My Mountain
by: trista groulx

It doesn't seem like the end of the world
It doesn't seem like it much matters
It doesn't seem like a big deal
At least not to you,
For me there lies my mountain
Just make a quick call
To say I'll give up again
Just make the stupid call
That hurts my heart
That hurts my head
And I know the tailspin to come
The downward spiral
When just I felt like me
And I simply cannot bear
A mountain of a mole hill
But a mountain stands to me
Tall and dooming the progress I've made
Tall and looming, I've fallen before
I tried all the way around
And all that is left is up
I feel too weak to climb
For it's the height which I fear
And every direction I turn
It points sky-ward
Onward and upward
But I'm just not ready
For you, yes just a simple call
For me, another pound on the pack
The pack I can hardly haul now
The pack I need to keep to pass
Containing everything I'll need
To be victorious atop my mountain
Where you see the mole hill
It's not the end of the world
This I do know quiet well
But still a burden I fear to bare
And I simply cannot speak it
You will never make me tell
For that too becomes another pound
Upon a pack I hardly can hoist
Yes, it's just a quick call
But I fear I will give in again
But it shall be made
And my journey will continue
One day I'll stand atop my mountain
Still you'll only see the molehill
I'll know what I have conquered