Comfortable silence,

Never broken,

The beat of my heart is


Getting faster,

Your shoulder is touching,


Under lampposts dull lighting,

Holding my hip,

Please don't trip,

Jungle gyms,

Drunken hymns,

Nineties music,

Latin dancing,

Bodies twirling,

Potent liquid,

Down my throat,



How could you kiss her?


Hands are frail,

Holding onto my shot glass,

Run away,

Rocks tear my bare feet,

Lovely stranger,

Electric guitar,

Strum the cords,

Mend my heart,

Stop seducing,

My Angel Shark,

His ego leaves a mark,

You love me,

No you don't,

Hold my head in your lap,

Just a friend,

Stroke my hair,

Cut me deep,

Cranberry Vodka,

Trickling down,

Naked bum,

Playing drums,

Trust in me,

Only me,

Stop apologizing,

Kiss my hand,

Cell phone ring,

Don't let go,

Empty bottles,

To and fro,

Cheeks ablaze,

Starry night,

Hold me tight,

I forgive,

Will you remember?

A/N: This was written under the influence.I have not gone back to correct it, or ever will. I'm sorry if you don't understand it. Such is life.