One Shot Too Many

Standing in the entryway of the lounge, Lexi could still see them despite the many people that cluttered her view. As Jade stepped in front of her, Lexi didn't move to look around her. She had seen enough, even if it was a split second.

"I just wanted to give you the heads up." Jade guided her back in the opposite direction. Looking at her friend, Jade sympathized with her. "I'm sorry, maybe I shouldn't have showed you like that. I just didn't want it to be a surprise."

"No, no it's fine." Lexi assured her, "I'm glad you did, really."

Scrutinizing Lexi's face, Jade wasn't convinced. "You sure? Because you don't look to happy." Jade noted, making Lexi stare blankly at her. "Not that I expected you to be happy or anything seeing your ex-man with his tongue down some slut's throat."

"Thanks Jade, real suddle." Lexi stormed off in the direction of the dance floor.

"Wait I'm sorry." She ran after her, "Where you going!"

"I don't know." Lexi turned around, on the verge of tears. "Some where other than here."

"Lex, you can't let him get too you."

"And please how do I do that?" Lexi wondered, "If you know, please tell me."

Continuing toward the bar, she bumped into people without thinking twice. She needed a drink; she didn't care what it was, where it was - she wanted one, now.

"So, what time do you get off work?" Leah asked the bartender, who was inches from her face. She had asked him all the appropriate questions and gladly received answers –- she had him in the sack.


And all she could hear was - Cha-ching $

"That's a good question…" He stared at her, "How long are you willing to wait?"

"Depends on what I'm waiting for." She smirked.

"Well I -."

"Uh I want a shot." Lexi shoved Leah to the side, as they both stared at her oddly. "Now, please." Lexi pressed, as the bartender nodded.

"What kinda shot."

"I don't care!" Lexi threw up her hands, "Jim, Jack, Jose whatever!"

"Comin' right up."

"What are you doing." Leah clenched her teeth.

As the bartender quickly set the shot in front of her, Lexi ignored Leah and quickly slammed it without a second hesitation.

"Uh, what is she doing?" Leah turned to Jade, who was behind her.

"Well, it's … kinda complicated."

"No not really." Lexi breathed that burned much like mouthwash.

"It better be damn good because I was about to wrap the deal here." Leah uttered her back to the bartender. "If you know what I'm saying."

"Oh you dirty little skank." Jade narrowed her eyes at her.

"Am not."

"Uh, comfort here." Lexi pointed to herself.

"You want another?" The bartender looked at her strangely.

"Yeah, please." Lexi nodded, watching him fill another shot glass.

"Oh yeah, sorry." Jade put her hand on Lexi's shoulder.

"Okay, someone tell me what's going on. And rather quickly please."

"It's well, it's -." Jade hesitated.

"Oh just tell her already." Lexi waved, before slamming another shot.

"Well…" Leah persisted.

"Adian's here."

"Where?" Leah asked, now interested.

"Back in the lounge with a certain, someone." Lexi cowered.

"Did he say something to you?" Leah looked to Lexi, who was slowly recovering from the last shot.

"I don't think he really could." Lexi laughed.

"What she mean?" Leah looked to Jade.

"Well, let's just say he was occupied if you know what I mean."

"Oh honey." Leah put her hand on her arm.

"I told her not to let him get to her."

"Yeah Jade's right, don't let him ruin this night for you."

"It's a little late." Lexi breathed.

"Maybe we should go say something too him." Jade suggested. "Something really cruel and bitter, knock him off his feet. You be the distraction and I'll kick him where the sun don't shine."

"Yeah Jade great thinking." Leah rolled her eyes. "Kick him where the sun don't shine. Smart one, really smart."

"Well, I thought so." Jade crossed her arms.

"Yeah maybe I should go yell at him." Lexi started to wonder, looking to Leah for encouragement. "Or maybe I should punch him in his face. Just walk up to him and clobber him."

"Look what you started." Leah glared at Jade, who shrugged. "You don't talk to him, nor do you punch the asshole, even if you'd like too. You have to take the classy approach."

"Yeah and you know all about being classy, don't you Lea?" Jade smiled.

"Jade you're not helping here." Leah glared at her.

"You know now that I think about it, that girl he was with looked familiar." Jade thought out loud.

"Who?" Lexi spun around.

"Never mind, forget it."

"No, you can't just say that and expect us to ignore it." Leah snapped.

"Yeah really, who was it?"

"Uh, I don't know for sure." Jade went on, "I'm thinkin' it was Michelle. Her bottle blonde hair glows under the lights. She's like a light house with legs."

"Oh okay, let's go punch him." Leah took Lexi's hand.

"No, no wait." Lexi pulled away, "I have to think rationally about this." Lexi rubbed her temples.

"Your right…" Leah agreed, "We'll punch her." She snatched her hand again.

"No." Lexi yelled.

"Yeah we'll need another round of shots please." Jade ordered calmly. "Thanks."

"Jade's right, I can't let him get too me." Lexi sighed, as Jade handed her a fresh shot.

"Right, that's good." Jade held up her shot, before gulping down her shot.

"Then can I go say something too him?"

"And what the hell would you say?" Jade asked her.

"Well, I kinda hoped I'd think of that on the way over there."

"Oh there's a bright idea." Jade huffed, taking another shot from the eight lined on the bar.

"I didn't say it was full proof. But who are you too talk, you ain't doing nothing."

"Uh, who ordered more shots?" Jade handed Lexi yet another shot.

"Well, it wasn't that bad of an idea. But if you don't mind Chad and I were talking." Leah squeezed between them, as Chad smiled at her.

"Ooh she knows his name." Jade smiled.

"Shut up and get outta here." Leah shoved her.

"I'm think I'm gonna dance. Or do something other that just stand here." Lexi announced, handing Jade her empty shot glass.

"Uh honey you think that's such a good idea." Jade yelled at her, as she disappeared into the crowd.

"I should probably go after her." Jade sighed, setting her shot glass on the bar. "She's had about seven shots already, I don't know how many she can stand. Literately."

"Ooh she'll be fine." Leah waved, "If she falls someone will pick her up."

"You always were such a great friend." Jade told her sarcastically.

"You know I try my best."

"Yeah you think that."

Out on the dance floor, Lexi remained standing and managed to dance her best. As the loud bass thumped throughout the club, girls cheered which was barely heard above the music. Swinging her hips, she slid her hand down her body, purposely drawing attention to herself. Within seconds, a guy had made his way over too her.

As the strobe light flashed, Lexi thought she had recognized him from outside earlier. The 'Brad Pitt' who she had locked eyes with; however, she couldn't be sure. Between the flashing lights, and the shots Lexi could not be sure of much of anything.

As he came up behind her, she raised her hands above her head as he held onto her hips. Leaning against him, he watched her body move with his. Running her hand through his hair, he nonchalantly slid his hand down her thigh. Feeling him rest his chin on her shoulder, she could feel his breath on her ear. Licking her lips, Lexi didn't weight the consequences of her actions nor would she until it was over.

That is if she could remember.

Leaning against the corner of the bar, a drink in hand Jade scanned the room for her mystery man in the red shirt. Although she had no bet to live up too, it was still a competition nonetheless. Now she had lost time, which meant extra work on Jade's part.

Soon enough, she caught a glimpse of his crimson shirt going into the lounge. Smiling, Jade set her glass on the bar before casually walking in the direction of the lounge.

"Excuse me." Jade smiled at a guy, before heading into the lounge. Even though she was there with a purpose, she couldn't help look at Adian with his new playmate Michelle. However, Michelle technically was not new, in fact she was old news among most standards.

Watching the red shirt man wander to the corner, all Jade needed was the perfect moment. Taking a seat on the wrap around couch, Jade ran her fingers through his long chestnut colored hair.

Soon enough, she made an obvious look in the mystery man's direction. When she did, they quickly locked eyes, giving Jade the chance to give him her best seductive smile. When she knew that he had clearly seen her, she casually looked away. After two or three minutes, Jade stood slowly and slowly, made her way for the door.


Hearing her name, she quickly turned around.

"Adian." Jade's smile faded, noticing Michelle holding tightly on his hand a sickening smile on her face. "I'm a little surprised to see you here."

"Yeah, you too." Adian nodded, "So what you been up too?"

"Nothin." Jade shrugged, seeing her mystery man staring off in her direction. "Uh…you?"

"Nothin much, just working. The usual stuff." Adian replied, glancing over his shoulder in the direction of Jade's eyes. "What you lookin' at?"

"Oh it's nothing." She quickly turned him, which Michelle apparently did not like. "So this is new." Jade pointed between him and Michelle.

"Yeah, I guess." He turned and smiled at her, which made Jade almost gag.

"It's been four months." Michelle proudly announced, as Adian didn't seem quiet sure what to be. "What you think baby?"

"Yeah four months."

"Oh isn't that cute." Jade forced a smile; "I have to admit I'm a little disappointed."

"Yeah, what about?" Adian looked at her completely clueless, however his arm-candy knew exactly what she was implying.

"Oh it's nothing." Jade waved, "But uh, you know Lea and Lexi are up in the front. You could go talk to them if you want, but I suggest losing the skank first."

"Excuse me?" Michelle took a step forward.

"What?" Adian traded glances between them.

"I didn't stutter sweetheart." Jade grinned from ear-to-ear, not stepping down.

"Jade c'mon." Adian sighed.

"Your right, your right. Take the skank up there if you want too, by all means. I was just suggesting it so she didn't get your face busted in. But if you want too, by all means." Jade stepped to the side. "Please, don't let me get in the way."

"You wanna spit out names now?" Michelle yelled wide-eyed, as Adian held her back.

"I speak the truth honey. You a skank, you shouldn't be surprised."

"C'mon babe, let's go." Adian took her hand and guided her out of the lounge.

"Did you hear what she just called me?" She faced him, "You just gonna let her do that?"

"What would you want me too do?"

"Uh something, anything at all would be nice." She yanked her arm out from his grasps. "But I guess that's too hard for you."

"Michelle, wait." He called after her as she darted out of the lounge.

"I didn't mean to start anything." Jade lied, as Adian quickly ran after her. "Really, I didn't mean it." Jade laughed. "Well, maybe a little…"

Meanwhile, on the other side of the club, Lexi continued to dance with the current 'Brad Pitt' who she had practically mated with on the dance floor. Spinning around, she faced him - in between the bright flashing lights, she could see his smile.

Then suddenly, Lexi felt unsteady in her stilettos but was quickly supported by her dance partner.

"You all right?" He shouted holding her up by her arms.

"Yeah, I think so." Lexi laughed, "Little dizzy." Lexi held her head.


"Dizzy." She repeated in his ear.

"You wanna sit down?"

"Sounds like an good idea." Lexi nodded, as he guided her through the crowd to the bar. Noticing a free stool at the bar, Lexi quickly took a much-needed seat.

"I guess buying you a drink is definitely outta the question, huh?" He smiled.

Looking up at this stranger, he stood a careful distance from her as if he was expecting her to hurl all over him. Which Lexi couldn't blame him, she couldn't guarantee that she wouldn't.

"Oh yeah, I've had more than enough if you can't tell."

"Well, the good thing is I don't have to use a stupid pick-up line now."

"Ahh, that's always a good thing." Lexi swayed in the chair slightly.

"But I'm sure if I threw one at you, you'd be impressed."

"Oh yeah?" Lexi raised her eyebrow, "How can you be so sure?"

"Well, your pretty drunk."

"Yeah that I am." Lexi nodded regrettably.

"Since we're beyond a drink and a pick-up line, how about I ask you your name. That is if you can remember."

"Uh, yeah…" Lexi giggled, as she wobbled to her feet. "No offense or anything -."

"But?" He interrupted her, a sexy smile on his face.

"I'm way too drunk for this." Lexi felt her eyes grow heavy.

"C'mon, it's just a name."

"Yeah but -." Lexi leaned against him, feeling slightly tipsy.

"Maybe you should sit down." He suggested, practically holding her up. "And then maybe you could tell me your name."

"Oh I don't think so." Lexi waved her finger in front of him, "Well, maybe I -."


Then suddenly, there he was - her ex-boyfriend standing feet in front of her with a surprised look on his face.

"Oh God." Lexi laughed hysterically.

"Is she a friend of yours?"

Looking to the front door, Adian caught a glimpse of Michelle before she stormed out of the club out too the street. Without hesitation another second, Adian took a step forward and held Lexi in his arms.

"Do I know you?" Lexi looked at her ex-boyfriend strangely. "Cause I don't think I know you."

"Yes, you do." Adian wrapped her arm around the back of his neck.

"Well, maybe I do?"

"Yeah you do." He guided her through the crowd for the front doors.

"You sur-r-r?"

"Yeah Lexi, I'm sure." He told her.

"Bye, bye." Lexi waved to the stranger, who watched blankly. "He was n-n-ice…" She stammered.

"I'm sure he was." Adian held her petite frame effortlessly. "Yeah watch out." Adian shouted coming to the entrance of the club.