Idea 2:
Four individuals (Three males and a single female) from all over the world are invited to an estate on the Scottish Moors. The reason? Some sort of mystery that they have to solve. Evidence is everywhere they look and it doesn't help that those clues don't point to their only suspect.

Challenge #: 6
Genre: Crime action-thrillers (mysteries)
Rating: Anything above a PG-13.
Likes: Murder, sarcasm, hot cops
Dislikes: Anything that involves 'HIGHSCHOOL'.
Words/phrases to use: "Effin' A, mate!", "I'm kind of done with that, so I'd like to leave it all behind.", "Are you absolutely sure that guy hanging from the roof is really dead?"

Characters (Main):

Name: Isabella Martello
Age: 24
Birthday: July 12th
Description: long brunette hair with deep green eyes, slim, slender, tall (Five feet six inches), athletic, a scar on her left side.
Likes: Martial arts, guns, Italian food, sarcasm, her job, romance movies, and action novels.
Dislikes: Comedy movies, her neighbor, her partner, and being afraid.
Occupation: MI-5 Agent in London

Name: Damien Cassidy
Age: 26
Birthday: January 2nd
Description: blond, green eyes, tall (6'5"), athletic, muscular.
Likes: Sports, action movies, a certain red head, going to clubs, cooking, and everything being in its place.
Dislikes: Romance movies, violence, death, and messes.
Occupation: Investigative Reporter the US

Name: Nicholas Parker
Age: 27
Birthday: September 21st
Description: red hair, gray eyes, tall, muscular, wiry, and a scar on right side of face (gives him character).
Likes: Good food, action novels, and comedy movies, card games, the beach, a certain blond.
Dislikes: Horrible movies, violence, guns, bad food, and people who abuse others.
Occupation: Private Investigator from Amsterdam.

Name: Naoe Shinomori
Age: 26
Birthday: April 9th
Description: Dark brown hair, blue eyes, tall (6' 4"), and athletic, muscular, tough looking.
Likes: movies, clubs, going on dates with a new person every week, the color green, his kodachi, and the beach for obvious reasons…he's a player.
Dislikes: abusers, alcoholics (even though he likes drinking), bad food, and his family's job.
Occupation: JIA Agent from Japan

Name: Nancy Egan (Suspect)
Age: 60
Birthday: March 19th
Description: Graying red hair, brown eyes, and plump, petit, grandmotherly.
Likes: to help others, her family, cooking, and knitting.
Dislikes: her ex-husband, murder, and violence, being alone during a storm.
Occupation: Retired school teacher (English)

Name: Jasmine Bran (Suspect)
Age: 18
Birthday: July 15th
Description: Blond hair, blue eyes, tall, slim, slender, just seems perfect
Likes: Guys, dating, annoying her grandmother, being pretty, and getting what she wants
Dislikes: School, women who try to take her boyfriend or prospected boyfriends.
Occupation: Student

Name: Jason Nickerson (Suspect-the first suspect)
Age: 19
Birthday: December 30th
Description: Brown hair, blue eyes, tall, athletic.
Likes: football (soccer), action movies, Chinese food, airheads (the candy), and hot girls…
Dislikes: Anything to do with romance, Macdonald's, and Americans.
Occupation: Intern from the US

Name: Lawrence Shannon (Murder Victim)
Age: 21
Birthday: November 8th
Description: Blond hair, hazel eyes, tall-ish, not athletic, muscular…
Likes: flowers, romance, Mexican and Mediterranean food, and movies.
Dislikes: Weeds, headaches, birds, kids, and the police.
Occupation: Gardner

Name: Colin Tate
Age: 52
Birthday: October 1st
Description: Graying red hair, hazel eyes, tall, and slightly overweight.
Likes: to drink, put people behind bars, annoy younger women, and play golf.
Dislikes: goody-two-shoes, and liars.
Occupation: Town Sheriff

Beginning Note:

I've always wanted to write a story that took place in Scotland and I decided that the Scottish Moors would be the best place for this challenge to take place. It's a murder mystery, but one of the quotes in the challenge is a dead give-a-way. I hope you all enjoy this and please, if you see any mistakes, grammar or otherwise, please tell me so I can fix it. Other then that please enjoy this hopefully mysterious romance-y story. I had to add the romance…it kinda just put itself in there…blame it on the muses if you want. But lately I haven't been able to write anything without at least an implied relationship so hopefully that's all that it will be in here, an implied relationship.


End Note:

Well…I hope you all enjoyed it. There is really nothing left for me to say…I just hope that there wasn't anything you hated about it even an implied relationship. But to tell you the truth this story had already been planned longed before the challenge. I just never got around to writing it…but when I saw the challenge I decided that it would fit perfectly with this story, I just needed to change a few things, so I did. I actually changed a lot of things including the type of mystery and all of the characters, even the number of chapters, the plot, etc. The characters I had before were all crazy and none of them were 'hot'. Anyway, please review and make my day brighter.

Story Layout:
Title: Without Remorse

Things that Need to Happen:

"Effin' A, mate!"
"I'm kind of done with that, so I'd like to leave it all behind."
"Are you absolutely sure that guy hanging from the roof is really dead?" (Done)

How they find out about the trip…

1. Isabella is called into her boss's office when she's about to leave to go visit family in Italy…of course she has to change her plans.
2. Damien is called into work on his day off and he finds out then…with only three hours to get home, pack, and get to the airport…with his 'updated' passport, his flight is via Dublin.
3. Nicholas receives the letter at his work and immediately books himself a flight to Scotland from Amsterdam.
4. Naoe gets a call from his boss when he's on his way to Kyoto and instead takes a flight to Scotland via Paris.

Random/Important Stuff:

The three makes are taking flights to Scotland since they don't live close enough to drive or take the train…Isabella takes a train because it would take forever to get to their location in Scotland by car, but one is waiting her at the train station…a rental.

The main location is the town of Inverbervie just south of Aberdeen Scotland. Aberdeen Airport is about eight miles north of the city and has direct flights from Amsterdam, Groningen, Bergen, Copenhagen, Dublin and Paris.

The East Coast Main Line runs between Edinburgh and London's King Cross station Services. There are also some GNER (train) services running west of Edinburgh to Glasgow and north of Edinburgh to Aberdeen among other towns.

How they (the four individuals) Meet:

Isabella is the last to land regardless of the fact she lived closer. Time difference and the fact that trains are slightly slower then planes…well in this story at least. The others meet upon their arrival at the airport because they are waiting for their ride from the estate. Isabella meets them when she finally arrives at the estate at least two hours after everyone else. Isabella immediately starts to hate Naoe because of how he acts towards her. Nicholas begins to like Damien a little too much and the same with Damien liking Nicholas a little too much.

The Murder(!):

Lawrence was working in the shed on one of the window boxes when someone knocked him out and put a noose around his neck and then they shot him. Lastly he was hung from a 'sturdy' flag pole hanging from the roof. The murderer(s) is/are Nancy Egan/Jasmine Bran, but they managed to point the suspicion in Jason Nickerson's direction.

The Evidence:

1. Footprints from work boots leading into the house but everyone claims they don't own a pair and the tread on Lawrence's doesn't match. (Done)
2. A scrap of red cloth clenched in Lawrence's hands (Done)
3. Defense marks on victims hands which only conclude someone has marks to match his handprint (Done)
4. Marks carved into Lawrence's back; a signature(?) (Done)
5. Blood spots in the grass (Done)

The Motive:

Lawrence was blackmailing Jasmine because she either had been stealing from people in town and she was doing drugs; he threatened to tell her boyfriend and Aunt. The Aunt found out and she and Jasmine killed Lawrence. Jason was just their outlet.

The "Romance":

Isabella – Naoe (Implied with tons of banter)
Damien – Nicholas (Just implied: basically just looking at each other and helping each other out when they really don't need help…plus lots of blushing)
Jasmine – Jason

Romance wouldn't really tend to work in this unless it's just Jasmine and Jason because the others live in separate parts of the world.

(Note: Who knows I could make this a mini-series if I really want to expand)