Deep, Deep Down

I'm sure he loves you still,

Deep, deep down in his heart.

Don't try to give me hope,

Didn't you hear me?

At the last strands I will grope,

The light, my heart will see.


You try to convince me,

I know it isn't true,

It was just a short spree,

Something I guess I knew.


I never was outgoing,

He was hardly trying,

My feelings were over flowing,

My heart was hardly spying.


It wasn't love,

It wasn't lust,

It wasn't sent from above,

It wasn't trust.


I know it's over,

He just doesn't care,

We aren't that four leaf clover,

We just aren't a pair.


This is the end,

We're hardly even friends,

We weren't a God-send,

There are no amends.

Some friends are still trying to convince me we're 'meant to be' and all that, but I know deep, deep down that we aren't.