The next day, we found out what Jennica really meant by 'I'll be back' and the whole drama yesterday. She had changed schools!

"How sure can you be?" I asked June, the big smile on my face just unwilling to drop off.

"It's what everyone is talking about! And look at her posse, clique, whatever. They're wandering the grounds alone! Otherwise they'd never dare move a step without their oh so precious leader in front of them!" June replied, just as excited as practically everyone around us.

"We're free!" came a shout and we both turned around to find Howie skipping towards us. Skipping! The utterly shy, quiet Howie! "Oh, please tell me the rumors are true! It was all over Friendster last night!"

I raised my eyebrow. "Friendster? Seriously? Then come on, it has to be true! She actually left school!"

"So, it's true then?" came a totally unfamiliar voice from beside us. We looked towards it to find a girl, short, clutching her schoolbooks across her chest and looking up to us for the answer.

"Uh…" I looked at June and Howie before shrugging. "I guess. From what I know."

The girl gave me a seriously wide, toothy grin, then removed herself from our presence and continued on her way. June stared at me, then began clapping her hands in complete glee.

"Oh my god, now people are going to start looking up to you! You're going to be every tormented girl's hero! This is great!"

The way she said, it didn't sound that good. "Dude, June, relax." I said, starting to walk towards our first class. "The resident Queen Bitch just resigned. Sure, it's going to be peaceful around here for sometime, but the post is bound to be taken up once again. No high school is complete without one. That's just the way the world is."

June and Howie quieted down after that, and I kind of felt bad to bring this harsh reality to them and totally burst their bubble.

But by the time our class had ended and we were heading out of the room, they had gotten to grips with it.

"You know what, you're right!" June exclaimed. "The world just ain't complete without a Bitch to put you down."

"Yeah, but, hey, where's the fun without one? No catfights, no sworn enemy to glare at in the hallways, no trouble. Nah, I actually want one." I declared.

Howie just rolled his eyes at us. "You two do know you're complete war freaks, right?"

June and I exchanged glances, then laughed and ruffled his hair.

"Of course we do. That's what makes high school fun."

It's funny how I started out saying I would never have a boyfriend again. Jared is still forever with me, make no mistake. He will be my first and true love, no doubt. But life goes on, as everyone says. And though I can never compare what I had with Jay to what I have now with James, relationships are never alike, are they? And we all just have to move on, it's a complete must. Because those who don't, well, life hits them. Hard.

Now, I guess, you could say I'm almost as happy as I had been a year back. At least now I don't have to put with a totally fake mom, I have my dad back and Sophie is a very nice addition. And lets not forget another plus that will soon be joining our little family. I'm looking forward to having a cute little sibling. Sure, they don't remain cute forever, but hey, by the time he/she is in that stage, I'll be away at college! I miss my old friends, I still do, but we keep in touch a lot. And Sarah's planning to visit during the summer vacation, so that should be fun! Can't wait to see what happens when you put Sarah and Juniper together!

And like I had told June and Howie before, the whole Jennica going away thing is just a doorway left open for another bitch to come in an take her place. And I guess it's already happened. This new girl just came to school, Vivien Brookes, and she's hanging out with just the right kind of people that will soon get her to the throne. Well, we are all ready for her. Actually, I'm kind of excited.

God, Howie was right, I am a war freak!

Wait, is that Vivienne sitting on our table with James and Pierre? Oh my God, did she just touch James' face? All right, now she has officially leaned in too close. She is just practically screaming 'I'm a slut!" right now and none of those two guys seem to care! I've seen enough.

Okay, Brookes, it's playtime.

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