One Month

Chapter Three

A/N: Okay just so everyone knows the first two chapters are basically what it looks like, a class assignment that for the most part introduces the chars. Why? Because I felt like doing it that way. XP But no, it's an idea that I've been playing with for a while so I was like, "Meh, why not?" And yes I still am doing First Taste, this is just a little side project I've been playing with.

"All right!" Mr. Freedmen smiled warmly at his class of senor social studies class. "You all look just thrilled to be here this morning." He nodded as he paced back and forth in the front of the class room. "I'm pretty sure that by now your parents have hopefully read the contract that they signed when they signed it. If not then I guess I'm just going to have to deal with the parents, yet again this year, calling me and saying that they never agreed to this." He looked the sleepy students over and felt a warmth spread through him as he saw fear creep over their faces. "There is a reason I had you fill out these work sheets." He held up the stack that had been turned in that day, "There is a reason. You have all agreed, you and your parents if you bothered to, yet again, read the contract you had to sign in the beginning of the year, last month in fact. That you agreed to let a fellow student stay in your home for a month."

He waited for the normal protests to die down, "This will happen in November and December. Don't worry!" He yelled over the commotion, "You will be aloud to return to your family for the holidays all right. So don't worry. If you normally go out of town for the holidays for a few days you might want to see if something can be changed if possible. If not come and talk to me." Mr. Freedmen took a deep breath before continuing, "The purpose of the paper you filled out is that I am going to pair you up and you're going to be put into a different type of house then your own. This class period you will meet your partner, talk to them then write a paper about what you think his or her house life is like, just by talking to them. Then when your month is over with you will write a paper about what their house life was really like, then another one about what you learned from this and if you were right or not in your assumptions. So in total there will be three papers all of them have to be at least three pages long. Everyone understand?"

Mr. Freedmen waited a moment before picking up the list he had made last night. Some of the pairs wouldn't really be that different, he had just wanted to bait them a little bit. Some of the others, on in particular, he was looking forward to reading the papers for. "Cody Rantur and Dustin Malcolm."

Cody sighed and unfolded himself from his desk, just when he was about to go back to sleep too. He looked over at his fellow class mate who had also stood up. Damn, it was him. Cody knew who Dustin was by just being in the same fucking school. Dustin was the football team's pet quarter back as well as last years home coming king and probably this year since it was nothing but a popularity contest anyway. /He's going to be killed in my house./ Cody smiled a little at that thought.

Dustin tried to not snarl at his partner. He knew Cody from reputation that and the fact that on the first day of school he'd been suspended for fighting. Cody had a bad reputation as a drug user and, even though Valley Green was a dry county, a heavy drinker. Dustin had a sinking feeling that he would be the one typing up the papers for both of them. /Well I'll just talk to Mr. Freedmen about getting someone else./

Cody shrugged his shoulders and sat back down, hell as far as he was concerned the first paper was all ready done and there was no reason to talk. He looked up a little when Dustin walked over and sat in the desk across from him, "What?"

Dustin sighed a little bit, "We're spose to talk."

Cody blinked blue puppy eyes at him, "For what?"

"Where you asleep the whole time Mr. Freedmen was talking?" Dustin took Cody's small smile as a 'Yes'. "It's for the assignment for the year were we get paired up and we have to spend a month in each other's houses, with a break for the holidays."

"So what? We switch houses and I stay at your place and you stay at mine?" Cody asked and yawned, he had been paying attention so he didn't need Dustin to tell him anything. But you know the guy wanted to talkā€¦

Dustin clinched his jaw to keep from saying anything smart and took a deep breath. This was going to be a long two months. "No. You stay with me at my house for a month then we go to yours. Okay?"

Cody nodded like a little bobble head for a moment then grinned and stood, "Nice talking to ya." He headed toward the door.

Dustin got up and followed Cody out into the hall, his temper getting the best of him, he grabbed Cody's arm and spun him around. "What the hell are you doing?"

Cody blinked at Dustin and tilted his head up a little to better look the jock in the eyes, "Well I was going to go and have a little smoke, care to join me?"

Dustin snarled at Cody disgusted, "Smoking on school property is against the rule, especially if it's pot." He narrowed his eyes at Cody a little.

Cody shrugged out of Dustin's grip, "Who says I was going to be on school property?" He turned and started walking down the hall.

Dustin sighed and shook his head, "We still have to decide who's house and when."

Cody turned to look at him but kept walking, his hands in his jean pockets, "Your house first then mine. That's what you said right?" He turned back around and slipped through a side door and disappeared.

Dustin closed his mouth with a click then shook his head and ran a hand though his hair, "Fine!" He hissed to the empty hall and went back inside the class room to talk to Mr. Freedmen.