I love you.

No, I don't;
I don't know what love is

I'm young, reckless, irresponsible
Unable to love
Unable to be loved

I don't love you
I swear I don't

Thinking about you
Is not loving you

And as much as
I cry
I'm still not in love
with you

But tell me
after all the tears
the pain, the sorrow
after everything

everything that's not love

what is it?

All of this is completely true. I wrote it when I was in a horrible, crappy mood. I… really like my friend, and lately I've felt as if he's been ignoring me. We haven't seen each other all summer, and the only time we talk is online… but he hasn't recently said anything to me. And I'm too freaked out to talk to him because I'm afraid that he knows how I feel and… doesn't feel the same. I've been thinking about him all the time; I've cried over him.

It's totally cliché, I know. But it's true.