I think I've been abandoned,

By all I've ever known.

I think that I'm now lost,

In this endless desert land.

I think that I've been forgotten,

By all who once knew me.

I think my goal in life is gone,

Replaced by nothing,

And nothing is none.

I think I've been mislead,

By this map I hold in hand,

This map which was given to me,

By the only one I trust.

I cry out in this place,

This desert,

This nightmare,

I'm in.

I cry out,

To the world,

To the animals,

To anyone who can hear,

I cry out.

I believe that I've been deserted by luck,

Cast away by love,

Shunned by friendship.

I have nothing more to live for,

Nothing to die for.

Nothing to sacrifice for,

Nothing to risk my life for,

No way to be remembered as a hero.

I suppose I'll be thought of as one who gave up

On life,

On earth,

At least.

I suppose I'll never see my love again,

I suppose I'll never say goodbye to my child.

I suppose that I'll never see my home again.

I have nothing to live for.

Nothing to die for.

But I can still die.