It all started on one random Sunday at my grandparent's church. I was but seven years old and was hit on the back of the head with a toy baseball.

"Tobias!" I heard an old woman's voice screech as I touched the back of my head, which now tingled. "How many times must you be told, no balls in the church building!"

"I'm sorry grandma," I heard a young boys voice reply which held no tone of regret at all. I bent down to pick up the ball, wishing to hit that boy back with it but was trying to keep my lady-like composure in front of all my grandma's friends who would occasionally give me smiles and glances from the corners of their eyes, though I doubt they knew I got hit. Or else they would have now come over to examine me and to give me comfort. Just then a boy about my age bounded over to me.

"I'm so sorry for my brother," the boy's voice was heartfelt.

"Well it hurt," I replied. "A lot."

"Well I'm so sorry anyways. He's only five years old and doesn't know no better."

"I know a five year old and a four year old and a three year old," I put my hands to my waist. "And I think all of them have better brains then your brother. He should say sorry."

"Sorry," I heard a sincere voice behind me. I turned to find an adorable five-year old with unruly brown hair and big brown eyes looking at me. "I didn't mean to hit you on the head."

I still was fuming but that boy was just too cute to not forgive. "Okay, I forgive you," I said walking over to him. "And here's your baseball."

"Thank you. I'm Toby. And that's my big brother Jake. He's big and strong. He's seven years old!"

I turned back to the boy that had come to apologize for his brother. He looked a lot like his brother except his hair color was more of a dirty blonde. He didn't look that big and strong to me. "Well I'm seven too!" I exclaimed.

"Really," Jake asked. "Do you want to play?"

"What?" I asked.


I looked at the ball in disgust and looked back at the boy oddly. He expected me, a girl, to play baseball with them? I wasn't really one for sports. "No," I said, sounding a little mean.

Jake looked a little taken aback, but recovered quickly. "You don't like baseball?" I shook my head. "Well I do. My favorite baseball teams are the White Sox!"

The name had sounded vaguely familiar. I remembered daddy mentioning that name once in a while. "Do they win?" I asked.

"Well no not really," Jake replied. "They haven't won the World Series since 1917."

I didn't know what the World Series was but at that point I didn't really care. 1917 was a long long time ago. I remembered that my grandpa was born in 1916 and he was ancient. "Why do you like a team that doesn't win?"

Jake shrugged. "How bout Hide and Seek?" he asked suddenly.

It took me a while to understand what he meant with the sudden change of subject. When it finally dawned on me I said, "Okay." I was very good at hiding.

"Toby do you want to play Hide and Seek?" Jake asked his brother. The little boy enthusiastically nodded his head.

"Well I need to tell my grandma first," I said,

"Me too."

"My grandma is that one," I said pointing her out so that the boys could see.

"My grandma is that one," Toby pointed in the same direction.

"They're talking to each other," Jake said as we walked up to them.

"Hello sweetheart," Grandma said as I approached her. "I would like you to meet my friend Ruth," she said introducing me to the lady she was talking to.

"Hello, Leah," the old lady said nicely. "I'm sorry my boy hit you with a ball."

"It's okay. So you their grandma?"

"Why yes. Yes I am."

"Hmm." I tuned to my grandma. "Can I go play with Jake and Toby?"

"Oh, so are you friends now?" I nodded my head.

"Please grandma," the boys asked Ruth in unison.

"Why of course," Ruth said. "Is that okay with you Lorene?"

"Well all right," Grandma said. "But don't go too far."

"Okay," Jake and I said. This will soon be proven a lie for the church building was big and there were lots of places to hide.

"All right. Go and have fun."

And so we took off. As I left I heard Ruth say, "Maybe Leah should come over sometime and play with the boys."

And that is how my relationship with Jake began.