged. Not going to follow them to see a fight.

Especially not there. Dear god it was now the home of many of my nightmares.

I glared at the door instead and willed it to open. I was bored as hell and Marie was supposed to have been out over ten minutes ago to play Don't Let Jeremy Do Something Stupid. Of course homework might have allowed me a bit of leeway but the Stupid could have been bugging her.

Banging my head against the shed, I willed away all thoughts of Stupid. Like sneaking into the health teacher's room and decorating the ugly old skeleton in there. Not that it's have done anything but take up time. It was a school hobby. Someone had left a nasty orange hat with blue and green feathers on its head. Another person wrapped a bright pink boa around its neck. Fingerless gloves with spiked knuckles were tied to its wrists.

I was of course thinking of something that involved markers and a rather wonderful illustration I'd seen somewhere. Maybe forget the markers and use some paper and glue. Maybe those beanie sacks that they'd had us throwing into target holes for some stupid student Olympics thing they had us do each year that only consisted of that, tug of war, and some freaky thing with ketchup that made me wonder what the hell kinds of kinks my teachers were hiding.

Wall met head again. I could always just take a nap.

I didn't think it was going to happen but I still closed my eyes hopefully. Peaceful, but still boring. I banged my head back in a steady rhythm, not hard enough to hurt.

Somehow it didn't surprise me when fingers snuck into my hair to pull my head to a stop.

"Go away."

"Actually, I came to drag you somewhere." Salem leaned against the shed, hand still on my head.

"Fuck no."

He grinned. "Wasn't thinking of that Links. I need a second pair of hands for help with my chem project."

"Go ask Will." It was sort of understood that I was dead meat if I went into a class with flammable or exploadable stuff unchaperoned. Marie counted as a watch dog. Salem did not.

Cause I said he didn't. Although using that wonderfully flammable stuff on him sounding fucking great.

Why were his fingers still in my hair?

He tugged. "Not leaving you alone."

"Not helping."

"Does Danny boy know you were at my house Friday?"

"Hurt you more than it will hurt me." I tried to slip my head out from under his hand but he tightened his grip on my hair and jerked it straight.

"No, cause I can just blame you on Aza or Amy. Danny will wonder and bug you. And bug you some more." And get suspicious, though not of the subjects he really needed to stay away from. "He might even think you actually have a thing for my sister."

"I fucking hate you."

"So you've said." I hate his hand. "Now, come on." He was smirking when I stood and glared at him.

Bastard would pay. I'd show him why it was a bad idea to take me to a chemistry room.

I trailed behind as we made our way through mostly empty halls. Whoever we saw wasn't exactly around us enough to know we should be trying to kill each other…okay that he should be killing me.

The room's door was cracked open. His project a mess of construction paper, presentation board and some tubes of ugly colors. I focused on the tubes.

"Those would be?"

"Colored water." He shrugged. "I needed a picture with those colors and it was better than trying to get the stuff to actually make them."

I poked the piss yellow one on the end. "So what do you need me for?"

He held a pair of scissors out to me. "Cutting."

Salem Nighte will die.


He made the mistake of leaving me alone to see if he could bum construction paper for the back ground of his board from the art teacher we ran out of what he had bought.

Guess what I went for?

No, not his report.

The locked glass cupboards full of the stuff that deserved the sign of do not touch without supervision, yada yada yada. The lock was easy to open, and No cian't really pick locks. The one on the cupboards though was just one of those thin metal stick things with a weak padlock. Think those fake padlocks that young girls (my sister for example) have on their diaries and you'll have an idea of about how good it is at keeping destructive boys out.

I knew sort of what I was looking for. But, I also sort of didn't. A bottle of alcohol, some smelly rock like stuff and two dark bottles of something sloshy and something sludgey. His colored water would work for that part. I grabbed gloves and goggles, because I am not stupid enough to want to do something funky to my skin.

One year they had us making "silver" and it involved this chemical that if it touched your skin, it turned it gray and killed it. Unlike the boy who had wanted to pour it on his tongue I liked my skin alive. Zombie look was for the future.

It was time to see what funky stuff would happen with this stuff thrown together.

I'd gotten most of everything but the water thrown together when he came back. I didn't notice him until he set his hands on my hips and his nose brushed the back of my head. "What the hell are you doing?"


"Links." He turned me around. "What are you doing?"

"Making a life altering discovery."

He smiled, eyebrows going up. "Oh really."

"That has to do with making stuff catch on fire." Salem looked at me like I had just proven I needed to wear a straight jacket. "It will be, ah, pretty?"

"You're not doing it."

"Am to."

"To borrow a phrase from you: Fuck no." Salem nipped at the skin behind my ear. "Now put the shit up."

Sometimes being stubborn is stupid. "No. I want to make this baby burn."

Also not pushing molesting bullies away is stupid. He pressed me back against the lab counter so that it pressed a hard line into my back and kissed me. Fingers dug into my hips and rubbed at the ratty green shirt between them and my skin.

"Really bad idea to do this at school." I tried to slip sideways and he wedged me in place with a knee on one side of my leg and one between them.

"We're progressing." He sucked at the skin under my other ear.

"What?" I wasn't sure if I hadn't understood what he said over if I'd just missed hearing part of it.

"Two days ago it was stop, you hate me, blah and all that stupid shit." He shifted so that one arm wrapped around me. "Now we've gotten to you just not liking the place."

"I didn't say I liked you."

Okay, rule number one for when protesting on not liking your bully: Don't kiss him back.

The hand of the arm that was wrapped around me pushed up the bottom of my shirt to trace shapes on my skin. I was sort of getting that "it feels like fire" thing. I didn't remember I was wearing gloves until I went to dig one hand into his hair and just felt the press of it on latex. I was tugging them off when he pushed me hard against the counter again and pressed the knee that was between my legs up against a part of me that I really didn't need getting attention while I was at school.

Salem trailed kissed down my throat until he reached the skin above my collar. Moving his leg slowly back and forth against the erection I really didn't want to admit the hand that had been gripping my hip shifted focus and began to pick at the buttons of my shirt. He stopped when fingers and mouth found the stupid bruise.

"What's this from?"

"Paintball war." With him stopped I wondered what the hell I was doing. This was where I was supposed to run screaming from the room. Except his leg moved again. I'd kill for a squealing cot to distract me. A bug-eyed teacher. Some innocent screaming freshman. I kissed Salem's jaw and wondered if I'd gotten high on one of the chemicals.

"Dumb ass. Danny?"

I pulled back. "What?" I looked around the room, afraid the red head would be staring at us from a corner.

He snorted and bit my ear. "Was it Danny?"

"Oh, no. Jean."

"Jean." He frowned at me. I blinked at him and wondered why he was stopped and if I really wanted to agree with the stopping or not.

"Jean. Friend of Raquel's boyfriend."

"I met him." Staring was really my only response. His stupid leg was still pressed against me, just enough to be a distraction. Salem stared back before he smiled again.

Was it me or was he getting a little more forceful with the kissing?

His teeth knocked mine as his tongue touched mine. There was going to be a line grooved into my back when he let me up. Which probably wasn't going to be until the bell rang. How long until the bell was going to ring?

I gasped as he kissed the bruise, teeth catching the skin and pressing down a little too hard for it to feel completely good. "Salem!" I tried to push him away and he pressed his leg closer and pressed his mouth to mine again.

"Shut up." He was moving downward again before I realized his goal. Or what I was sort of hoping wasn't his goal.

And was totally wishing was.

He left my shirt half buttoned as he settled onto his knees. "This really wasn't the plan." Was what he muttered, or maybe just what I thought I heard. Salem slipped his fingers into the fly I hadn't noticed him unzip. Unbearably cool against my skin, I still press into his hand. "So own you after this."

His hand was cold at the base of my dick while his mouth was hot around the rest of it. Salem's teeth scraped against me and I hissed. I pressed a hand that still floppily folded into gloves against the back of his head, biting my lip as he slowly began to move, back and forth. I could feel his tongue swirl slow along the tip. Biting the wrist of my other hand, I groaned. Part of me still remembered that I was in school or I might have made a few people wonder what the fuck.

Salem met my eyes and his tongue pressed against the tip of my dick before sliding down it. I shut my eyes, let my hips move with him until he pressed one hand back against my hips to hold me in place against the counter.

"Salem." It was as much of a warning as I could get out. I gripped his hair still through the glove and held onto the edge of the counter with the other. He went down on me as far as he could and moved back slowly, his tongue trailed more fresh heat. I came with a shudder and the bell signaling class change. I jerked in surprise, away from him and my hand slipped.

The purple fire born from the chemicals and the water spread in a puddle across the desk.

I stared, shivering. Salem stood, hands on my hips as he pulled me away from the fire that felt almost cold. "I think you need to fix your clothes."

"Oh, fuck." I wasn't sure if I meant him and what I had just let him do or the fire. I struggled with my clothes and heard the people

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