Not Happy Anymore

By EllaWatson

Is there a reason for me to feel sad?

Is there a reason for my life being bad?

Just to think, this was going to end with a happy ending,

Instead realizing, I have wasted the time luck had been lending.
I was happy before, but why the sudden change?

Why couldn't it all just stay the same?

Why can't I be respected anymore? Why can't I be treated right?

Why can't they look at me and think 'what an amazing sight'?

I don't want them staring at me anymore, as if I'm someone unwelcome.

I don't want to be sitting by myself, as if I'm someone lonesome.

I miss laughing until I cry, I miss not looking forward to Fridays.

I miss always having something to talk about, and excited for the Mondays.

Before my i's had hearts on them, my bed was always made.

The sun was my best friend, and had naps under the shade.

I had teddy bear picnics, and my glass was filled with lime.

I threw around eggs, and I had a crazy time.