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The Beginning of The End

The plane came to a rough halt. I watched as the pilot walked down the aisle towards me, and then whisper something in my ear. Moments later, I walk down the stairs of the now delayed plane. Standing in the middle of the take off grounds, his form small to my eyes, I saw him. I took a sharp intake of breath and continued down the steps trying to calm my breathing, and then I stopped, exactly two feet away from him.

I just looked at him, my face void of emotion, but I knew that my eyes portrayed what my face failed to show. The silence was louder than ever.

"Leanna," He started, carefully choosing his words. "Just listen to me."

I stayed silent, my deep intake of breaths flooded oxygen into me-the only thing that calmed me and kept me from turning back. His green eyes- that I have so many times smiled at- are studying me, waiting for me to give him a nod, waiting for me to perhaps forgive him. I looked up at the clouds that threaten to start raining any moment. They looked heavy, as if carrying a burden too great to keep up.

"What do you have to say that is worthy of listening to?" I murmured, softer than a whisper, but I know he heard me.

"Leanna, it was a set up-" He faltered at the raise of my hand.

"Brenden, I don't care to know." I tonelessly told him, my throat closed up on me. I look up to the nothingness in the dark grey clouds and squeeze my eyes shut. I was tired. It has been too long. I cannot live like this.

"Leanna, please." He pleaded, his voice straining.

I inhaled deeply. I look up into the dark grey sky again, once again closing my eyes in attempt to blind myself of this. This time, the tears that I know I have been holding for too long, slowly leaked down the corner of my eyes. And then, rain slowly patters down everywhere. The pavement, grass, trees, Brenden, me. The clouds too couldn't hold up too much disappointment and heartbreak either…

As I turned to go, he reached for my hand. A small gesture that closed the space between us in a mere step. I cup my mouth with my hand to try and hide my sniffles of fear and despair. I feel frozen and cold. The hot humid summer weather doing nothing to prevent this coldness coming from within me.

"Leanna," He starts, grabbing both of my arms, his touch warm. I keep my eyes shut still, I am afraid to see his eyes. "Don't you remember how we met?" He softly and gently asks, his voice trembling.

I wanted to say no-I would say no. I didn't remember. I will never remember. I tell myself.

But the truth was, I did remember.