I call thee on thy telephone,
To harass thee whilst at home.
Thou and thy computer ne'er part,
Though, I wish t'was me in thine heart.

Thou scold'st me for disturbing thee
-Thy scores nine hundred thousand three.
Though I can't wait to hear thy voice,
Thou say'st that I have no choice.

I look for thee on Yahoo chat,
But thou has blocked my name on that.
I search thy name on message boards,
But lose myself amongst the hordes.

Thou would'st rather browse MySpace,
Than come and see me face-to-face.
And thou love'st thy R.P.G.
More than life, than breath-than me.

How can'st I gain thines attention,
Without leaving this dimension?
If only I could be a game,
Thou would'st surely know my name.

Thou say'st gaming is an art,
More delicate than winning hearts.
And in thine eyes I see no doubt.
Thy ignorance just makes me pout!

How can this fact be yet unknown:
I want thee for my very own!
But I know thou shalt never part,
With thy computer-nor my heart.