The Guy Of The Week

Scooting across the cracked leather seat of the cab, Lexi crossed her legs and set her hands in her lap. Studying the space around her, Lexi wrinkled up her nose at a wod of chewed bubble gum stuck to the arm rest. Feeling Jade's arm against hers, Lexi turned her attention to the open car door, waiting impatiently for Leah who was chatting with a stranger on the street.

Although she couldn't see him, Lexi pictured his face; he had a deep voice, with a hint of a spanish accent.

"Today Leah." Jade sighed obviously restless. "There's plenty of guys at the club you can talk too…"

"What is she doing?"

"Who knows!" Jade threw up her hands, "But if she doesn't hurry up, we're gonna leave her ass here."

Within seconds, Leah finally sat in the back seat beside Jade, who had a ugly glare waiting for her.

"What?" Leah smiled, slamming the door closed. "We were just talking."

"That's surprising. Usually you just skip that part." Lexi commented, her eyes now out the window as the cab finally joined the busy New York traffic.

"Funny." Leah gave them both dirty looks as she slipped a small piece of paper in her lace bra. "Real funny you guys."

"You set yourself up for it Lea." Jade told her, a smile still on her face.

"He was cute, I wasn't about to just let him go without introducting myself."

"Your actually gonna call him?" Lexi raised her eyebrow, "He must've been damn fine."

"Would she settle for anything less?"

"Well, there was that one time." Leah remembered, looking to Jade.


"No, not Al." Leah shook her head, "Al was sweet and cute in his own way."

"Yeah and what attracted you to him? His giant disgusting beer belly or his cash?" Lexi laughed, "I know it must be such a hard decision."

"Did you hint her sarcasm there?"

"Yeah I got it." Leah rolled her eyes, "And if you need too know, it was neither."

"Wait, wait." Jade held up her hands, "We know you weren't in it for his big ass, and if wasn't for cash? Uh…you followin here?"

"He had a cute son."

"Oh my God." Lexi laughed, "You didn't.

"Oh she did." Jade jumped in."Now you've updated to craddle robbing. That's new for you."

"It's not craddle robbing if he's legal." Leah defended herself.

"Glad to hear you have some morals Lea." Lexi patted her knee, "I am proud of you."

"Every girl has to have standards. I mean Paris Hilton even has standards. Yeah they might not be too high, but she's doing fine."

"You don't need morals when you have millions of dollars." Jade huffed, "All you need a sweet car and a guy of the week. Oh and don't forget the clothes, you gotta have the clothes."

"I'd chose a great guy over a car any day." Lexi chimmed in, her eyes on the bright lights of the tall skyscrapers that surrounded the street.

"Honey you'd have better luck with the car." Leah told her in all seriousness, "Because you ain't gonna find any great guy that doesn't already have a boyfriend."

"It's true Lex, you gotta face the music." Jade agreed, "There are no guys worth keeping around for more than a week."

"So let go of the Romeo and Juliet fantasy."

"Uh, Lea they both died." Jade pointed out to her.

"Yeah, well you know what I mean."

"She means like Cinderella…" Jade continued, "Yeah the shoe fit, but that don't mean nothin. It's if you can walk in em' that counts"

"Yeah I have to say I'm officially confused." Lexi announced to both of her friends, who looked confused themselves.

"Well…" Jade looked at Leah for answers.

"Okay I got this…" Leah went on, as she reached across Jade's lap. "Ask yourself this…would you rather be with a guy for years and have it go now where or -."

"No where but a bad break up. We're talkin' two gallons of ice cream and major cash spent on chick flicks." Jade quickly added, as Leah nodded.

"Yeah and then your bloated for about two weeks. And not even your loose pants will fit. And that's only the half of it, I mean there -."

"Is the point gonna come up any time soon? Because we're about to the club." Lexi interrupted, as the girls looked out the windows.

"Leah c'mon." Jade nudged her.

"Oh okay…" She focused her attention back on the conversation. "Would you rather be in a relationship that's going absolutely no where or spend sweet, innocent and pleasurable time with a complete stranger."

"Very pleasurable time." Jade echoed.

As the cab came to a slow, Lexi shook her head at her friends. "Yeah and while I'm at it I better schedule a doctor's appointment ahead of time."

"Oh honey you always wear protection." Leah waved.

"Yeah no glove no love, you know." Jade nodded in all seriousness.

"That's my motto you know." Leah noted, looking to Jade.


"Not pregnancy! STD girls, Sexually Transmitted Diseases!" Lexi yelled as she threw up her hands. "I'm talking along the lines of crabs and herpes! Jeez!"

"Hopefully you'll see the crabs before anything happens." Leah said calmly.

"Yeah, it's kinda hard to miss." Jade nodded as the cab gradually came to a stop at the curb.

"There you go ladies!" The stocky cab driver turned half way around. "That will be five fifty."

"Jade pay up." Leah said quickly as she opened the door.

"Hell no, you pay up." Jade snarled as she scooted across the leather seat.

"I got it. I got it." Lexi sighed, digging through her small change purse. "I always got it." Lexi mumbled handing the man the money.

Scooting carefully across the leather seat, Lexi stood from the cab only to see the long line that waited ahead of them. Slamming the door behind her, Lexi and Jade turned to glare at Leah who was avoiding their stares.

"Lea." Jade clentched her teeth, her hands on her hips.

"It wouldn't have been this bad if you wouldn't have took so long in the bathroom."

"Me!" Jade pointed to herself, "Okay tell me this, how many time does one person have to apply lip gloss? It's not going to make your lips any bigger Lea."

"Oh no you didn't." Leah gasped.

"Oh yes I did."

"Girls, girls." Lexi stood between them, "This is not the time for a argument about thin lips okay."

"Hey." Leah narrowed her eyes at her, as Jade laughed.

"Sorry." Lexi continued, "Let's just get in line, peacefully and calmly."

As Leah walked towards the end of the line, Lexi followed and Jade lagged close behind.

"You better hope my hair doesn't get frizzy." Jade grumbled.

"And if I don't?"

"Stop it." Lexi snarled, "Just stop it already."

"Ooh Jade look at him." Leah slowed down to Jade's side.

"Who?" Lexi spun around as Leah and Jade chatted close beside each other.

"That guy right over there." Leah locked arms with Lexi.

"He is to die for."

"Where?" Lexi looked discretely in the direction of the front of the line. There were several men standing at the front of the line, some of them were questionable for Lexi's taste. They all had their faults of course; for example the tallest one she could see was incredibly handsome, well his face was anyway. His other "assets" well, he didn't have many other assets that Lexi could see.

"Don't look, jeez." Jade talked through her teeth.

"The guy in the red."

As they came to the end of the line, the girls stood in a small circle. "I didn't see him…" Lexi stood on her tiptoes, her black stilettos still not giving her enough height. Soon enough the bright red shirt caught her eye; he was a shorter man compared to the other around him. And from where she was standing, he had enough "assets" for the tall guy and another.

"Well, let's hope he doesn't have crabs…" Lexi muttered, as Leah shoved her slightly. "What?" Lexi laughed.

"Oh God, you see all these guys." Jade grinned from ear to ear, "The hotties are out tonight."

"See and you were pissed for nothing."

Crossing her arms over her chest, Jade narrowed her eyes at Leah. "You better hope it was for nothing. Because I spent two hours on this hair. And that's more than how long you spent on your lips."

"Would you stop dissin' my lips."

"Now that made sense." Lexi jumped in the conversation, her eyes on the people around them.

"It's kinda hard not too. You gotta enough lip gloss on em' to stop traffic."

Running her fingers through her blonde hair, Lexi sighed impatiently. Scanning a crowd coming at them, Lexi noticed two handsome, strapping men in particular. Both of them were blonde, and if weren't dark she was willing to bet money that they both had blue eyes.

Although they were dressed so what casually, it was still obvious that they dressed for the occasion, which most beautiful men did. A unkept man in a bar was thankfully uncommon, however Lexi didn't like the idea of a man spending more time in the bathroom than her.

Soon enough one of them looked in her direction; he was the cutest one of the two – not handsome, but cute. Lexi would have guessed he was just out of college, but she couldn't be ceratin. One of the greatest disappointments Lexi had grown to discover with men was the fact that they were all unpredictable.

Just because they dressed, acted and said they'd call didn't mean much; especially for Lexi. She called them all 'Brad Pitt' after his split with the ever so gorgeous Jennifer Aniston. Because that's what men were – gorgeous, sensitive and completely irrational; they'd tell you exactly what you wanted to hear, promise you the greatest love and riches and declare their love to you to whoever asked.

But it would be only a matter of time before he'd lose the concious ablitily to think with his brain and not his penis. He'd tell you what you wanted to hear, not for your benefit but for his. He'd promise you the greatest love and riches, but it would only be temporary until he simple got bored and then there would be no love or lies left to tell, because not only did people stop asking but he simply stopped caring.

Nevertheless, Lexi held on hope for those men who weren't 'Brad Pitt' – but somedays she wondered if she was in complete denile.

Returning the gesture, Lexi gave him a quick innocent smile before focusing her attention her friends.

"Who you smilin at?" Jade narrowed her eyes at her.

"Brad Pitt."

"Wait, what?" Leah looked around, "Did someone say something about Brad Pitt?"

"Get over yourself Lea." Jade looked at her pathetically. "Brad Pitt wouldn't even be here if it saved all the strarving kids in Africa."

"Yeah because him and Angelina are off on some sand dune having wicked and very pleasurable sex." Leah mumbled, running the image through her mind.

"Thanks for the imagery, really." Lexi tried to shake the thought from her mind.

"Hey with the drought you've been havin' imagery is all you got." Jade joked, as Leah joined it.

"Yeah Lex, what has it been a year now?"

"No it hasn't been a year." Lexi shook her head, "It's only been nine months and to tell you the truth I'm not missing it either."

"Oh you poor thing." Leah stuck out her bottom lip as she rubbed Lexi's shoulder.

"Yeah because it's the only sex you've ever had."

"Yeah Lex, your bound to be disappointed." Leah added. "But the good thing is you have time to make up for it. And you can start now!"

A/N: Just something I started writing, hopefully you like. Oh and don't forget too R-E-V-I-E-W!