Poison: Prolog

Disclaimer: Most of the towns in this fiction are completely fictional and out of the top of the author's head. She decided to pick some random town in a not-so-important state and go from there. The author isn't even in high school yet and this probably doesn't even happen in highschool. But please bear with her.

Highschool has been described as many things. A place where children grow up. A hellhole. A teacher's worst nightmare. But there was one thing it hasn't been realized as, a battleground. I'm not talking about the petty arguments between ex-bestfriends, but the skirmishes held between the higher up on the social status. They may have been civil to eachother on the outside, but destroying one another wasn't a rare occurance, at least not at Poison High.

Poison, Idaho was a small district north of Boise and completely potato free. I, Elaine Chou, have taken it upon myself to document one of the more bloody battles of Poison High. It all started when a new student came to town. New students were a rare happening at Poison because there wasn't anything at Poison. It wasn't glamorous Hollywood, or as infamous as June Lake City. It was just a simple town on the edge of a lake. But I'm rattling on, it all started when Jason Vallessi came to town.

Jason stared out the window at the green trees that flashed past him. He and his family were on the road to Poison and frankly, he wasn't happy about it. Moving from D.C. to some out-of-the-way town in Idaho because of his stupid step-father wasn't really the way he dreamt he would spend the summer before junior year. The Mozart cheerfully flying from the speakers wasn't doing anything to lighten his dark mood. He glared contemptuously at the front seats where his mother and step-father sat happily dreaming of their new life.

They turned into a street that had a "Not a through street" sign on the front of it. Oh joy, a col de sac. He noticed a girl sitting against a large ancient tree in the front of her not-so-important looking house, typing on a lap top. Her long black hair was whipped back into a ponytail, and black bangs fell in front of her eyes. Her eyes shot up at the sound of a car and her eyes narrowed. A cell phone emerged from her pocket. She flipped it open and called a number, speaking quickly, and then shutting it. She typed with much more vigor then before. Jason shook his head. What a bunch of country dorks.

She was dressed in khaki shorts that were a little shorter then mid-thigh and a forest green tank top. He observed her as she greeted someone who came out of another house. It was another girl, brunette. She had long tanned legs that weren't hidden by her denim short shorts and a curvaceous figure that was hugged by the red tank top. She spoke to the Asian girl and the brunette looked up at the house across the street.

He stopped watching them as they pulled into the house across the street. His parents jumped out and opened the door for his little sister. He got out slowly, wondering what those girls would say. They would probably giggle and point like all the other ones, but he wasn't greeted by the sound of giggling or whispering. He looked across the street to where the two girls were sitting. He heard the brunette say to the Asian girl, "Elaine, make sure everyone hears about this before next week."

Next week was when school started for the public school. The alleged "Elaine" responded, "You mean reads about this."

He strode across the street towards the two girls. He was smirking, "Hello, ladies."

Elaine was typing away on the laptop, pointedly ignoring him, but the brunette looked over him. She pulled out a cell phone and dialed a number, "Jamie? It's Helen. Call everyone, meet at my house at five, the rumors were true." She shut the phone and then said to him, "I'm assuming you're Jason Vallessi. I'm Helen Anderson. This is Elaine Chou. Welcome to Poison." She smiled, but her eyes held the look of a snake, "Before you start thinking that you can charm us, just know, neither you, nor your family, is welcome here." She was still smiling when she turned and walked to her house.

Elaine finally looked up and his eyes met the cool and level stare of those dark brown eyes. She wasn't a bad looking girl, just plain. She wouldn't be a disgusting lay. He smiled charmingly at us and asked, "I'm guessing that she's the school bitch?"

Instead and chuckling and responding laughingly, Elaine's eyes turned steely and she said, "You're step-dad founded Venelane Academy. Heed Helen's warning, or you'll end up like the other new student." She turned her laptop and Jason read the headlines of the online article, JANE ROLLEN FOUND DEAD IN BEDROOM. Elaine's expression didn't change when she said, "She killed herself. That house you're living in, it was hers." She closed her laptop, got up, and walked into her house.

Jason thought sarcastically, talk about rolling out the welcome wagon.