"Jove… get off me…" I muttered as I tried to turn away from him. But there was no escape. He jumped over me and went back to licking my face. I groaned and pushed him away. I hid under the covers, trying to get some peace and quiet. Nope, no way. He pulled the covers off of me. God, sometimes I wished he wasn't that clever.

"I'm up already." I told him as I stood up slowly, wavering a bit on my feet. I rubbed my eyes, then began making my way to the bathroom. Jove followed me in, making sure I didn't fall asleep on the sink or something. Sometimes I wondered if dad had gotten him trained especially for waking me up.

I did the normal morning routine… teeth brushing, showering, drying, wearing clothes, other stuff too mundane to mention. Once I was out completely dressed and ready, Jove ran to the door and began scratching it. I went over to him and bent down.

"Dude, I know how to go through the morning. I do this everyday." I muttered as I petted his soft fur. He had a grown quite a bit in the year he had been with me. But not too much either. He was a cocker spaniel. They didn't grow too big. Thank god.

I stopped by my dresser to pull on my shoes, put on my Jade necklace, my diamond ring and my Mickey Mouse watch. I know, kinda too much for school, right? No, not for me. These were the things that kept me going everyday. The Jade necklace, given to me by my bestest of best friends, Rory, was invaluable. So was the diamond ring, given to me by… well, by Jared. Jay, my first and probably last boyfriend. You see, he… got killed. In front of me. Yeah. It was hard, but I moved on. But I swore off of guys for good. And the Mickey Mouse watch? It was a gift by one of my best friends too, before I left my hometown. James Ashford. My best friend who in the end told me he loved me. Pretty hard for him though, it was right after Jay died, so I couldn't do anything about it. Although, I can say I felt my feelings change slightly before I left but, now that I'm here, I try not to think of that.


Okay, here's how it goes in the shortest way possible. Jared… died. I lost control. Mom showed her true colors. I called dad back for the first time in seven years. He came, filed a court case and won custody over me. James told me he loved me, I hated him, gave him a hard time. In the end, we made up, but it was too late since I had to come here. To live with dad and his new wife, Sophie. Oh and on the way of all that, I found Jove.

Wow, that was short. Seemed like years back then. Anyways, where was I?

Yeah, the whole morning routine. Right.

I made my way downstairs with Jove. This house was considerably bigger than my last. It had about four bedrooms. Maybe around six bathrooms. A backyard, a front yard with a garden and a doghouse. I had one bedroom, dad and Sophie another. One was a guestroom and the other sort of like a playroom, with a playstation 2, a computer, a dvd player and a plasma screen TV. There were two garages: one for the cars and one for my drum set.

Yeah, pretty… fancy, I guess. Well, dad struck gold. Opened his own restaurant chain and everything. I don't know much, since this happened while I was still living with mom and I don't ask much either.

I made my way into the kitchen, dad fixing the breakfast and Sophie preparing the table. Yeah, even if we were rich, we didn't have servants. Dad didn't like that. Twice a week people came to clean the house but that was it. Dad said he would even clean the house by himself if it weren't for his busy job. Both he and Sophie were out the whole day. Sophie with her lawyer job.

"Morning, hun! Breakfast will be ready in a minute." She informed me as I sat down on a stool. Jove jumped up on the one next to me.

"What are we having?" I asked, glancing at the morning paper. More headlines about killings and terrorist attacks and all that jazz. I stopped reading them. They all had the story: people got killed because of some other guys mistakes or revenge or greed. World was going to end pretty soon, no doubt. I'd rather enjoy my last days before world war three.

"Pancakes, eggs and juice. I'm not exactly creative today." Dad replied, setting the pancakes down on the table.

"As long as there are pancakes." I muttered, putting some on my plate and getting up get the cheese out of the fridge. Yeah, I ate pancakes with cheese, not syrup. Tasted much better. For me.

"You walking to school today?" Sophie asked as she too began breakfast.

"Yup. With June." I answered with a mouthful of pancake.

I got up once more to fix Jove's food. I couldn't eat while he was watching, could I?

I put his bowl on the floor and he hurried to it, digging in immediately.

"Good luck on the drug case later." Dad said, bring in the eggs and sitting down.

"Drug case?" I inquired.

"Yeah. I'll try my best to win. The poor kid I'm defending got stuck in between just because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He has a whole life ahead of him, don't want to ruin that." Sophie explained, browsing through the papers in front of her, probably making some more notes or something.

I quickly finished my breakfast and got up to wash my plate. I went back up to get my bag and by the time I had gotten back everyone else was done. We left the house together, I depositing Jove out in the front yard before leaving. Dad revved up his Lamborghini a.k.a Genie and Sophie drove off in her cute little black Beetle. I used my old fashioned legs.

I met up with June half way to school.

"Hey, Kree!" she greeted cheerfully, dropping in stride beside me.

"Hey, June. Ready for another day at Doomsville High?" I asked, giving her a once over. June, or, full name, Juniper Cogsworth, was a tall blonde, with a soft face and strong body. She didn't look like the typical blonde you'd see in movies. Sure, she had the hair, but the body was anything but frail, result of strenuous basketball trainings. Right now, she was wearing faded blue jeans and a red tank top. Over that was a black shirt. Oh yeah, and don't forget the black and white skate shoes. Oh, those were her babies. Anyone who did so much as accidentally step on them was dead. Her aggressiveness was comparable to Sarah's. Now, you're gonna ask me who's Sarah. A good friend from back home. That's the shortest answer I can give you right now without going into immediate details.

"Oh yeah. So." She answered, looking up dramatically as the school neared. It wasn't actually called Doomsville High, obviously. It was Domesville. But not according to the students.

We entered the building and headed for our lockers to meet up with another one of our friends, Howard Benson.

I stuffed my bag into the locker and pulled out my English book. I felt someone cover my eyes with their hands and I immediately knew who it was.

"Come on Howie, we do this everyday." I muttered, turning around and pulling his hands away. Before I could even get to look at his face he hugged me. I looked at June and rolled my eyes.

"I missed you guys!" Howie exclaimed once he finally let go.

"Dude, we met yesterday!" June exclaimed as we made our way to English class. I couldn't help but roll my eyes once more.

"I cant live without you!" He exclaimed once more.

"Don't worry June, this will all end in a couple of minutes." I said and June looked around hopefully.

Just like I had predicted, Marcus Cowell passed by us with his group of friends. Both June and I looked at Howie for a reaction.

"He's so cute." He sighed, hands in pockets and perfectly calm. Now, he was well sedated at least until lunch.

Yup, you guessed it. Howie was gay. It was weird when I first found out, but also kind of a relief. When we first became friends, with all his hugging and kissing I was beginning to get creeped out. Then June explained everything. He didn't act that gay though. Not those weird extremely girly body movements or anything. He even played basketball once in a while. He was just… attracted to the same sex.

"Now, we can relax." June said as we took our places at the back of the class. But, unfortunately, no such luck for me.

"Had fun last night?" Chris Bradstone asked as he sat down on the seat next to me.

"What are you up to now, Chris?" I sighed, pretending to be interested in my English book.

"You know, our date." He replied and I glared at him with looks that could kill. Oh, I wish. They never affected him.

"That was not a date, Christian Marshall Bradstone, and you know it."

"Oh, you sound so cute when you say my name like that."

Oh my god if I could just grab his throat and…

"Shut up Chris." I muttered, glancing at June and Howie, pleading them to help me.

"Leave her alone Chris." June tried, almost half-heartedly. We were all used to this by now. Chris just kept flirting and flirting and flirting. It was like his only way of talking, or something. I had refused so many dates with him it must be included in the Guinness Book of World Records. No matter what I said, he wouldn't give up. But I didn't even pity the guy because I knew he was enjoying it.

"Don't be jealous, you know I want you bad too, June. It's just that, I like my face. I don't it to get ruined by your boyfriend so I stay away." Chris said, leaning in so he could talk to June properly. That made him closer to me. I pushed him away and stood up. I exchanged seats with Howie.

"Sorry man, I ain't gay or you would be good too." Chris commented before taking place once more beside me. I sighed and took my head into my hands.

"Chris, no matter how much of a dope I act, you just cant let me go. Why? Why? Why don't you go chasing after girls who want you to flirt with them! Go make their day! GO!" I practically yelled. Chris just gave me a wicked, evil smile.

"Krystal, baby, you are my one true love! How can I run after those hot babes when you just crave for my attention? I cant deprive you, now, can I? And you are one of a kind! I finally found someone who doesn't want me to flirt and that's fresh, baby, fresh." He made a grab for my hand but I pulled it away. I sighed and rested my head on June's shoulder.

"God help me." I muttered.

"God help you indeed." She replied, patting my head softly.

I straightened up as Ms. Trisha walked in the room with her usual good morning. Ms. Trisha was probably the only teacher of her kind. She was twenty-something, with curves that would make a five year old boy drool. Even though the teachers were forced to wear a uniform, she wore clothes that were practically hugging her body. She had long, black shiny hair and didn't waste a moment preening it, if not with a comb then with her hand. As you can expect, the guys pretty much enjoyed English class, including Chris. But, oh my god you should see her teach. You should. Because then you'll be laughing your ass off. I swear. I have no idea how she even passed teacher school, or wherever they go to learn. I mean, the students were the one who corrected her, not the other way around. I even had a couple of fights with her because of her lack of… knowledge. Seriously. Shakespeare and all those other great poets turn in their graves every time she speaks of their works.

I have stopped paying attention in her class. It's no use. I know that if I do, I'd just get more confused. Anyways, English was an easy subject to pass.

The one reason June, Howie and I sat at the back was because we talk or pass notes all the time. Ms. Trisha never noticed, and even when she did, she rarely said anything. No idea why.

But outside of the class, she could be a real good friend. You could talk with her about anything under the sun. I seriously believe she belongs in high school more as a student than a teacher.

After English was Chemistry, which was a harder subject to pass and even harder to understand so we took it seriously. Thank god in Chemistry we had partners and Chris was nowhere near me.

Howie and I took our usual place three rows from the front. June and her partner, Alan, took a seat in front of us.

We chatted for a while, Alan just listening, until Mrs. Parsons walked in.

Mrs. Parsons was the exact opposite of Ms. Trisha. She was a bit aged, short, and had an intelligent look on her face. She knew all there was to know, and more, about any field of science. She wasn't exactly strict, nor was she too lenient. You could talk to her anytime and she would be ready to listen. We had had a problems, when I had first come here. I didn't like her, she didn't like me… somehow, in the middle it all changed, I have no idea how. Anyways, I respected her now more than ever so… I listened.

We were still on the lecture phase, so there was no experimenting done today. Pretty much listening and copying notes and stuff.

After Chemistry, we had our break, wherein Howie was back to his hyper self. We sat down on one of the cafeteria tables, dropping down our trays of unknown food. We began inspecting each one of them.

"Okay, this is definitely a salad." June announced, poking around her salad to make sure.

"And this is what I would call… chicken, mayonnaise and cucumber sandwich." Howie declared, opening it all up and carefully inspecting each piece.

"And this is orange juice." I said, taking a sip and nodding satisfactorily. Once our inspection was done, we got down to real eating.

A tray dropped down beside June and Pierre Murphy appeared, kissing June lightly before sitting down.

"Hey." June greeted softly, looking at him for the first time the whole day.

"Hey. Sorry I didn't show up this morning. You know coach goes all nuts—

"I know. No prob. Happens all the time." June interrupted, shushing him up.

I pitied June sometimes. She loved Pierre a lot, and I was sure he did too but they both were so busy they rarely got to meet up. They didn't have classes together and Pierre constantly had basketball practice since he was one of the best players on the team. Coach Burns wouldn't let go of him that easily. And when he was done practicing, it was June's turn. Sure, Pierre stayed to watch but by the time we were done they were too tired to do anything but hold hands. Even the weekends were rarely available.

"You're still going to the dance with me, right?" he asked.

"Of course! Who else?" June replied, snuggling in a bit closer.

Which reminds me, the dance! I had nothing to wear and I wasn't about to go gown shopping. I had no partner, although Howie and I had decided if we weren't able to find any, we'd go together. Because I was not going with Chris even if he paid me.

Suddenly, a shadow dramatically appeared on our table. A groan escaped me even before I looked up. No one could cast such an evil shadow other than our very own resident Queen Bitch, Jennica Hansen.

"Lord, save me from the tortures of the Queen Bitch." I muttered, loud enough for her to hear. She gave me a deathly glare, but immediately reverted back to her sick, sweet, overly seductive smile.

"I didn't come here to mingle with you, Davis. I don't even look at people like you, you are lucky you even get to talk to me."

Before I could voice out another one of my witty remarks, Howie did it for me. Although it wasn't witty.

"You better watch your mouth, Hansen. You might find it getting stitched up someday."

Yeah, Howie was pretty protective, but that was only when it came to girls. If it had been a guy bad mouthing me, he would have been admiring his abs rather than stand up for me. Yeah, nice friend, I know.

"Pierre! We are meeting up at my house later, aren't we?" she exclaimed in that irritating voice of hers, completely ignoring Howie.

I could see June stiffen in Pierre's arms.

"Uh, Jen, I'm not sure… I'll be tired from basketball and I promised June some time so—

"Pierre, honey! You know how mad Mrs. Parsons gets if we don't submit our projects on time! The deadline's tomorrow and she specifically told me to help you!"

"Oh I bet she did." June muttered under her breath and I smirked.

"I'll try, Jennica, I really will but… look, I'll call you, alright?" Pierre said, trying to get her away from the table as soon as he could. Jennica flashed another one of her honey-dripping I'm-so-gorgeous smiles and walked away. The atmosphere at the table instantly relaxed as people began breathing again.

"That bitch." June said as she straightened out of Pierre's arms to continue with her food.

"I have no idea how she got Parsons to make her my study partner. God." Pierre exclaimed, rubbing his eyes with the heels of his hands.

"I don't like her. I don't." June told him. Pierre smiled, sensing the hint of jealousy.

"Hey, nothing can stop me from taking you out today, understand?"

June relaxed once more and went back to snuggling.

I watched them a bit from the corner of my eye. It seemed like every boyfriend said that one time or the other. Even Jay had. And he had fulfilled it. Even with a broken leg.

I sighed and fell back on my chair, feeling a bit homesick. There was stuff I enjoyed back home I couldn't here. For one, I didn't have a band. None of my friends were very good musicians and the ones who were, were already taken. Chris knew how to play the guitar (according to him anyway) but I'd rather play drums alone that have a duet with him.

Then there was the park. It used to be fun, running around on the grass, playing hide and seek, diving in the pond. Here, it was the bowling alley. It wasn't exactly the same, but hey, it was there.

And then, there was being with Jared. Even after he… left, I still felt close to him every time I visited the cemetery. I would spend all day there, talking and talking, just enjoying the feeling of safety. Here, he felt so far away for the first time. I had no place to go to feel his presence and it unnerved me. All I could do was grasp the ring as tight as I could and try to relax, because I didn't want to lose all control once more and create problems for my dad too.

Howie's fingers snapping in front of my eyes brought me back to Doomsville High.

"Kree?" he whispered, knowing perfectly well what I had been thinking about. He was my one confidante when I felt homesick. So was June, but I felt more comfortable with Howie.

"Sorry." I muttered, reverting my gaze back to my food, which had turned cold and uninviting. Howie gave me a soft smile, then asked me if I wanted to go out for a walk. I looked at June and seeing she was, ahem, busy, I agreed.

The breeze was cool and the grounds were noisy with usual sounds of gossip, chatter, and sports. Howie and I sat down underneath our usual tree and watched.

"Wanted to give them some privacy, you know. They rarely get time. I bet by next class June will be complaining of hunger, though." Howie said, breaking a piece of grass and playing with it.

"Yeah, although they are in the cafeteria, the most un-private place ever." I said. Howie laughed.

"Didn't think of that."

We stayed quiet for a while. This wasn't like him, being so calm when he hadn't had his dose of Marcus Cowell yet. I knew he was thinking.

"You… haven't had any sort of communication with your other friends?" he asked suddenly, hesitating.

"I have. You know, emails and stuff. But…" I trailed away, not wanting to bring it up.

"Jared cant email." He finished, reading my mind. I nodded silently, really not wanting to feel this way right now. But this happened almost everyday. I couldn't help it.

"Did he have any brothers or cousins? Maybe a twin?"

I looked at him incredulously, then seeing the mischievous smile on his face, I laughed.

"Sorry, Howie, nope." I replied.

"Damn. He was so cute too." Howie muttered. I hit him on the head and he rolled away, laughing.

"Marcus." I said teasingly. Howie immediately turned serious.

"But damn, he's hot."

A basketball rolling our way stopped our laughter. I reached for it but Howie beat me to it. He stood up to throw it back to the outdoor basketball court when he saw Marcus gesturing for the ball. I watched Howie's face with amusement as he struggled to grip the ball properly enough to be able to throw it back.

"Thanks, Howard!" Marcus yelled back, flashing a dazzling smile before turning back to the game. Howie fell down beside me.

"He knows my name. He smiled at me." Howie whispered, not taking his eyes off of the court.

"Duh he knows your name. You having a crush on him ain't that big of a secret, you know. Although I must say, he does look cute when he smiles." I said, waiting for a reaction.

"Yeah, I know he does. His eyes become all… wait, what?" he exclaimed, looking at me in surprise. I laughed at the look on his face. Priceless.

"Got you again, Howie!" I announced, ruffling his hair. He relaxed a bit, but kept throwing suspicious looks at me.

The bell rang and we trudged back in for Math, Social Studies and Home Economics.

A/N: Well, here's your well awaited sequel! This chapter was supposed to be like, 14 pages long but I had to cut it. So, how'd you like all the new characters? I still cant believe I'm doing a sequel…Btw, thanks to Emily for the title!