What are you supposed to do, when

People expect you to know exactly what

To say when they cry, to make it better,

When on the inside, you feel like crying?

You try to be strong, and not let them see

That inside, you're alone, and feeling

Insignificant. You wouldn't want them to

Think, that you're weak, would you?

What are you supposed to do, when

People come to you, expressing their feelings

Of love for someone, that you yourself,

Felt the emotion for?

Because they are your friends, you put

Your feelings aside, and offer them advice,

Knowing that, they would do the same for you

If they knew, wouldn't they?

What do you do, when you feel like you're

Defeated and all is lost, you want to cry and

Scream to let people know your anger and

Passion, to let them know your pain?

You hold it in, you seal it off, and paint

That smile on your face, and put that twinkle

In your eye that they see, and hold it in, letting

It slowly develop until the next time, Right?