We've been friends for the longest time

Only recently, I can't seem to shake

The thought of you off my mind.

I hope this isn't a game to you

I don't know where you stand,

It's too hard to assume.

I didn't feel like this last summer

What happened during that time

Is a mystery I find.

What's the deal, from your point of view

I need to know if what you say is true.

I find it hard to trust after what happened

Years ago, I just feel

Trapped in.

If you ever read these thoughts

I wonder what you'd think.

Would you talk to me as usual

Or look away in a blink

I want you to know

That you're one of my closest friends dude.

It's hard to think of you in any other way

But I still do.

The looks you send,

The time we spend.

If I'm over reacting

I want to know,

If we're just friends,

Just let me know.